A Canadian view of Copenhagen

This is an interview with Tzeporah Berman, Executive Director and co-founders of PowerUp Canada.  If you don’t think the U.S. is doing enough, you’ll love what our northern neighbors are (not) doing:

Let’s just look at clean energy. This year in the budget, Obama is outspending Canada 14 to 1 per capita on green stimulus, 6 to 1 if you just look specifically at new investment into clean energy. And the result is Canada is bleeding jobs, good investment, and good renewable companies to the US. We are missing the boat on developing the low-carbon economy and creating an alternative to the oil and gas money that’s flowing into Ottawa. So there’s two issues that we need to look at on what any government is doing to address this challenge. One is: how quickly are they reducing global-warming pollution, and what policy mechanisms are they putting into place to do that? And how quickly are they scaling up the alternative in clean energy? And the Harper government’s doing neither. So there is not a single policy in place to reduce global warming pollution since they came into power. Not a single policy. So they’ve talked about cap-and-trade, but we have nothing on the books. They’re just waiting, waiting, waiting. And Canada’s emissions are going up, not down. We’re one of the top ten polluters in the world. And we’re one of the only countries””in fact, the worst record of any G8 country in terms of how fast our global warming pollution is going up.


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6 Responses to A Canadian view of Copenhagen

  1. Chris Dudley says:

    Given Canada’s recent searching of Amy Goodman’s laptops and this behavior on warming I think it might be worthwhile adding Canadian intelligence along with OPEC nation intelligence agencies to the list of suspects for stealing the emails in England.

  2. uncle Johnie says:

    Unemployment fell to 8.4% in October in Canadia. U.S. rose to 10.4%.

    Exports to the US.

    •Petroleum products …US$63.7 billion (21% of Canada to U.S. exports, up 6% from 2005)
    •Passenger cars … $36.6 billion (12.5%, up 1.5%)
    •Car parts & accessories … $15.6 billion (5.1%, down 2.5%)
    •Complete & assembled cars … $12.2 billion (4%, down 2.3%)
    •Aluminum … $7.7 billion (2.5%, up 36.1%)
    •Lumber … $6.6 billion (2.2%, down 8.9%)
    •Finishing materials (e.g. shingles, wallboard) … $5.9 billion (2.0%, down 10.7

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  3. PeterW says:

    Canada is currently governed by Alberta Oil thugs and Ontario neo-conservatives, who learned all their tricks from George Bush and company.

    We may have a minority government but the opposition parties are in tatters. They are gutless and brain dead. I’m Canadian and this current situation makes me want to scream.

    P.S. Uncle Johnie your stats are from 2006. I imagine the picture is quite different now with the drop in Oil and NG prices, and the collapse of the world economy.

  4. Tranche Demerde says:

    Prime Minister Harper was condemned in an editorial in Nature for his “manifest disregard for science”.

  5. Andrea says:

    It is so embarassing to be Canadian right now. On behalf of the majority of us who did not vote for Harper, please accept our deepest apologies.