Energy and Global Warming News for March 17: Clean-energy investments are moving ahead; Bill Clinton warns Senators U.S. may trail China in energy race absent a climate bill

Clean-Energy Investments Are Moving Ahead ‘Without Copenhagen’

Clean-energy investments are moving ahead even without an international agreement to limit carbon dioxide, Bloomberg New Energy Finance Chief Executive Officer Michael Liebreich said.

Investment last year in wind turbines, solar panels and other technologies that emit little or no CO2 pollutants declined 6 percent last year, Liebreich said today in a television interview at the start of a summit in London.

Bill Clinton rallies Dems on climate bill

Former President Bill Clinton urged Senate Democrats to pass a climate bill this year during their weekly luncheon on Tuesday, arguing that legislation would spur innovation and create new jobs.

Clinton aimed his remarks at moderate Democrats, who fear taking up another controversial bill in the midst of an economic recession and just months before the midterm elections. To reassure them, Clinton distributed polling data showing support for a comprehensive climate bill.

Clinton Warns U.S. May Trail China in Energy Race, Senators Say

Former President Bill Clinton told lawmakers the U.S. may fall behind China in the race to dominate the global market for clean energy unless Congress passes climate-change legislation, two senators said.

“There’s concern about whether America is going to remain the competitive economic force that we’ve been,” Joseph Lieberman, a Connecticut independent, told reporters today after Clinton spoke to Senate Democrats at the Capitol.

Virginia leaders express interest in offshore drilling

Never has the political climate in Virginia so favored offshore drilling.

Most Virginia leaders — regardless of their political party — have expressed interest in joining Alaska, Texas, Louisiana and other states in setting up offshore platforms to drill for oil and natural gas.

Gov. Robert F. McDonnell and fellow elected Republicans strongly back the proposal, as do most members of the state’s congressional delegation, including both U.S. senators, who are Democrats.

White House Officials Link Economic Recovery to CO2 Bill

Senior Obama administration officials say the nation’s economic recovery could stall if Congress doesn’t pass a climate bill this year.

The officials warn that investors are so uncertain about the future cost of emitting greenhouse gases that they are sitting on capital rather than pouring it into “clean” technology, new power plants or energy-intensive manufacturing.

Government Funding Fueled Clean Energy

Government stimulus funds will provide some needed fuel to a cleantech sector buffeted by the global recession and sharp declines in solar prices, says a new report.

Total investment in clean technology last year fell 6.5% worldwide to $145 billion, partly due to a weak market for initial public offerings and investment cutbacks by venture capital firms. So says the “Clean Energy Trends 2010” report released Tuesday by research firm Clean Edge.

Senators pump gas fee into bill

Climate bill supporters are leaning toward exempting big oil companies from a broader cap on greenhouse gases as a way of winning critical support from industry players and key lawmakers.

The three co-authors of the Senate climate bill hope the proposal “” backed by several large oil companies “” will bring a new set of players to the negotiating table.

Governors prod Washington on renewable energy

A group of 29 state governors has for the first time submitted to the White House and Congress a list of recommendations to implement renewable energy nationwide. The move reveals growing impatience with Washington’s inability to put forward a new energy-climate bill to stimulate growth of solar and wind industry jobs.

With the capitol still consumed with healthcare legislation and the likelihood of a national bill that combines climate and energy dimming rapidly, many states with renewable energy in their backyards are agitating for job creation from wind, solar, and biomass energy development.

3 Responses to Energy and Global Warming News for March 17: Clean-energy investments are moving ahead; Bill Clinton warns Senators U.S. may trail China in energy race absent a climate bill

  1. George Ennis says:

    I found this interesting interactive chart on Gapminder regarding CO2 emissions sine 1820

  2. SqueakyRat says:

    A decline in investment of 6% is “moving ahead”?

  3. joe1347 says:

    From the NY Times – Yep, high tech (green) research in the USA seems to be pretty much doomed. So Applied Materials builds the most advanced Solar Cell research facilty in China and is sending their top guy(s)? to run and staff it. Probably safe to assume that the Chinese will be providing lots of junior scientists and engineers to get trained at the facility and use it to develop new solar cell technologies. So I guess in a few years, the Chinese will be making more than 90% of the solar cells for the world instead of ONLY the 66% that they are today. Not a good trend (for America). But, didn’t Energy Secretary Chu announce today something about how Americans should put more weatherstripping in their homes. Advanced photovoltaics research in China vs. weatherstripping in America – they’re about the same – aren’t they?

    China Drawing High-Tech Research From U.S.

    Mr. Pinto is the first chief technology officer of a major American tech company to move to China. The company, Applied Materials, is one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent firms. It supplied equipment used to perfect the first computer chips. Today, it is the world’s biggest supplier of the equipment used to make semiconductors, solar panels and flat-panel displays.

    In addition to moving Mr. Pinto and his family to Beijing in January, Applied Materials, whose headquarters are in Santa Clara, Calif., has just built its newest and largest research labs here. Last week, it even held its annual shareholders’ meeting in Xi’an.


    Applied Materials set up its latest solar research labs here after estimating that China would be producing two-thirds of the world’s solar panels by the end of this year.