Big Oil Holds Take Your Kid to Work Day (Video)

LCV makes it easy to tell your Senators to support the bipartisan climate and clean energy jobs bill.

A moderately amusing video from the League of Conservation Voters:

LCV urges you to Tell your Senators to support the Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act and makes it easy to do:

Big Oil is working overtime to spread lies about clean energy legislation, just to protect their profits. Don’t let them sabotage our clean energy future!

Please email your Senators to ask them to stand up to Big Oil and support a comprehensive clean energy and climate bill that creates new jobs, increases our security and cuts carbon pollution.

Click here for online email form.

Note:  You might want to edit the form to replace CEJAP (which the Senate is unlikely to vote on) with “bipartisan climate and clean energy jobs bill being developed by Sens. Graham, Kerry, and Lieberman.”

2 Responses to Big Oil Holds Take Your Kid to Work Day (Video)

  1. rick Zawlocki says:

    Every government program has created government jobs. Spain is a fine example of creating green jobs. 17% unemployment. I notice thee has been no example given of a confirmed case of”big oil working overtime to spread lies”
    How about same names and places that we have seen this. We don’t see it in Houston. Is it an oil “strawman” that goes around doing this?

  2. Jay Alt says:

    Thanks for playing Rick. I bet Dr Romm has more to do than rehash old posts, so here you go –

    Department of Energy eviscerates right-wing Spanish ‘green jobs’ study

    Heritage Foundation pushes ‘completely untrue’ attack on clean-energy jobs with a panel bought and paid for by dirty energy (EXXON)

    Exxon Secrets