FoxNews’ Neil Cavuto still thinks winter chill disproves global warming; actual scientists disagree

Last week I went on FoxNews so Neil Cavuto could diss global warming because it was cold outside.  Shockingly, I failed to persuade him that no one ever said global warming would turn January into July — though at least he seems to have internalized my message as the “Duh!” part of his opening in the above compilation.  Think Progress has the whole, sad story in this repost:

In recent days, conservatives have seized on the cold snap gripping the southeast region of the country to cast doubt on global warming. “Hey Al Gore: we want our global warming, and we want it now,” said Newsbusters’ Mark Finkelstein. In his newsletter today, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich wondered about “Al Gore’s explanation for this miserable, persistent chill,” and the National Review’s Mona Charen claimed that the “cold snap has spurred the ‘warmists’ to spin control.”

For the past week, Fox News host Neil Cavuto has been giving a daily “Fox News global warming alert,” which consists of him telling viewers how cold it is. “It is still cold,” Cavuto said yesterday, adding that it’s “not your recent garden variety global warming.” “It’s freezing across the entire globe,” Cavuto shouted on Saturday. Former Nixon speechwriter and actor Ben Stein responded, “Maybe somebody in the government will wake up and say, ‘Hey, it’s colder. It’s not hotter.’ Maybe all this talk about global warming needs to be rethought.”

Temperatures in “most places” are actually “above average for this time of year.” Record high and low temperatures are set every year, but there have been consistently more highs than lows in recent decades, as the National Center for Atmospheric Research demonstrates:

Of course, a short-term cold snap in a few isolated regions does not disprove global climate change. In fact, the cold snap appears unrelated to climate change. As the AP reported, “experts interviewed”¦did not connect the current frigid blast to climate change,” instead pointing to “arctic oscillation“:

In the atmosphere, large rivers of air travel roughly west to east around the globe between the Arctic and the tropics. This air flow acts like a fence to keep Arctic air confined. But recently, this air flow has become bent into a pronounced zigzag pattern, meandering north and south. If you live in a place where it brings air up from the south, you get warm weather. In fact, record highs were reported this week in Washington state and Alaska. But in the eastern United States, like some other unlucky parts of the globe, Arctic air is swooping down from the north.

Temps US

The last decade was the hottest decade on record by far, and 2009 was also one of the hottest years on record. Climate Progress’ Joe Romm notes that this decade will likely have even higher temperatures.

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11 Responses to FoxNews’ Neil Cavuto still thinks winter chill disproves global warming; actual scientists disagree

  1. Jeff Huggins says:

    Joe — Have You Covered This? (time to bring it out again, even if you have)

    Energy Initiative
    Remarks by Rupert Murdoch
    Chairman and CEO,
    News Corporation
    Hudson Theatre, New York City
    May 9, 2007

    Full transcript on News Corp’s website here (a “must” read):

    Many members of the public don’t understand climate change science, but most humans understand inconsistency, hypocrisy, deception, and so forth.



    [JR: I did. Might be worth a repost.]

  2. Steven Biel says:

    I didn’t do this when I went on Cavuto (I proposed it but my media director wasn’t into this strategy), but I really would like to see someone go on and just say, “please, you’re not serious. you’re making an absurd, idiotic argument. No, really, you’re just insulting the intelligence of your audience. You really should be ashamed.”

    That would be fun.

    [JR: Once.]

  3. BobSmith says:

    I’ve met Ben Stein and hung out with him and his family personally – I can’t believe he’s doing segments for FOX NEWS. He should really spend less time sleeping on TV and more time reading scientific and economic studies if he’s going to be considered any kind of authority at all. As if FOX NEWS has ever been interested in reporting news or hireing qualified people, that introduction by the anchor just goes to show you that they are not.

  4. Will Koroluk says:

    On a related matter, The Guardian carries a piece in which Mojib Latif fights back over the misrepresentation of his work in the Mail on Sunday (and repeated in Monday’s Daily Mail). Joe blogged on Latif’s reaction to the Mail piece.

  5. GFW says:

    BobSmith, are you aware of Ben’s movie from a year or so ago? Roger Ebert reviews it here …

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  7. Jim says:

    To add to #5, Stein’s movie was a defense of creationism and a denial of evolution. How anti-science can one person be?

  8. F White says:

    Does anyone think that Cavuto really cares what anyone — apart from loyal Fox watchers — thinks about his manufactured climate news distortions?

    He, and Fox, probably know the truth about climate change but they have an audience to pander to and advertising dollars to earn.

  9. B Miller says:

    I just find it absolutely astounding that a “news source” to the public cannot understand the difference between climate variability and climate change…is it such a hard concept to understand that the winter months are not the focus but rather the increasingly high temperatures in the summer months. I.E. Europes 2003 heat wave, Greenland ice sheet melting 19 billion more tons than ever before or even the Northwest passage being ice free for the first time in recorded history…

    less and less hope

  10. dhogaza says:

    “To add to #5, Stein’s movie was a defense of creationism and a denial of evolution. How anti-science can one person be?”

    To add to #5 and #7, the premise of “expelled” is that there’s a massive conspiracy of scientists with a political agenda that’s pushing the theory of evolution as part of a political agenda. Scientists who try to publish the “truth” of creationism are “expelled” from science, denied jobs, unable to publish papers, etc.

    Sound familiar? I’m not at all interested in starting a discussion about evolution/creationism, but it’s exactly the same conspiracy crap put forth by anti-climate science types.

  11. BobSmith says:

    Now I’m double shocked. It’s incredible how someone can seem so logical, yet believe and endorse something completely bogus.