More conclusive proof of global warming

In honor of the Vancouver Olympics, I am reposting this humorous video from 2008:


Explain that evidence away, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, if you can!

And while I’m at it, here’s more “Revealing Evidence That Proves Global Warming.”

And no, I’m not making any direct connection between the above video and the fact Vancouver just blew out its monthly temperature records a mere three years after the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said warming in the climate system was unequivocal, which, after all, is merely one of the greatest coincidences in human history.

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9 Responses to More conclusive proof of global warming

  1. Ominous Clouds Overhead says:

    Absolutely hilarious, but I hope the poor girl survived.

    Vancouver has been having their problems, bad snow for the snowboard and downhill events, melting and creating ruts and problems.

  2. Richard Brenne says:

    Hilarious! I computer-inserted Donald Trump and Sarah Palin ice-dancing instead, then after an ugly tussle she shot the wolverine that appears to live on his head.*

    *The wolverine line comes from my good friend James Howard Kunstler.
    I always want to credit anyone else for their jokes (I used a variation of Kunstler’s joke in another comment) meaning, yes, I take sole responsibility for the lameness of all jokes I don’t credit.

  3. prokaryote says:

    yt link please.

  4. Steven says:

    Joe, this doesn’t really seem like a serious conversation about global warming. How do you ever expect anyone to take you seriously when this is what I get to read upon my first visit here?

    [JR: Gimme a break. This is a humorous post. You have a sense of humor? If you don’t have a sense of humor on this issue, you are gonna have real problems. Anyway, I do posts in a variety of categories because different readers have different interests — science, solutions, politics, economics, media and the like. If you are looking for a humorless website, try the anti-science sites.]

  5. Richard Brenne says:

    Steven (#4) –

    I’ve often felt the same about Mark Twain.

  6. MapleLeaf says:

    I like this product, yes it is essentially weather, but it shows you that what is going on in your back yard is not necessarily representative of what is happening globally:

    Lots of red, and you can look at at all the images and, globally, the warm areas consistently exceed the cold areas.

  7. GFW says:

    Heh, maybe you could make a subdomain that pulls from the same content software, but filters out all posts filed under the humor category.

    (Note, this my subtle way of pointing out the humor category to Steven. Looking over on the right, I see 974 politics posts, 666 solutions posts, 487 science posts, 218 economics posts, etc, as well as 1006 in the catch-all “climate progress” category. 241 humor posts seems reasonable in all that. Hey, check that out, a perfect 2:1 politics to science ratio. Better than Washinton DC by a couple of orders of magnitude.)

  8. Walt says:

    Hey Joe,

    Best post you you’ve ever had. Laughed my butt off.



  9. Sou says:

    Hi Joe, very funny.

    I often get the same reaction as Stephen when I post a light hearted article. Some people must be born without a sense of humour. My sympathy goes out to them.