Limbaugh, Fox News suckered by Bin Laden into repeating his disinformation and message of hatred

Terrorists try very hard to spread their disinformation.  A key goal is to get others to spread it for them, especially ones who are holed up in a cave somewhere.  Thus terrorists craft their disinformation into a sensational message that they hope gullible members of the global media will repeat.

So who got suckered into repeating the message of the number one terrorist in the world?


But Limbaugh isn’t alone.  It’s a top story on Drudge.  And here’s FoxNews:

Bin Laden Blames U.S. for Global Warming in New Tape

You can see the disinformation and the core message of hatred throughout the piece, but most especially here:

To stop global warming, he called for the “wheels of the American economy” to be brought to a halt. “This is possible … if the peoples of the world stop consuming American goods.”

“We must also stop dealings in the dollar and get rid of it as soon as possible,” he said. “I know that this has great consequences and grave ramifications, but it is the only means to liberate humanity from slavery and dependence on America.”

He also called for the “punishing and holding to account” of corporation chiefs, adding, “this should be easy for the American people to do, particularly those who were effected by Hurricane Katrina or those who lost their jobs, since these criminals live among them, particularly in Washington, New York and Texas.”

It’s amazing that any major media outlet is dumb enough to repeat this, let alone write analysis as if Bin Laden actual believes anything he says.

For the record, it simply is impossible to stop global warming by bringing the US economy to a halt.  Only right-wing ideologues could get suckered into pushing this crap for the likes of Al Qaeda .

NOTE:  Yes, I’m sorry to be covering this subject at all for my thousands of readers.  I was planning on ignoring this, which is what the major media should do for any such message that comes from Bin Laden.  But after Limbaugh and FoxNews got suckered into spreading this disinformation to their millions of followers, I felt I had no choice.  I’d be interested in your thoughts.

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  1. Gene Wilson says:

    Bin Laden dislikes Bush. Isn’t that what this website says? Globalization Hmmm
    8 leftist talking points from Bid laden.

  2. Leif says:

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practices to deceive.”
    Sir Walter Scott.

    I have got to digest it a bit to say more, Joe.

  3. PSU Grad says:

    And this surprises you…..why? Whoever’s crafting these messages for bin Laden is incredibly aware of our media dynamics. As someone mentioned in another post, watch Inhofe take this and run with it. I know you’re skeptical about that, but just watch.

    Selling this baloney is easy. It’s emotional, it’s “patriotic”, it grabs people. Selling the science? For most, not so much.


  4. John Casey at The NonSequitur also pegged this one earlier this AM:

    If I was Bin Laden, and I was no brighter than I actually am (which, I freely confess, is not setting the bar very high) I would openly condemn those in America whose success would most contribute to my own success, and openly embrace those whose failure would most contribute to my own success.

  5. Lewis says:

    “The phrase-maker, the phrase-monger, the ready talker, however great his power, whose speech does not make for courage, sobriety, and right understanding, is simply a noxious element in the body politic, and it speaks ill for the public if he has influence over them. To admire the gift of oratory without regard to the moral quality behind the gift is to do wrong to the republic.” — Theodore Roosevelt, Citizenship in a Republic

  6. heraclitus says:

    oh no, looks like the nytimes and gaurdian picked it up too:

    google news search shows 690 results

  7. #5, Lewis: excellent quote! I would only add (and for all I know, it is already there in TR’s statement, which I’ve yet to dig up and read) is that no small part of the moral quality/component is the commitment to logic and critical thinking skills.

    (And, for the record, “critical thinking” is simply scientific method writ large.)

  8. Lou Grinzo says:

    Of course the media is running with it–bin Laden is a figure of intense hatred in the US, so any public statement from him Is Big News. Bin Laden plays the media like a fiddle, almost as well as the deniers do.

    The truly moronic part is, as Joe pointed out, this idea that derailing the US economy would make a difference. This meme will play beautifully with many right wingers who have no bloody idea what the stocks and flows of carbon are like across the planet. They still think the US is 80% of everything, so the statement is internally consistent in their world view.

