The best climate cartoons of 2009

Please post your choices in the comments.  Here are my 10 favorite:

And yes, I’m well aware that the best scientific evidence says humans are not like slowly boiling frogs “¦ we are in fact much more like slowly boiling brainless frogs.

As an aside Perriello will be in for the political fight of his life next year, and the anti-science side will stop at nothing to win, see A true American hero, Tom Perriello (D-VA), on Waxman-Markey: “The Republicans may win some seats because of this vote, but they can’t regain their souls for demagoguing the issue.” and DC lobbying firm forged anti-Waxman-Markey letters from minority groups to Rep. Perriello (D-VA) “” former employee says firm “Just got caught this time.”

No E-Mails Can Hide an Inconvenient Truth


today's cartoon

bizarro-climate change desert island cartoons

And don’t forget Marc Roberts.

Plus a bonus cartoon from Dilbert:

27 Responses to The best climate cartoons of 2009

  1. GFW says:

    The first one by Toles – “turn up the crazy” for the win.

  2. Florifulgurator says:

    Grandma on ice!

  3. Kota says:

    Non Sequitur has one up for today.

  4. From Peru says:

    HA, HA HA!

    It’s difficult to choose!

    My favourites:
    1)The ARK on Mount Everest.
    2)The brainless Chef and the frog.

    3)The revenge of the poor in the last cartoon.
    (This is already happening in India. Google “Operation Lalgarh” where angry Tribals entered the town of Lalgarh (in West Midnapore district, West Bengal State) and killed all the Government workers they found and burned the Government Party officers.
    There is now an ongoing battle between the Government and the “terrorist” Naxalite-Maoist insurgents that are spreading like bushfires in dry grassland, and have the suppost of millions of State-forgotten Tribals and Lower Castes)

  5. Lady in Red says:

    Peter and Trudy Lenz are ooooooooooold.

    I remember them back in the 1980’s, from MIT connections.

    Anyway, I am not to your taste. You trash my thinking, my links,
    so, well….

    goodbye. ….Lady in Red

  6. Lamont says:

    i like bush getting vaporized…

  7. From Peru says:

    Ah, that is the meaning of the cartoon, George W. Bush… vaporized?

    Beautiful for a new comic: “The downfall of the Emperor of Oil, destroyed by Nature’s Anger, cursed by the People’s Will!”

    And in the Real World, a rain of shoes!
    shoe1(Al Zahidi): “This is your goodbye kiss,dog!
    shoe2(Al Zahidi): “And this is for all the orphans, all the widows, all the people you murdered!”….
    And then … 10 000 , 100 000, 1 000 000 shoes trown in fronyt of the White House!(2008)

    This pathetic guy is already politically dead.
    But people like him still rule the world…

    There are still a lot of Big Battles ahead.

  8. Some day soon, we will find adequate ways to directly acknowledge the global challenges of our times by helping us “connect the dots” between human overconsumption, overproduction and overpopulation activities on one hand and climate destabilization, natural resource dissipation and and environmental degradation on the other.

    It seems to me that any “truth” about Earth’s ecology and climate science needs to be coupled with the best available science about human population dynamics and the human overpopulation of our planetary home.

    Threats to human wellbeing and environmental health cannot be reasonably addressed and sensibly overcome until the root causes of the threats are acknowledged, validated by science, and widely shared in the human community, I suppose.

  9. can I do this karikatures in some Webpages?

    greeting from Frankfurt Germany

    Wolfgang Martin

  10. paulm says:

    Not a cartoon, but the most hilarious thing I came across …Dr Seuss at Copenhagen

  11. Joffré says:

    The ones you picked are fine, sure, but they miss the larger point: If global warming is real, then why is it cold outside?


  12. Gail says:

    I for one thank Peter + Trudy for the link to the bizarro blog, bookmarked! Very funny and whimsical, valuable commodities in todays, er, climate…

  13. jefft says:

    Joffré and his cartoonists don’t understand the difference between climate and weather. That’s not surprising; some people are poorly informed. More extreme weather is to be expected as the globe warms.

