Glenn Beck Attacks You!

A must-see video, but it only works if you have a Facebook account (click here).

Be sure to watch until the very end.  The last joke is just laugh out loud funny, especially if you have a young daughter.

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5 Responses to Glenn Beck Attacks You!

  1. Daniel Ives says:

    Thanks for the laugh Joe.

    “Jesus wrote the Constitution specifically to…” That one was priceless.

  2. Scatter says:

    Works for non facebookers. Just click no at both prompts and it’ll take you through…

  3. Does anyone know who started this, and why? So many Facebook apps are actually data-mining operations, collecting info to sell to marketers, I assume. Call me paranoid, but is this legit left-of-center satire, or some attempt to build a database of liberals and leftists on Facebook? (It is very clever and funny, though.)

    [JR: I do. It’s legit.]

  4. Jessica Hertsel says:

    The site was paid for by, Brave New Films, and the Service Employees International Union. It says it on the bottom of the site. Pure genius if you ask me, but will probably only appeal to fellow progressives.

  5. Ubuntu says:

    Laugh out loud funny.