  9. Lewis says:

    For Logic at #7 —

    It is a good speech. It is the one the “it is not the critic who counts” quote you may be familiar with comes from.

  10. Rob Bradley says:

    Thank you Joe for this post.

    [JR: Bradley is a leading anti-science disinformer.]

  11. Groo says:

    the logic seems to be:

    “If the ‘devil’ says this, all of it must be false”

    Sure rings true to Evangelicals.

    considering that Bin Laden is dead for quite a number of years with a high probabilty, the question to me is –who operates this bogeyman?

    But this is conspiracy, of course.

    [JR: No purveyor of disinformation would utter 100% false statements. It would be too easy to detect and ignore. Everyone would see through it. The Devil can quote Scripture, as Shakespeare said. The truly effective disinformers — which Shakespeare himself captured in Iago and Richard III — are masters of deceit, but would not be so foolish as to lie all the time.

    The issue is whether one assumes Bin Laden is stupid and honest — so that you can take all his statements at face value as what he believes, including the transparently false and inane ones. Or whether one understands that he is clever and dishonest — so that you would never draw any conclusions whatsoever about what he actually believes from what he says. Limbaugh et al are gullibly acting as if it’s the first scenario when in fact it is obviously the second that is true.]

  12. Henry says:

    Wow, Bin Laden is smarter than some Republicans! I would have thought he’d support global warming since it’ll probably kill more and cause more destruction than any terrorist strike.

  13. Sean Taylor says:

    Folks here need to consider giving up on the progressive project to save civilization from climate change, ecocide, natural resource depletion, etc and going into adaptation mode. The future seems to belong to the bin Ladens and Palins of the world at this point, and they’re just going to have to decide this issue the old-fashioned way — via warfare. If nothing else, war will produce large scale “demand destruction”, which is really the only solution to human overshoot that has ever worked anyway.

    This is an epic global tragedy in the making, but it’s probably pretty much out of our hands now – it’s simply too much for the primate brain to cope with. James Lovelock thinks we’re headed for +5 degrees C by 2100 and a population of 1 billion, and who am I to argue with this visionary thinker? Industrial civilization is going to be shut down regardless, but attempting to do it via legislation is pure fantasy. You can’t destroy a system from with that system — mother nature will have to do that for you. So my advice is, enjoy life while you still can, get over the idea that you can always engineer this world to your liking, and prepare for an epic roller coaster ride into the abyss. Have a nice day.

  14. Andy Velwest says:


    “James Lovelock thinks we’re headed for +5 degrees C by 2100 and a population of 1 billion, and who am I to argue with this visionary thinker?”

    Fatalism simply reinforces a particular vision of the future. To me, the statement above is a call for action, not a call to party.

  15. h20_nh says:

    I read this and all I could think of is the movie the Manchurian Candidate….?

  16. 12. Sean Taylor says:

    Folks here need to consider giving up on the progressive project … This is an epic global tragedy in the making, but it’s probably pretty much out of our hands now …

    Mr. Taylor, for a very long time now, I have considered “hope” to be an expensive narcotic. “Expensive” not because it costs so much to buy, initially; rather, because the withdrawl symptoms are so debilitating when the supply dries up.

    Consequently, I do not fight the liars, the hypocrites, the greedy animals, the lazy fatalists, because I “hope” to win. I fight them because I choose to be something other than a liar, a hypocrite, a greedy animal, &/or a lazy fatalist. It may, indeed, turn out to be the case that, as a matter of fact, we here “fail to save” our world — rife as that scare quoted phrase is with ambiguities. However, little that I know (and it is little enough), this much I am sure of: the only way to unqualifiedly guarantee that the liars, the hypocrites, the greedy animals, the lazy fatalists win the day entirely is if we simply do as you recommend, and merely roll over on our backs and yield the contest without a fight.

    Regardless of what else happens, I choose to live as a human being. I therefore reject your recommendation.

  17. Krumrich says:

    A lot of people are leaving global warming. It looks like a flagging group and Bin Laden is helping bolster beliefs in drastic warming. Climate was a disaster.