  14. Gail says:

    paulm, loved Dr. Seuss!

    Overall best humor, this should be a serious contender:

    oh wait that’s not parody?

    I am so confused…

  15. Logic Deferred says:

    12. Joffre,

    The first thing a person learns about climate change, provided they are gifted with nothing more exotic than the bare possibility of integrity, is the difference between weather and climate.

    A test which you proudly demonstrate that you’ve failed at miserably.

    Point of interest: when you knock over your own king, that does NOT qualify as “checkmate.”

  16. AlexJ says:

    Jefft, it is interesting that there are still so many commentators who don’t (or don’t want to) see the distinction between the trend in the global averages and fluctuation related to heat movement within the climate system. Or realize that you can still have heavy local snow events despite the ongoing trend. What’s that ingredient again that tends to make snowfall heavier? Oh, right – moisture! And we all know what can make more moisture available for regional “concentration” where conditions are favorable, right?

  17. Eve says:

    Why is it cold outside? Because climate change is perhaps a more accurate term than global warming. As Hunter Lovins said, “its global weirding” The emission of greenhouse gases causes global warming which effects the weather – causing an increase in extremes – including storms, cold weather etc in some parts of the planet.
    Climate is one thing and weather another. I am sure you professional scientists could give a clearer scientific explanation than I can.
    By the way, here in Jerusalem, we are so far having an unusually warm
    and dry winter.

    Keep up the good work, Joe

  18. Dan B says:

    Here’s the greatest challenge – to portray the end of the era of fossil fuel and the beginning renewal / renewable energy. And why the people firing up the pot under the frog get away without being noticed.

    Why do the cartoons not notice the people putting fuel on the fire?

    62% of Americans in a Costco poll oppose wind power… ???

    (3 out of 5, enough to grab the steering wheel and push us over the cliff.)

    What do they want – perpetual motion? free energy? free food? winning the lottery?

    What about a vision of a clean energy future, one that ensures children will have the chance to create a future we can’t map yet? A dazzling future where energy is so easy that we focus on being fulfilled in our lives, on being happy?

  19. Rick Covert says:

    The Tom Perriello ‘toon is my favorite. Tom Perriello is, dare I say it, one of the few honest politicians when it comes to global warming. It will be a shame to see him loose his seat next year. He’s been wonderful on climate change legislation and all the tea baggers can think about is, oooh my aching wallet, when the fate of the ability of humans to live on earth is in the balance. That’s why I think this is the best political cartoon and shows the tea baggers in true light.

  20. TomG says:

    I would choose the Toles cartoon of Bush’s ride off into the sunset.
    Not because of Bush nicely going “FSSPPTT”.
    It’s the little quip in the bottom corner…
    “We’re not far behind.”

  21. JeandeBegles says:

    For me the best cartoon was the global warming train hiden behind the newspapers head lining about the leaked e mails.
    This is our tragic situation.

  22. Leland Palmer says:

    The Marc Roberts stuff is both funny and educational, and it makes many, many good points, not just one or two.

    I vote for the Marc Roberts stuff, especially the Climate Slamdown and the Climate Letdown.

    Those who haven’t seen these might have to scroll back a few days on this blog to get to them.

  23. Leif says:

    Why is it cold out side? The scientific consensus is because it is WINTER in the northern hemisphere. It is also cold in Antarctica even in the summer as well as on the tops of really tall mountains. Just not quite as cold as it use to be. Remember ~0.5 C+ average the world over.

  24. Leif says:

    Holiday company leaves today.. I should get to check my work on melting aircraft carriers soon.
    So, how many aircraft carriers will the energy imbalance melt in a day. ~0.75 watts / m2 and 120 trillion square meters on earth surface and google energy to melt a ton of steel in kwh. Weight of aircraft carrier=102,000 tons. Grab a calculator and have some fun. My first run with the help of my 4 year old grand son is 4,000 aircraft carriers melted per day with compromised cognitive abilities. If my numbers hold up that =~36,500,000 for the last 50 years. (2,000 / day average) Again that is taking one aircraft carrier and reducing to a puddle of liquid steel!