Majority Leader Reid to Senate TODAY: We will tackle our daunting energy and climate challenges, and by doing so will strengthen our national security, our environment and our economy.”

The Democrats were always going to need Republican votes to pass the bipartisan clean air, clean energy jobs, livable climate, energy security bill.  And that was always going to be a challenge in this political climate, see “The central question for 2010: Will anti-science ideologues be able to kill the bipartisan climate and clean energy jobs bill?“).

Last week, the Reid underscored his commitment to act in his must-read speech to a clean energy conference (see Senate Majority Leader expects to cons bipartisan energy and climate bill this spring: It “may be the most important policy we will ever pass”).  Perhaps that’s why he delivered the following remarks this morning on the floor of the U.S. Senate (as prepared for delivery).

“We will continue to create new jobs, including good-paying clean-energy jobs that can never be outsourced.

“We will tackle our daunting energy and climate challenges, and by doing so will strengthen our national security, our environment and our economy.

“And as we do all these things, we will continue to leave a seat at the table for our Republican colleagues.  Whether their caucus comprises 40 or 41 members, each composes this body of 100.  We should all be united within the walls of this esteemed chamber, not defined by the aisle that divides its desks.

“Today is the first anniversary of the first time Barack Obama addressed our nation as our President.  One year ago today – standing on steps just steps from where we now stand – he reflected that our nation had chosen ‘unity of purpose over conflict and discord.’  He asked us to put aside the differences and dogmas that paralyze our politics.

“We can answer that call this year.  Not just because President Obama requested it, but because the American people justly demand it…”

Hear!  Hear!

10 Responses to Majority Leader Reid to Senate TODAY: We will tackle our daunting energy and climate challenges, and by doing so will strengthen our national security, our environment and our economy.”

  1. Ihatedeniers says:

    Lindsay Graham supports the climate bill so it should pass. All for a livable climate say aye! AYE!

  2. anniversary says:


  3. MarkB says:

    While Graham supports clean energy legislation, he’s been villified by and censored by the ideologues within his party, those who’s obstructionist behavior will only be further encouraged by yesterday’s MA Senate election. They feel redeemed. Graham’s party is absent of any notable ideas, but they’ve found that unity in obstructionism and fear-mongering is an effective strategy – one designed to weaken the opposition and disenfranchise its supporters while energizing the base. Combine that with fossil fuel lobbies more powerful than green lobbies by an 8 to 1 margin, the 60-vote fillibuster-proof majority required for anything to get done among a determined minority, and prospects seem grim.

    This is not to say that all accomplishments have been in vain. Joe summarized the very significant actions by Obama and Congress this year. Also, coal consumption has dropped 10% while renewable energy consumption is up. Progress is being made, due in part to state and national policies designed to promote low carbon solutions and efficiency. Costs are coming down to a degree, putting further pressures on high carbon industries. I hope this will continue, but a framework involving long-term carbon pricing is what’s ultimately needed to ensure further progress.

  4. Ron Johnson says:

    Secret meetings. How does Reid think that is bi partisan?
    President Obama said we would have negoiaions live on C-Span.

    [JR: Seriously. You just go to blogs and parrot right-wing talking points?]

  5. Sean Taylor says:

    This is outstanding news — politicians in Washington have got our global crises under control with new legislation and we should be back on the fast track to infinite growth by next Christmas. Folks if you aren’t preparing your lifeboat now, you aren’t paying attention….

  6. Jeff McLeod says:

    It’s amazing that congress has been able to garner the support that it has, considering that I’m pretty sure we’re losing the fight in informing the public about the dangers of unaddressed climate change; this is thanks to people who should be institutionalized like Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, the millions of dollars going into misinformation campaigns from big oil and utility companies, and despite the honest efforts from people like you Joe, Al Gore, the IPCC, and 99% of the scientific community. For a good example, head over here and read some of the depressing comments on ACES:
    What we need are more urgent letters to congress and public addresses from the scientific community in simple, direct language that stress the hugely accelerating threat that we face as a species.

  7. Bill says:

    Brave words. Stirring rhetoric. I imagine Sam Houston gave a similar speech from the walls of the Alamo.

    Yesterday’s debacle in Massachusetts killed any chance of a genuine climate bill passing this year, brave words notwithstanding. If the Democrats can get their act together and pick up two or three more Senate seats this November, we can try again. But I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for that miracle (although people holding their breath seems to be about the only way we are going to get any CO2 emission reduction in this country).

  8. Andy says:

    Sam Houston was the hero at the battle of San Jacinto in which the Mexicans were defeated and Texas became an independent republic before, with overwhelming support, it joined the U.S.

  9. Brian GA says:

    Growth, not job creation, should be the focus of economic stimulus. Increasing taxes to provide education subsidies and welfare to those displaced by job loss in declining sectors is the best way to give support to those in need.

    Inefficient economic strategies are better than strategies that lead to short term growth and long term disaster (the conservative way), but it would be nice if democrats could correct their wrongheaded views on stimulus.

  10. Wes Rolley says:

    Infinite growth is a Ponzi Scheme. (See Joe’s comments.)

    Reid is probably not long for this job. It polls as if he will not survive past November 2010. Until then, we hope that he considers primarily what it right for the country and not just act to increase his party’s power. If he does, then we might get a responsible climate change bill, or expose the Nancy Reagan “just say no” Republicans for the fraud that they are perpetrating on the American People.