Flashback: Carly Fiorina said cap-and-trade “will both create jobs and lower the cost of energy”

Campaign ad created by Inhofe’s nephew (!) mocks notion that climate change is a national security threat

In pursuing the California GOP’s nomination for the 2010 Senate, Carly Fiorina has become a world-class flip-flopper.  Following the endorsement of Senator Jim “the last flat-earther” Inhofe (R-OIL) in November, she challenged climate science “” unlike the company she once ran. Now she’s abandoned her support for cap-and-trade legislation, as Brad Johnson discusses in this repost.

The former Hewlett Packard executive hopes to unseat Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), who has championed clean energy legislation as the chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee. In a new online advertisement created by Sen. Jim Inhofe’s (R-OK) nephew Fred Davis, the Fiorina campaign portrays Boxer as a giant floating head ominously looming over California. A gravel-voiced narrator claims that Boxer is “indifferent” that her climate policies “would take already painful jobless numbers and make them dramatically worse”:

NARRATOR: Proclaiming a cap-and-trade bill would clean the environment, indifferent that it would take already painful jobless numbers and make them dramatically worse.

BOXER: “That’s where you’ll have a little bit of an increase in electricity prices”¦”

NARRATOR: Even President Obama says electricity rates will skyrocket. And the Wall Street Journal says it is likely to be the biggest tax increase in history.

However, less than two years ago, Fiorina was singing a different tune. Speaking at the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, MN, she praised Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) cap-and-trade plan as something that would “both create jobs and lower the cost of energy”:

I know John McCain. And in 2013, America will be more energy-independent because of his determination that we must power our own country, and his long-standing commitment to protecting our environment. John McCain will create a cap-and-trade system that will encourage the development of alternative energy sources. He will help advance clean coal technology, and nuclear power. And all of this will both create jobs and lower the cost of energy.

Watch a montage:

Like McCain’s plan, Boxer’s climate legislation marries a market-based cap on carbon pollution with support for alternative energy sources, including nuclear power and advanced coal technology. The revenues generated from a cap on carbon pollution will protect electricity consumers from the cost of investing in new jobs and ending dependence on oil, as Boxer has explained last year:

We must get these greenhouse gas emissions out of the air because if the planet continues to warm, we’re in a whole lot of trouble. Pretty much everyone agrees on that. Now, that means we have to move to clean energy and away from imported oil and those Middle East dictators. That’s good. We’ll move to clean energy. It will be better for our health and our families. That’s good. What about this transition period, as we move away from the dirty fuels and dirty coal to clean coal, to clean fuels, to solar, wind and geothermal? That’s where you’ll have a little bit of an increase in electricity prices. However, with a cap-and-trade system, you will have an incoming stream of revenues just as you do from the acid rain program, an incoming stream of revenues. And those revenues will make consumers whole. They will never pay any more. And that’s just the facts.

Analyses by the Environmental Protection Agency, Energy Information Administration, Union of Concerned Scientists, and the Congressional Budget Office show that Boxer (and Fiorina circa 2008) is indeed telling the facts.

However, Fiorina 2010 seems to have decided to get her policy advice from one of her first endorsers, global warming denier Jim Inhofe.

— Brad Johhson

JR:  The rest of this post is written by me.

Fiorina’s new ad also mocks Boxer for saying “One of the very important national security threats we face right now is climate change.”  Fiorina was CEO of HP, until, Wikipedia notes, “In 2005, the Hewlett-Packard board forced Fiorina to resign.”  Ironically, HP itself has been unequivocal about climate science.  This is from their Global Citizenship Report 2008:

Our planet’s climate is changing, and scientific consensus is that greenhouse gas (GHG)1 emissions are the main culprit. The effects are forecasted to be far-reaching and substantial. The IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, published in 2007, warned that unmitigated climate change would likely trigger a range of environmental problems threatening agriculture, natural habitats and communities in low-lying coastal areas.

The economic toll will be high as well. The cost of responding and adapting to unmitigated climate change could reach between 5 and 20 percent of annual global gross domestic product (GDP), according to the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change. Released in 2006, the report also estimates that mitigating climate change instead would cost approximately one percent of global GDP each year. To stave off these potential issues, negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change are aiming for an agreement in 2009 to reduce global emissions by at least 50 percent (compared with 1990 levels) by 2050″¦.2

Hmm.  I wonder what conservative intellectual leader Newt Gingrich would say about HP having a Global Citizenship Report? “” see Gingrich sums up conservative ethos: “I am not a citizen of the world! I think the entire concept is intellectual nonsense and stunningly dangerous.” But I digress.

Kinda sad when a corporation understands the threat to our national security from unrestricted greenhouse gas emissions more than the person who once ran it.

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3 Responses to Flashback: Carly Fiorina said cap-and-trade “will both create jobs and lower the cost of energy”

  1. Carly Fiorina did not run HP, she basically tried to run it into the ground just like every other company she has ever been involved with.

    As a woman, I find her a disgrace to my sex, and what is even worse is that no one has ever pointed a finger at the idiot men who hired her in the first place.

    And John McCain is one of the same ilk who lost his head by associating with her, just like he did over Sarah Palin.

    For her entire career, she has made use of men whose brains were not in control of their gonads.

    Why has no one pointed this out, pray tell?

    Since men are still basically in charge of the world, they need to get a clue.

  2. Wes Rolley says:

    To understand Carly’s flip-flop you need to understand the California Republican Party. The messages that it puts our come right form the Gospel according to Grover Norquist – Americans for Tax Reform. Norquist’s one time aide, Ron Nehring is the Chairman of the CA Republican party and it is nigh to impossible to win a Republican primary, or even an endorsement, unless you take the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

    California Republicans will pledge to support whatever Norquist wants them to.

  3. mike roddy says:

    Since you spoke of irony yesterday, Joe, how about this one: Republicans are constantly talking of morality and sacred principles of the Constitution. Their actions, as in Fiorina, betray their real guiding principle: nihilism.