  18. mike roddy says:

    Let’s follow Rush’s logic here: Since Bid Laden is concerned about global warming, we should not be, and (like Rush) should buy a Gulfstream and fart fossil fuels and old growth timber.

    This will take us into the abyss, but so what, we disobeyed Bin Laden.

  19. dhogaza says:

    JR: Bradley is a leading anti-science disinformer.

    The Rob Bradley who works for WRI? Am I missing something?

    Or is it another Rob Bradley?


    OK, there’s another one here, who perhaps is the one Joe’s thinking of …

    Not enough information … unless Joe has taken a look at the IP associated with the poster …

    [JR: Yes, it’s the second one.]

  20. Peter Sergienko says:

    Bin Laden presents right wing ideologues with an opportunity to conflate Bin Laden with Al Gore. Right wing ideologes oblige. Dog bites man story if there ever was one.

  21. Bill W says:

    Would anybody care to take a bet that this came from some denialist organization rather than bin Laden? Now the deniers can paint anybody who believes we need to take action with the same brush as bin Laden. “You’re siding with the 9/11 terrorists! Traitor!”.


  22. Leif says:

    My first thought is there any proof that bin Laden said this? It was just too pat and the right wing extremist, here in the home land, we know they will stop at nothing to save “Capitalism” as we know it. No, even they could not be that vile!
    So, if it was bin Laden? but wait, no, suppose bin Laden was killed back in the Bush years, but with their devious thinking, decided to keep him “alive” so that “he” could serve the very purpose you see today. After all such a scam would be a lot easier than the “Moon Landing!” After all, bin Laden would in fact be dead and could not queer the deal at the last moment. Only a very few people would be needed and a good voice computer and tech.

    Well obviously I have lost a pin folks and am at your mercy. I guess it is back to brain scrub class for me.

  23. Chris Dudley says:

    If I remember, the main aim of this guy is to overthrow the Saudi government to purify Mecca. He was able to force Bush out of Saudi Arabia and now he wants less oil burned. Hum…. Once he gets control of the oil wells, it will be interesting to see if he says the same as now.

  24. Bob Wright says:

    Will Bin Laden be going into the eco-terrorist trade? There are “true believers” of every sort, even radical environmentalists, ready to be recruited, and so much infrastructure to attack. Sounds like something dreamed up by Glenn Beck.

  25. Sean Taylor says:

    Logic Deferred, I’m happy to hear that you’ve chosen to live as a human being (was there an alternative?). Living as human beings is of course why we’re in this mess, but it’s also how we’ll get out — by adapting, as we always have, to a changing environment. Unfortunately, thanks to techno-industrial civilization, there are now far too many of us, living with far too little resilience, to adapt to the kinds of changes we’re facing. So we’ll see death and chaos on an unimaginable scale — think global Haiti, but with no Hollywood celebrities or international aid agencies coming to your rescue.

    You can try to keep this game going with the techno-fix du jour, but I prefer take the long view, according to which climate chaos is the norm on this planet, and the current warm, stable regime is only an anomaly that has made agricultural civilization possible. This means that the nomadic, hunter-gatherer mode of life that prevailed for hundreds of millenia will be forced back upon us as large scale agriculture ceases to be viable. It also means that the population will be reduced by at least an order of magnitude, as we return to the only proven, sustainable mode of living on this chaotic planet.

    By all means try to save this sinking ship — I’ll be in a lifeboat, and if you’re lucky I might even pick you up when you finally decide to jump off.

  26. Groo says:

    @#19–Peter Sergienko,

    Considering the very high probability that Bin Laden is dead anyway,
    who sets up those bogeyman theses?

    Wihch strangely correlates to the assault on science, which cannot,
    per definition, produce 100% certainty.

    This is a SERIOUS PROBLEM!
    If one puts 99.9% certainty against 0.1% uncertainty/doubt, then this is something the scientific community after Ppper never expected to materialize.
    It was a theoretical issue.

    But now its different!

    This phony Bin Laden message, together with the climategate pseudoscandal and the hockeystick-pseudodebate should be a call to the arms of the scientific community.

    Even here in Germany, which has been quite solidly been on the rational side of the fence, proponents of ‘climate-advocates’ are designated as religious doomers, and are equated to the Rapture-crowd.

