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Oops: Some comments accidentally went into spam folder

By Joe Romm  

"Oops: Some comments accidentally went into spam folder"


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I just realized that a combination of a computer glitch and human error (mine) accidentally tightened the spam filter for about two days.  A couple dozen comments were caught.  I just went through and released them.

I hope I found them all amidst the staggering amount of real spam (e.g. “buy xanax cheap” — not that such offers wouldn’t come in handy somedays).

My apologies to new and old readers alike if you tried to post and failed.  Please keep those comments coming!

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3 Responses to Oops: Some comments accidentally went into spam folder

  1. Roger says:

    Thanks, Joe! The Mrs. and I were discussing the strange cases of disappearing comments just last night, mispelled ‘balloons’ and all!

  2. afreen says:

    i hav posted my query and it is showing dat my msg is spam and it is blocked.how do i cope up with this?plz help..