Has CBS found dumbest idea yet for an online poll?

Yeah, please vote here.

Pointedly ignoring my plea for an end to online polls, CBS has come up with perhaps the dumbest idea yet.

Let’s use the least scientific, most easily manipulated choosing scheme invented since eeny-meeny-miny-moe to pick what major piece of legislation president Obama should pursue next.

Seriously.  I can almost hear Walter Cronkite reading the results on the evening news….

In a piece titled, “With Health Care Done, What’s Next For Obama?” CBS runs through the conventional wisdom on Obama’s agenda and then asks readers to vote on “What should be the Obama administration’s top priority for the rest of 2010?”  And then urges readers to share the poll using Face Book and Twitter.

The only news value I can see in this poll is that the onetime home of Edward R. Murrow is now trolling for page-views online.  Perhaps this isn’t such a surprise from the network that libeled Michael Mann based on a YouTube video “” while reporting his exoneration! What’s next, CBS touting their web hits?

Until sanity returns to the major media outlets, all one can do is play along with their charade and vote here.

9 Responses to Has CBS found dumbest idea yet for an online poll?

  1. On the plus side, either Americans are ready for climate action or your post here is having a significant effect on this silly poll.

  2. Stepshep says:

    As long as we bend it our way everything is great. When climate loses its lead then we should have 4chan mess with it.

  3. Mike#22 says:

    From the CBS poll “Climate Change Legislation: Three senators — Graham, John Kerry and Joe Lieberman — have been working to craft bipartisan climate change legislation, and they are likely to unveil their proposal next month. But notably missing from it will likely be the cap-and-trade system that had not long ago been expected to be the centerpiece of any legislation.”

    How solid is this?

    [JR: See next post.]

  4. lizardo says:

    I commented on there too because it ticked me off that the headline was “what’s next” but the poll was “what should be the top priority” which are different. For instance my top priority ought to be revamping my house, getting health insurance. What’s next is doing the dishes.

    To me what’s next ought to be financial regulation reform and it shouldn’t take the time and effort that a clean energy and climate bill will take. (Unless I’m losing my marbles BOTH have passed the house but surely the Senate would have a harder time spending 9 months watering down regulation of the financial sector.

  5. richard pauli says:

    Be careful about taunting them. Now CBS will have to outdo themselves with an even more dumb poll.

    Don’t forget Tomlin’s Rule: (Lily Tomlin)

    “No matter how cynical you get, it is impossible to keep up.”

  6. George Ennis says:

    I thought it was a very sound opinion poll that CBS was undertaking. It even allowed me a non-American to vote on the US’ domestic agenda. That of course was based on the well known scientific fact that non-Americans get to vote in US federal elections.

    I voted for “Something Else”

  7. substanti8 says:

    FWIW … CBS Corporation is controlled by National Amusements.

  8. Mark says:

    @Richard Pauli: Here is the even dumber poll you predicted – Grade the President’s first year in office

  9. Will Greene says:

    We’re winning! I love polls!