    This is very worrying, and urgently needs education of the casual observers, who derive their convictions from consenus, and not from a deep understanding of the scientific method.

    So the burden now is much heavier: Even PhDs of other professions than climate research are infected with doubt of the Popperian kind.

    The ordinary scientist (I am in Astrophysics) nrmally does NOT reflect on the philosophical basis of doing science.

    This is exactly the weak point the various types of deniers managed to spot as the weak point of the scientifc method:
    It cannot deliver certainty, only probability, which most people feel very uncomfortable about.

    I am afraid that even Joe Romm is not really aware of the dangers of this!

  27. espiritwater says:

    I couldn’t listen to all the video. Only an imbecile would believe that crap.

  28. No, Sean, what you’ve chosen to do is pule and whine. And if things do go spiraling down as you insist they must, and if (in addition) there is a lifeboat, the people who own it won’t waste any space on you. Because puling and whining is a cheap commodity that they can find in themselves; you won’t be needed to provide it.

  29. espiritwater says:

    Steven Cohen The Real Politics of Climate Policy 2010 … Osama bin Laden Blames U.S. For Climate Change In New Video … Climate … – Similar

  30. anniversary says:

    Big news, Osama breathes air too!

  31. We got 'em reeling says:

    You nailed it Leify boy…”oh what a tangled web…”.
    First cooling, then warming, then change, then storms, then rain, then tornadoes, then hail, then hurricanes, then and then and then…

  32. Bill Waterhouse says:

    random thoughts:

    The anti-science fundamentalist crowd seems to reject an enormous amount of modern knowledge: past climatic data from ice core analysis showing that human societies didn”t advance beyond hunter-gathering until temperatures and sea level stabilized about 10,000 years ago, DNA evidence establishing the history of human evolution, geologic history including plate tectonics, CO2 increases leading to harmful ocean acidification, the bell shaped curve of oil production and peak oil projections. What, if anything, does the history of the last Dark Ages teach us about how to combat the current wave of scientific ignorance?

    A science-based major motion picture accurately depicting probable conditions in 2100 could be enourmously helpful in educating the general public about the need to act now.

  33. We got 'em reeling says:

    Billy #32…how about a sequel to the opening film of Copenhagen? Maybe add in some chainsaws…or machetes??

  34. Stepshep says:

    Eh. This was all doctored by the CIA/MI6/SGNOIAKA (Secret Group No One Is Allowed to Know About). I refuse to believe any “recordings” come from Osama until I see a recent video of him talking about recent events. I know they have video cameras in those caves. They need to USE them. Until then, meh.

  35. Space Earth says:

    Al Quita is just trying to add fire to the division between the Moderates/Liberals and conservatives. End of story!
    Shame on Rush Limpaw

  36. anniversary says:

    1. Where are we going?
    2. Is this development desirable?
    3. Who gains and who loses, and by which mechanisms of power?
    4. What, if anything, should we do about it?

  37. Dave Willis says:

    Just seem to me that in this case (recognition of the climate crisis) bin Laden lives closer to reality than a lot of folks in the United States of Ostriches

  38. danny bloom says:

    actually, joe, bin laden is dead, he died a few years ago, and the CIA is not telling us. see my blog item for this. BIN LADEN is not alive and he is not the one speaking on these audio tapes or vids. Why is everyone so dumb and blind here? BIN LADEN is dead……the West is being bamboozled by these Pr savvy terrorists. believe me, Joe, bin laden is dead. ask top security. they know.

  39. danny bloom says:

    Sunday, December 13, 2009 from my blog:
    Osama bin Laden is dead! He has been dead for several years! (the truth is told here)While the USA and its official military and intelligence agencies say that “killing Osama bin Laden is the key to defeating the al-Qaeda terror network, in fact, Osama bin Laden died of natural causes a few years ago and is now dead dead dead — as in dead as a doornail. There is not much point in fooling ourselves anymore: bin Laden is dead. Gone with the wind.Have you ever stopped to think about this: Why has OBL not been seen by any person or spy or counterspy or intellgience operative since 2001? The man is dead. He died from a specific disease, as well as old age. He is dead. Why the USA news media won’t get into this issue is beyond me. Nobody has seen OBL face to face for several years, his alleged CNN video and audio tapes use old photos of him and old voice recordings of him, Osama bin Laden is dead.Why has this not been reported yet? I cannot figure it out. But I am sure OBL is dead.

