Climate Crock video on Flogging the Scientists

The anti-science crowd isn’t satisfied with merely spreading disinformation about climate scientists (see “Error-riddled articles and false statements destroy Daily Mail‘s credibilty“).  Now many, like Marc Morano, are unrepentantly calling for violence against them (see The rise of anti-science cyber bullying:  Morano says climate scientists “deserve to be publicly flogged“).

Peter Sinclair, our favorite climate de-crocker, has a new video on the subject:

Sinclair, of course, is the guy who proved former TV weatherman Anthony Watts knows as much about copyright laws as about climate science.

More “Climate Crock of the Week” videos here.


14 Responses to Climate Crock video on Flogging the Scientists

  1. MapleLeaf says:

    This is one of the best videos that Peter has done yet.

    Why is this guy, probably working out of his basement, doing what major scientific organizations and governments (yes the government has lots of scientists working for it) doing?

    Canadian scientists? Muzzled, censored and intimidated.

    Hope it is better in the USA.

  2. Lou Grinzo says:

    This installment of Pete’s videos is brilliant, and uses exactly the right tone, in my opinion.

    Also note that one of the deniers he mentions, Lubos Motl, is the same person who thinks that a 13C temperature rise (not “merely” 3C) is fine:

  3. Michael T says:

    Just in case nobody knows who Peter Sinclair is, this is a video of him at the 2009 MSSC Summit:

  4. Bryson Brown says:

    Motl explicitly admits cherry-picking the period he’s choosing to examine for warming– how unserious can you get? This is on the same level with holocaust denial and young-earth creationism– except that the mainstream media continue to treat it as a serious debate. I’m beginning to wonder what it would take to discredit these clowns.

  5. mike roddy says:

    I agree, Sinclair is really talented, and does his homework, too. I especially like his dry humor- the deniers often make me laugh, too.

    Someone needs to step up and support his work, through either a compilation or a fresh presentation for theater and television release. I haven’t seen anyone better in the video medium. Tell him to find an agent and go through the whole tiresome Hollywood process if he has to. Failing that, there are progressive foundations out there.

    Climate geeks like us know all about him, but I suspect that his audience is a tiny fraction of what he deserves, and what would be entertained by him. Let’s not forget this last point.

  6. climateprogressive says:

    Indeed not, Mike – Sinclair is perhaps the best communicator on such matters. His videos are a lesson in effectiveness.

  7. Rabid Doomsayer says:

    Re Sea level rise.
    Doomsayer still says error bars should be expressed in years, we will get to 2 meters with near absolute certainty. The question is, when? We will get to 5 meters sometime next century, I would guess before 2120.

    Unfortunately far too much of the main stream media is in the denier camp. Facts do not matter, even plausibility is no longer relevant.

    Peter Sinclairs work is brilliant. So needed.

  8. climateprogressive says:

    Also – thanks Lou for the link posted above – nearly gave me a coronary but good to know what we’re up against!

  9. Rabid Doomsayer says:

    We are 5 degrees from the worst of the last ice age, 13 degrees the other way eeek. On the other hand there is life near volcanic vents so the biosphere will continue, but not very much of it.

  10. mike roddy says:

    Climate Progressive-

    Not sure what you mean by your comment on my post.

    We agree that Sinclair is a great communicator- my point is that he needs to reach a mass audience. Are you saying that he already has? Whatever the size of his audience, he deserves a much larger one.

  11. Maybe Sinclair could make a video about what’s going on in Canada:

    Canada’s Idea of Working on Climate Change Means Muzzling Climate Scientists, Closing Research Stations and Cutting Funding

  12. Peter Sinclair says:

    Ouch Michael,
    That video is like having the worst drivers license photo of my life follow me around.

  13. MapleLeaf says:

    Hi Peter,

    Hope that you are still following this thread. Just want to extend a huge thank you your way!

  14. Chad says:

    Whenever someone repeats the “no (significant) warming since ’95” line, I simply respond with “but there has been significant warming since ’94 and ’93. Two out of three, I win”.

    Either they are too stupid to understand how to even begin to refute what I said, or are smart enough to know what is wrong with my claim was just as wrong with their own.