India aims for 20 gigawatts solar by 2022 — but is it set to announce emissions targets?

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We’ve seen that the “New U.S.-India Green Partnership improves prospects for global climate deal.”  But Treehugger has more on the world’s most populous democracy (and the photo is B Balaji via flickr). First,”It’s Finally Official – India’s National Solar Mission Aims for 20 Gigawatts Solar Power by 2022“:

Rumors and draft reports have been circulating about India’s National Solar Mission plan since early summer, but the program has finally been officially announced. Approved just in time for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit with President Obama, the plan aims for 20 gigawatts on solar power capacity by 2022:

Greenpeace has already done some quick calculations (probably had them done months ago, truth be told) and estimates that the NSM, part of National Action Plan on Climate Change, could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 12-18%, with annual reductions of 434 million tons of CO2 avoided annually through 2050, provided that the solar power actually displaced fossil fuel-generated electricity.

Siddharth Pathak, Climate and Energy Policy officer for Greenpeace India praised the announcement,

“With the release of the NSM, the Indian Government has categorically shown that is is acting on climate change and moving away from a carbon-intensive, business-as-usual scenario. This puts pressure on the developed countries to commit and put their GHG emission reduction targets at Copenhagen.”

I’d note that the U.S. may end up doing 20 GW of solar by 2020 — but we’ll need to pass the bipartisan climate and clean energy bill and probably need two terms of Obama, and it’d be mostly concentrated solar power (see World’s largest solar plant with thermal storage to be built in Arizona “” total of 8500 MW of this core climate solution planned for 2014 in U.S. alone).

Treehugger’s second post on India is more intriguing, albeit more speculative, “Is India Set To Announce Emissions Targets?

Let’s play a game of “Find the large economies that have put emission reductions on the table for Copenhagen.” Yay! Let’s see. U.S.? Check. China? Check. E.U.? Check. India? Hey India, where you at? Well, it seems India might be willing to make firm commitments after Indian Premier Manmohan Singh said for the first time today that his country of 1.2 billion people might be willing to commit carbon emission cuts if–and this is a big if– other countries share the responsibility.

Singh, who gave no hard figures, said today:

“India is willing to sign on to an ambitious global target for emissions reductions or limiting temperature increase but this must be accompanied by an equitable burden sharing paradigm.”

Some Indian media is reporting that Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh will offer cuts of between 20 to 25 percent, but this is unconfirmed by indian officials. Plus it’s not clear if that by 2020 or if it’s relative to economic growth or a benchmark set in the past.

China recently announced that premier Wen Jiabao will go to Copenhagen summit and that they will reduce emissions per unit of gross domestic product in 2020 by 40 to 45 percent from 2005 levels.

President Obama will also go to Copenhagen before he accepts his Nobel peace Prize and will offer emissions cuts of 17 percent from 2005 levels by 2020, which is consistent with proposed US legislation. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recommends that developed countries cut their emissions by at least 40 percent by 2020, compared to 1990 levels.

Stay tuned:  The start of Copenhagen is only a days away.

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8 Responses to India aims for 20 gigawatts solar by 2022 — but is it set to announce emissions targets?

  1. From Peru says:

    JR and CP readers: I were posting comments in the last few weeks, trying to warn CP readers about the Bush-like nature of the Indian Government .
    So I will repeat someones, as this is the first comment to this post.

    I hope I’m not fastidious with my insistence, but I am still waiting responses about the CURRENT CRITICAL SITUATION of INDIA.

    First, the NASA IMAGES:
    “Fires in Northwestern India”

    What you see is the Ganges Plain burning and covered by a kilometre-thick layer of highly toxic smoke.

    The cause is the WORST DROUGHT IN 30 YEARS. El Niño may have enhanced it, but even the Uber El Niño of 1997-1998 doesn’t cause such a disaster.

    What this suggest is that THE INDIAN MONSOON HAS BEGAN ITS DEMISE, as the Indian researcher V. Ramanathan is warning from 20 years:the smoke, that smoke you see in the link above,is killing the monsoon.