  40. Leif says:

    I attempted to post this at post # 29 at 7:28 PM, but is appears to have gotten hung up in moderation. Joe has probably packed it in for the night and I hate to miss the comment window. So here it is again.

    Sean: What makes you think that in Post Global Climatic Disruption-time there will be any hunting and gathering for more than the minimal few if any? The oceans will be unrecognizable and the lands unproductive for man or beast. Have you noticed the Northern Pine Forests lately. And this is just the start and it only goes down from here. For a long time I might add. Even today the rain from the skies is unfit to drink in some areas of the world. On reflection I believe that I will have to side with Logic Deferred, above. I am not sure that I want to even live among those that were committed to saving themselves without putting up a serious fight to save humanity even though many will be lost. It would seem a defective gene pool in my view. After all, we have come this far. At least that is my working hypothesis at the present.

    Never go to sea in a boat that you would not be proud to have as your coffin. Sailors adage.


  41. If AGW denialism is to continue, it must escalate its message in more strident tones. They had to speak out against OBL or else give up. But this means the future will be more contentious. Too bad.

  42. jyyh says:

    Please delete the last one, hangover is not a good time to write anything,.

  43. Rabid Doomsayer says:

    What would Dimbaugh have done had Bin Laden said global warming was false. His whole argument is Bin Laden bad; therefore all he says is false and liberals are like Bin Laden.

    The Fox article is much more reasoned. Ain’t that a change.

  44. DreamQuestor says:

    I am skeptical that this will actually have any impact on the debate. Most people have enough sense to dismiss bin Laden’s rants and anyone who listens to Rush Limbaugh or Fox News is already a lost cause, so the impact will probably be minimal. I am more worried about the increasingly fierce attempts to sabotage scientific credibility (cf the recent furor over the IPCC report and Himalayan glaciers.)

  45. Leif says:

    Joe: Regarding “snip” in #42. I was just trying to be facetious, small town isolation has its drawbacks. These are indeed trying times and your “porthole” provides invaluable “visual escape.”

    Two Palms Up, Leif

  46. This is a media/international affairs kerfuffle that is a recruiting tool for both Rush and whomever Bin Laden embodies.

    The most original source I could find is

  47. Who speaks the truth? says:

    DreamqQuestor #44: “anyone who listens to FOX is a lost cause”

    Which news channel do you suggest speaks the truth? Got a lot of folks who’ve seen the FOX light, more than all other outlets combined.

    Cable News Ratings for Thursday January 28, 2010
    Posted on 29 January 2010 by Robert Seidman

    Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for January 28, 2010

    FNC – 3,569,000 viewers
    CNN – 842,000 viewers
    MSNBC –938,000 viewers
    CNBC – 153,000 viewers
    HLN –742,000 viewers

  48. 47. Who speaks the truth? says:

    Got a lot of folks who’ve seen the FOX light, more than all other outlets combined.

    Twenty million lemmings jumping off a cliff does not make jumping off a cliff a good idea. You make a blatantly obvious logical fallacy here, the argumentum ad populum:

    This does not exactly strengthen your evident claim for the superior insight of those who watch FOX.

  49. dan bloom says:

    why is nobody listening to me here? Osama Bin Laden is dead. He is not the person speaking in these audio tapes. The man is dead. His savvy PR team, probably a Western guy working with them as highly paid PR operative, is planning and doing this PR and virtually everyone in the West is falling for this BS. Bin Laden is dead. See my blog on this. I know for a fact he is dead. Why is everyone walking around with their head in the sand. The matyr is dead. Gone with the wind. He died in Pakistan in 2006 or 2004. We are being hoodwinked and even Joe is falling for this. I thought of all people Joe would be more wary of accepting these faked audio tapes. ask the CIA, Joe. Bin Laden is dead as a doornail.

