GOP Rep. from district where civil rights workers were lynched talks about shooting “tree-hugging Democrats”; Pennsylvania state lawmaker says veterans who support climate change legislation are “traitors.”

Given intellectual leaders like Rush “Why don’t you just go kill yourself?” Limbaugh, it’s no surprise the state of the conservative-side of the debate is so very coarse, as these reposts from Think Progress underscore:

Rep. Gregg HarperIn a new interview with Rep. Gregg Harper (R-MS), Politico asks the congressman what the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus does. Harper’s response:

We hunt liberal, tree-hugging Democrats, although it does seem like a waste of good ammunition.

Harper represents Mississippi’s 3rd congressional district, which contains Neshoba County “” the place of one of the most infamous race-related crimes in American history. In 1964, white supremacists lynched three civil rights workers. In recent months, sportsmen around the country have been joining up with “tree-hugging” liberals on climate legislation. In April, the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus and other sportsmen’s and environmental groups “called for Congress to pass global warming legislation that includes increased funding for natural resource protection.”

Politico’s Glenn Thrush reports that Harper is unrepentant about his remarks. Harper’s spokesman said the remarks were “supposed to be fun. … It’s having a good time.”
Here’s the second story from Think Progress:
Daryl MetcalfeA coalition of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, under the name Operation Free, is on a 21-state bus tour to alert the public about the dangers of global warming and its threat to national security. Upon hearing about the group’s visit to Pennsylvania, State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R) blasted the veterans as “traitors” and compared them to Benedict Arnold:

As a veteran, I believe that any veteran lending their name, to promote the leftist propaganda of global warming and climate change, in an effort to control more of the wealth created in our economy, through cap and tax type policies, all in the name of national security, is a traitor to the oath he or she took to defend the Constitution of our great nation!” Mr. Metcalfe’s email reads. “Remember Benedict Arnold before giving credibility to a veteran who uses their service as a means to promote a leftist agenda. Drill Baby Drill!!!”

Rep. Metcalfe, who served in the U.S. Army from 1980-84, today defended the remarks, saying that “if the type of policies that an individual promotes undermines the Constitution and the law of the land in our country, then they are not patriots.”

Global warming is inextricably linked to national security, with the potential to “aggravate existing problems such as poverty, social tensions, environmental degradation, ineffectual leadership and weak political institutions” around the world, which “could increase the pool of potential recruits into terrorist activity.” In the past, Metcalfe has refused to support Domestic Violence Awareness month in Pennsylvania because the resolution referenced domestic abuse suffered by men, which Metcalfe interpreted as part of a “homosexual agenda.” He also opposed a vote to “honor the 60th anniversary of a Muslim group in the state, because ‘Muslims don’t recognize Jesus Christ as God.'”

8 Responses to GOP Rep. from district where civil rights workers were lynched talks about shooting “tree-hugging Democrats”; Pennsylvania state lawmaker says veterans who support climate change legislation are “traitors.”

  1. mike roddy says:

    These lunatics need to be addressed in a serious and analytical way. Hoggan took care of the suits and the PR denier crowd. It’s time someone figured out why a truck driver from Tupelo would get hysterical about “liberals” who are concerned about climate change. Denying for them has nothing to do with their immediate interests, and probably even works against them.

    This is underreported in academia and popular journalism. They stick to the hopeless hayseed angle, instead of looking a little deeper. I wish I had the time to write this book myself.

  2. The real irony of all this is that the professional military types who put their lives on the line to protect us have been quietly working to prepare for the national security challenges dramatic climate change is bringing on. For a particularly good discussion of this issue see Gwynne Dyer’s _Climate Wars._ It is not yet available in the United States but it is fairly easy to get a Canadian copy even now.

  3. Leif says:

    I believe it was Mahatma Gandee who said something like the following: “First they ignore you, then they fight you, then they slander you, then you win.”
    Perhasp the end game is near.

  4. paulm says:

    These lunatics are the real traitors!

    There should be not allowed in high places.

  5. Mike D says:

    Well it was ” First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    I’m not sure what stage we are in now.

  6. J4zonian says:

    Yes, they’re idiots. Let’s move on.

    What have you done today to 1. reduce your personal contribution to climate catastrophe? and 2. move your locality toward political solutions to it? and 3. change the national debate to one that recognizes reality, embraces the needed change and doesn’t get distracted by nut cases?

  7. Gail says:

    As a card-carrying tree-hugger, I resent this threat. To find forgiveness in my heart for this jerk, I will have to seek guidance here:

    May we all be touched by His noodly appendage!

  8. Jeffrey Davis says:

    A minor correction: the 3 civil rights workers in Neshoba County were beaten and shot to death. It took Mississippi 41 years to prosecute the crime.

    Harper wasn’t speaking casually.