    Meanwhile what is the response of the Indian government?

    Here is was Jairam Ramesh, Environment minister,says about himalayan glaciers:

    “Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh released a report last week that says there is no conclusive evidence that climate change has caused the melting of the Himalayan glaciers. The report says that not all of the glaciers are receding at alarming rates and that a few are even advancing.

    The report, an analysis of data from the past four decades, is part of India’s efforts to produce a body of indigenous research assessments on the subject”(source: Washington Post)

    Meanwhile, the Government is busy fighting a war, just like Bush, but A WAR AGAINST ITS OWN PEOPLE.

    The peasants, lower castes and tribals, ignored for centuries (India still has a SEMIFEUDAL SYSTEM in rural areas, yes, they ARE STILL IN THE MIDDLE AGES , in 2009!) are joining MASSIVELY the Communist Party of India(Maoist) or CPI(Maoist). Now maoist guerrillas affect 1/3 of the country.

    The government is trying to crush the insurgency, has banned CPI(Maoist) as a “terrorist group” and funded brutal militias, the Salwa-Judum, that force peasants to “reubication camps” to “protect” them from Maoists. So there are forced deportations and massive killings and massacres to any village suspected of maoist support.


    I have in previous post some links. You can follow them.

    One thing is sure:


  2. From Peru says:

    Some disturbing details:

    “(NaturalNews,14 November 2009)

    “Water Wars Erupt in India as Drought Threatens Population Survival”

    The drought in India has become so severe that people have begun literally fighting over water in many regions of the country, even murdering each other over the precious substance.

    Northern India is in the grips of a drought so severe that in Bhopal, the City of Lakes, the government has been forced to ration water use to half an hour once per three days. Nearly two million people live in this massive city, where the 1,000-year old artificial Upper Lake has shrunk from 38 square kilometers (15 square miles) to a mere five square kilometers (two square miles). “

  3. dress shirts says:

    India is just like china, it would increase the emissions amounts in the future, and it will cause pollutions even worse than china, i am very worried about its people

  4. Edward says:

    Dear From Peru: Thank you for the information. I saw the NASA Natural Hazards post a few days ago. Please keep us posted on events in India.

  5. Of course are part of India’s aggressive plan is another 20 to 60 GWs of nuclear energy, which will really cut into their coal burning. They see 400 GWs nuclear or about half their generation…a hugely ambitious target, by 2050.

    It’s totally silly to talk *only* about solar alone when the Indians are pursuing nuclear as their bulk non-carbon generation.

  6. From Peru says:

    Dear Edwar:
    Thank you for for the attention.

    You could follow the Political/military situation(i.e. how is the Naxalite/Maoist insurgency right in the path of CIVIL WAR) in the links:

    I warn you that this blogs are a bit skewed to the side of Maoist Insurgents.

    I will greatly thanks someone who gives me some more neutral sites.

    What I want to show is HOW BAD THE SITUATION IS.

    You CANNOT have on one side cities developing like Shangai or New York and one the other a countryside with peasants starving from drought and under a semifeudal caste system (thinking about castes, landlords and servs in the XXI century is a thing really breathtaking: they are locked 300 years in the past and want to be a modern country….this is insane!)

    That is a time bomb that has already exploded.
    Without a radical change in politics(unlikely given the present political spectrum in parliament) that could only turn worse, and then even worse.

  7. From Peru says:

    Here is what Maoists are declaring:
    TITLE:”Govt offensive will make us stronger: Maoists
    SOURCE: Gyan Varma / DNAMonday, November 30, 2009 3:19 IST

    CONTENT:”New Delhi: Weeks before the government launches one of its biggest offensive against Maoists, the extremists have welcomed it saying this will strengthen their movement in tribal areas.