  50. espiritwater says:

    You’re right, Danny Bloom (#39). What you said makes perfect sense!

  51. espiritwater says:

    “The only thing which can save you (when the climate catastrophes bring hell to planet earth) is Knowledge”. — from old poster.

    I would qualify that and say– Self Realization.

  52. From Peru says:

    A strange symbiosis between US conservatives and Islamic extremists.

    Well not so strange. They are ideologically similar, no matter how much they hate each other(and remember when the CIA armed and funded Islamic extremists in their struggle againts Soviet Union Red Army in Afghanistan)

    Surely this message will be used by conservatives to equate Climate Activists with Islamic extremists. A thing they will need when Climate activists have began their actions and struggles to stop the System, like in Coal River Mountain.

    Already in the Bush years, Activists of groups like ELF (Earth Liberation Front) where banned as “terrorists”.

  53. Leif says:

    dan bloom: I have no problem with the assumption that bin Laden is dead as noted above. Then the questions are: Who gains the most by keeping him “alive”? & Who has the best resources available to perpetuate the “myth”? & What is the motivation for the other “powers that be” to play along?
    Terrorists? Unlikely to have the resources for long term rouse.
    Russia? Lots of oil with an obvious interests in fossil production and consumption.
    Oil producing Nations of the Middle East? Same as Russia above. Limited ability to convince world governments to corporate unless there was something in it for them as well.
    BIG MONEY the world over, with gobs of money riding on the status quo? Now here is an interesting faction. International reach, as money crosses borders with almost impunity. Every major government of the world is beholden to corporate interests first and foremost, as evidenced by the cry of “don’t hurt the GDP” above the pleas from humanity! Corporations have a proven history of disregard to people, wildlife, ecosystems, you name it, in their pursuit of profits. Why would they change on the cusp of the big enchilada?


  54. George Ennis says:

    Yes there is always a danger in painting your enemies to be 50 feet tall when in fact from a strategic and global perspective to a nation of 300 million people and the world’s largest economy and military they are “vertically challenged”.

    However as you point out the media acts as a great projector for people like Osama Bin Laden. If one did not know better you would almost think they are working for him as hired propagandists. I guess this is what happens when one suspends the reasoning faculties in all matters whether it be with respect to healthcare, financial reform or climate change.

  55. Doug Bostrom says:

    Who speaks the truth? says: January 30, 2010 at 10:30 am

    You seem to be signed on to the notion that Bin Laden is somehow significant and is going to change public perceptions about climate change in a way that suits your ideology.

    Can you provide a coherent explanation for that? How is this going to work, exactly?

  56. Dano says:

    Which news channel do you suggest speaks the truth? Got a lot of folks who’ve seen the FOX light, more than all other outlets combined.

    Viewership does not equal the truth . As recent studies show, it equals confirmation bias.



  57. SecularAnimist says:

    Rush Limbaugh usually broadcasts his own brand of disinformation and hatred. But he will gladly steal disinformation and hatred from others if it serves his purposes.

  58. SecularAnimist says:

    A Ditto-Head asked: “Which news channel do you suggest speaks the truth?”

    All of the “news channels” — both cable news, and network broadcast news (whose audience numbers you conspicuously omitted) — sometimes “speak the truth” in the literal sense of “make accurate factual statements”.

    At the same time, all of the “news channels” from which most Americans get most of their information are owned and controlled by a half-dozen giant corporations, and those corporations do not use the mass media that they own and control to impartially inform and educate the American people as a public service, out of the goodness of their hearts, but instead use the mass media to propagandize the American people in furtherance of the political and economic agenda of the corporate ruling class.

    The mass media’s corporate propaganda is both pervasive and extremely sophisticated — relatively little of it is outright, blatant lies. Most of the corporate media’s lies are lies of omission, and much of its disinformation is in the form of emphasis and interpretation and spin rather than overt lies about matters of fact.

