David Koch Bought Smithsonian Greenwashing For The Equivalent Of $86

Mammoth & scorpion
What normal people can buy from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History for 1/1000th of their net worth.

David H. Koch, the right-wing scion of the Koch Industries pollution fortune, has purchased a permanent exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History bearing his name for the equivalent of $86. Newsweek’s evangelical reporter Eve Conant raved that Koch’s $15 million have helped pay for a “fabulous” exhibit at the David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins:

It turns out today was the opening ceremony of the David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins, a new (and I would say, fabulous), $20.7 million permanent exhibit showcasing 6 million years of human evolution. Some $15 million of its budget came from Koch.

Koch’s contribution has worked to greenwash the image of Koch, who has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions, into a climate denying, radical right-wing pollution agenda:

Randall Kremer, director of public affairs for the Natural History Museum, says they are thankful for Koch’s gift. “There are not many philanthropists who have given as much as Koch to arts and science. I think his interest lies in the scientific verification of a whole range of things.”

Fifteen million dollars is less than one one-thousandth (0.000857) of David H. Koch’s $17.5 billion net worth. The median middle-class family’s net worth is about $100,000, as this chart from the Pew Research Center shows:

Net Worth

Koch’s $15 million tax-deductible gift is the equivalent of $86 for real working Americans — enough to buy a scorpion sculpture and a woolly mammoth puzzle at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History gift shop.

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