    The Maoist thinktank believe that the government’s stand is responsible for their success in Jharkhand, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh. “The more destruction they (security forces) cause, the faster will our people’s army grow and our guerrilla war spread to other parts of the country. Thanks to the Salwa Judum in Chhattisgarh, our war has achieved in four years what would have taken two decades. Now, thanks to home minister P Chidambaram, our war will expand to wider areas, mobilise more people and gather momentum,” said Azad, the spokesperson of the CPI (Maoist) in a document made available to DNA.

    “Maoism teaches us that self-preservation is possible only through war. You cannot defend yourself against a powerful and extremely cruel enemy by submitting to him meekly. You have to choose the appropriate method to fight a relatively superior and powerful enemy and only by this can you ensure the preservation of your forces,” he said.

    Targeting prime minister Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram for not doing enough for the tribals of mineral-rich areas, the Maoist leadership says the government is only interested in these areas because of resources but is doing nothing to develop them. The rebels are clear there’s no question of getting down to talks if laying down arms is a pre-condition.

    “Never, not even in our dreams can we think of laying down arms. We have taken up arms to defend the rights of people and to liberate them exploitation and oppression. Laying down arms would be betraying the m,” Azad said.

    “We may lose some forces in this brutal offensive by the enemy. But you must keep in mind that when the people’s war began we had only a handful of committed cadre.

    Today, it has grown into a big mass movement with a people army and a countrywide presence. Even if we lose some forces, we will rebuild the movement as we are now doing in Andhra Pradesh. You will see the results of our underground work soon,” said Azad.

    Hinting at more attacks against policemen, Maoists said they have asked their cadre not to use brutal tacticssuch as those used on Francis Induvar, the slain policeman from Jharkhand.”
    A remarkable quote: “Thanks to the Salwa Judum in Chhattisgarh, our war has achieved in four years what would have taken two decades.”
    This comment is mine:

    Common people that do not believe in Maoism, that just struggle to survive, fight for water and food , all this while You, my dear Prime Minister, are counting the millions of dollars yor Big Business is winning or losing.People that cannot read none “Little Red Book” because they are ANALPHABETE. More than 60% of your population is living in this condition. Do you want to be the World Leading Nation in GDP Growth while more than 50% of your own people cannot even read?!

    You Security Forces, NOT SUBVERSIVE INTELLECTUALS, are turning them into agry Maoist warriors. The more repression, the more killings your forces do, the more the insurgency will grow.

    The equation is deadly simple:

    1 000 000 STARVING PEOPLE + STATE REPRESSION = 1 000 000 MAOISTS, ready to take over the contryside, encircle your cities and then TAKE YOUR PLACE IN GOVERNMENT.

    Stop this madness. Before the tipping point is reached, before that point of no return is crossed.

    Stop this immediately. Maybe you are still in time, but… maybe the “tipping point” of Unstoppable Revolution has been already crossed.

    If that is true, we may be signing a Climate Treaty with a Maoist-led Government in a few years …
    … who knows?

    Albert Einstein once said:

    “There are two things that are infinite. The Universe and Human Stupidity. And I am not sure of the first thing…”

  8. From Peru says:

    Let us Pray for the Indian People.

    Pray for the peasants could survive the drought-famine.

    Pray that the tragedy of 1918 does not repeat.
    In that year, a study found, a Super-El-Niño induced a great drought in India. Famine followed. With their bodies weakened, the 1918-A/H1N1 virus, more known as “Spanish Flu” and made 30 MILLION DEATHS IN INDIA ALONE.
    Pray for that People.
    NOTE TO ALL: Worldwide, the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic,caused by the 1918-A/H1N1 Virus, killed between 50 and 100 million people, and is the GENETIC ORIGIN OF SWINE FLU and so of the current 2009-A/H1N1 Virus, so take your damn vaccine and SAVE YOUR LIFES!).
    Pray for the Government of India, to stop this massacre, to make use of reason and common sense, instead of obeying the “dictat” of Big Business lobbysts, now desperately trying to escape the financial crisis and accumulate more money, more dirty money.

    Pray to YAHVEH, ALLAH, JESUS CHRIST, BUDDHA, KRISHNA,…………., Pray GOD, no matter what Name you use for HIM.