    That’s where Fox News stands out, with its emphasis on heavy-handed, blatant, sometimes preposterous, overt lies. But Fox News is targeted specifically at an audience of weak-minded, ignorant, gullible Ditto-Heads who have been relentlessly brainwashed for years to unquestioningly and slavishly believe anything they are told by the phony-baloney “right wing” media, as long as it is branded “conservative”. Indeed, the Ditto-Heads have not only been brainwashed to slavishly believe inane right-wing lies, but to crave them.

  59. Who is most trusted? says:

    Let’s work to get Climate Progress in the next poll..

    Poll: Fox most trusted name in news
    AP Jan. 26, 2010

    A Public Policy Polling nationwide survey of 1,151 registered voters Jan. 18-19 found that 49 percent of Americans trusted Fox News, 10 percentage points more than any other network.

    Thirty-seven percent said they didn’t trust Fox, also the lowest level of distrust that any of the networks recorded.

    CNN was the second-most-trusted network, getting the trust of 39 percent of those polled. Forty-one percent said they didn’t trust CNN.

    Each of the three major networks was trusted by less than 40 percent of those surveyed, with NBC ranking at 35 percent. Forty-four percent said they did not trust NBC, which was combined with its sister cable station MSNBC.

    Thirty-two percent of respondents said they trusted CBS, while 31 percent trusted ABC. Both CBS and ABC were not trusted by 46 percent of those polled.

  60. DreamQuestor says:

    People do not watch Fox News or listen Rush Limbaugh to learn the truth or have their opinions challenged. They watch and listen because Fox and Rush validate their prejudices and fantasies. Such people have already rejected logic and reason and in favor of belief and therefore are lost causes. They will always find some pretext to reject the facts.

    While there is no one source which is completely credible, there are sources which are not credible at all. Fox News is one such source: One is not likely to find a diamond in a pile of excrement.

  61. paulina says:

    An audiotape purports to have the world’s most wanted terrorist claiming to recognize climate change; media take audio as genuine and him at his word.

    Climate scientists claim to recognize climate change; media think they’re doing it for political reasons.

    Does surreality have a tipping point? What happens when we reach it and are we there yet?

  62. Oh boy! Rush Limbaugh, self-educated genius of the airwaves, has no limits, does he?

    But what does it say about us as a people that this jerk is paid millions to spout nonsense all over the airwaves everyday?

  63. Dean says:

    “A science-based major motion picture accurately depicting probable conditions in 2100 could be enormously helpful in educating the general public about the need to act now.”

    Yes, I’ve wondered why Hollywood doesn’t do a good job of this. There are a lot of okay-to-decent documentaries floating around the Science channel and the like that most people will never see. So why doesn’t Hollywood make a good movie? They could call it Hell AND High Water. I even have an idea of where they could find a technical consultant.

  64. Ronald says:

    As to FOX channel having more viewers, therefore it is the best in news.

    the ratio of fiction to non-fiction books sold is 10 to 1. Fiction has always outsold non-fiction.

  65. Ahh, there you go says:

    There you go Ron, resorting to apples & oranges trickery. Reminds us of University of East Anglia non-fiction…or was that Penn State…or was that fiction.

  66. espiritwater says:

    Ha! Ha! Beautifully said, Dream Quest!

  67. Bill Waterhouse says:

    re #59 – The break down of the data showed pretty extreme polarization depending upon politics, age, sex and race, so reporting an overall average was pretty meaningless. Conservatives, republicans, older people, males and whites tended trust Fox more. The polling sample overrepresented these groups. Opposite groups tended to trust the networks more than Fox. PBS was not in the poll. It would have been interesting to see preferences by education and income but that data was not reported.

  68. espiritwater says:

    I knew this lady who listened to Rush “Limpbaugh” all the time. She was retired, medium income, and fairly intelligent and educated. However, she was extremely ignorant– not just because she loved an idiot talk show host, but in other matters as well. She was blind(figuratively) and refused to face the Truth on many issues. So maybe it all just comes down to character.

  69. David B. Benson says:

    Well, Book of Eli is showing. Won’t that do?

  70. Leif says:

    On the other hand, if bin Laden is alive, or even his spirit, then the downfall of the Capitalistic system, with minimal losses to his own, is the ultimate goal of Al Qaeda. How would that be done? I would think that perpetuation of the status quo is the proven sure thing. As witnessed by our current economic trend. With the added advantage of the Middle East and now China ending up with all the money! Way Cool! That we go in debt to carry out war, all the better! Made to order and the Right wing boot stepping right along. The very worse thing that can happen to the world fossil industry would be for the West to stumble upon a sustainable green energy life style. Exportable! In fact if it is not exportable it is not sustainable. Fortunately for Al Qaeda almost all our efforts are focused on immolation.

    And they try to brand us with the terrorist label.

  71. Turboblocke says:

    Have you heard of a recent film called “The Age of Stupid”?

    “The Age of Stupid is the new four-year epic from McLibel director Franny Armstrong. Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite stars as a man living alone in the devastated world of 2055, looking at old footage from 2008 and asking: why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?”

    I bought a licence and organised a showing at my local community centre. To my surprise, it got a round of applause and the mayor is talking about getting it shown in the local schools.

  72. anniversary says:

    71, i will watch this soon!

    Stupidity i still common in our times.

    One should ask how much impact climate change has on human psyche.

  73. Doug Meyer says:

    Ocean inertia: half of the climate impact of a given forcing takes a few decades to be realized, and the remaining half plays out over centuries. So, the climate of 2055 is already determined. Meanwhile, industrial human population momentum is on a course for 9 billion by the same time. Checkmate.

  74. JR says:

    We need to gather up all the right wingers of the world into a huge auditorium or have them all tune in to a Presidential address where we explain to them how a Venn diagram works. Rush is displaying the same faulty logic as Jonah Goldberg did when he concluded fascism is a form of liberalism. Some liberals are vegetarians. Some fascists were vegetarians. Liberals are fascists!!

    Bin Laden is concerned about climate change. Al Gore is concerned about climate change. Bin Laden is a terrorist. Al Gore is a terrorist!!

    You are truly crippled in life if you don’t understand basic logical principles. Rush almost always gets his facts wrong. But even when on rare occasion he gets the facts right, he doesn’t know how to draw proper conclusions because he doesn’t understand logic.

  75. JR says:

    Reply to espiritwater: I think you are on to something there. Quite often people think of knowledge as something separate from character and it’s why progressives often overestimate the ability of education to change the world. To a certain extent that’s true, but to the extent that it’s not, it explains why we still have evolution deniers in a country with wide spread mandatory public education.

    Simple ignorance can be cured by imparting information. Willful ingnorance is due a lack of desire for the truth.

    I’m not sure how to cure such a situtation where someone not only doesn’t know but doesn’t want to know. It almost requires a gestalt type phenomenon where such a person comes to see things completely differently even though no new facts have been added to the picture. If I were to describe it in theological terms, I would describe it in terms of grace, where ignorance is the sin to be cured, and the sinner is incapable of getting there on their own.

  76. kenntrix says:

    Bin Laden is really bad..

  77. DreamQuestor says:

    JR wrote:

    Reply to espiritwater: I think you are on to something there. Quite often people think of knowledge as something separate from character and it’s why progressives often overestimate the ability of education to change the world. To a certain extent that’s true, but to the extent that it’s not, it explains why we still have evolution deniers in a country with wide spread mandatory public education.

    Simple ignorance can be cured by imparting information. Willful ingnorance is due a lack of desire for the truth.

    I’m not sure how to cure such a situtation where someone not only doesn’t know but doesn’t want to know. It almost requires a gestalt type phenomenon where such a person comes to see things completely differently even though no new facts have been added to the picture. If I were to describe it in theological terms, I would describe it in terms of grace, where ignorance is the sin to be cured, and the sinner is incapable of getting there on their own.

    I should have thought was obvious, Joe. ;-) What is Osama bin Laden if not a perfect example? He received the same technical education that every engineer receives, yet his character compelled him to put that knowledge to evil purposes. Character is the foundation that knowledge is built upon.

    “To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

  78. espiritwater says:

    Good point, Dream Questor! (I really liked that last line!)

  79. Sandwichman says:

    Rush Limbaugh/Osama bin Laden. Two sides of the same counterfeit coin.