Pre-order my new book, “Straight Up”

Anyone who has specific ideas for marketing the book or knows someone who might need review copy should email me at the address here.

Straight Up FrontMy new book doesn’t come out until the week of April 19th.  But you can pre-order it on (click here).  You know you want to after getting all these Climate Progress posts for free for so long….

Seriously, though, the timing couldn’t be better for Straight Up:  America’s Fiercest Climate Blogger Takes on the Status Quo Media, Politicians, and Clean Energy Solutions.  We were always planning for it to come out the week of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and roughly the same time as when the Senate would start taking up the bipartisan climate and clean energy jobs bill.  But now it looks like Graham, Kerry, and Lieberman are going to introduce their bill the same week the book comes out!

The bill should tee off the most important environmental and energy debate of our time.  In the book, I put the core issues of the debate — climate science, clean energy solutions, and environmental politics — in perspective.

Here’s the back jacket for the book:

Straight Up Back

The book is the best 1% of my more than 4000 blog posts — arranged thematically.  And I did take many of your suggestions (see “What is your favorite Climate Progress post?“)

This post is meant to be the “soft sell.”  I’ll be excerpting the book in the coming weeks and doing a big media push around Earth Day week.  But Amazon pre-orders do influence how many copies they purchase.

I will say that I am rereading the book now, and it turns out to be more timely and relevant than I had expected.

The journal Nature editorialized in March: “Scientists must now emphasize the science, while acknowledging that they are in a street fight.”  Well, say what you will about Climate Progress, I figured that out a few years before Nature.

Here’s the table of contents:

Table of Contents:

Why I Blog
The Status Quo Media
Uncharacteristically Blunt Scientists
The Clean Energy Solution
Peak Oil? Consider It Solved
The Clean Energy New Deal
The Bush-Cheney Reign of Error
The Right-Wing Disinformation Machine
Diagnosing Someone with Anti-Scientific Syndrome (ASS)
Why Are Progressives So Lousy at Messaging?
Is the Global Economy a Ponzi Scheme?

Plus there’s an Afterword that discusses Copenhagen and frames the forthcoming Senate debate.

So do pre-order it on (click here).

Note: Amazon has been uber-slow in setting up their page — it still doesn’t have the jacket quotes.  Also, I believe they have the wrong price (it will be lower), but they have a “Pre-order Price Guarantee” that means when they fix the price (soon, I hope), you’ll get credited.

27 Responses to Pre-order my new book, “Straight Up”

  1. Jeff Huggins says:

    Joe, congrats! The book sounds great, and the quotes on the jacket are also impressive.

    That said, I’ll only really be impressed if you write a song and the Rolling Stone folks vote it as the greatest of all time, ahead of Stairway to Heaven, and Something, and Like A Rolling Stone, and all that. One needs to set high aims!

    That said, if I have any marketing ideas I’ll let you know. And I will be in the Washington DC area on and around Earth Day, so if you are giving a talk, signing books, boycotting ExxonMobil, or whatever in that area, please do let me know.

    Congrats again!


  2. Rick Covert says:


    Now that I know I can pre-order the book, I’d still like to do the interview with you on our local radio station KPFT 90.1 in Houston. The program director is eager and would like it in time for Earth Day but if I pre-order the book now will I get it in time for Earth Day? Please feel free to correspond to me by e-mail.

  3. mike roddy says:

    I’m a customer, Joe.

    I see you didn’t add “No chaser” to the title, even though you are chased all the time. Fortunately for all of us, you don’t run, but face them down.

  4. Ron says:


    Do you think sell many books?


    [JR: Post your disinformation elsewhere.]

  5. Ron says:


    You may be the only one left standing soon


    [JR: No links to coverage of hard-core disinformers here!]

  6. Dean says:

    Oh boy, here we go…

    Yes, Ron, not too many people read this blog…(insert sarcasm here) Now go back to your special fantasy world at WUWT.

  7. ken levenson says:

    Joe, Great title – cool cover too. I hope it sells well.
    I’ll pre-order tonight.

  8. And while you’re at it, Ron, entertain the abstract possibility of learning basic English grammar.

    If you actually manage that, learning elementary facts and trivially simple principles of Critical Thinking will not be such an extravagant reach for you.

  9. paulm says:

    Great cover. Cant wait to read.

  10. climate undergrad says:

    Just pre-ordered… Very excited about it.

    Off topic – Would it be fair to say that if you were a scientist who could logically disprove global warming you would be one of the most famous people on the planet and if you could logically disprove (slash offer a reasonable alternative to) anthropogenic warming you would be one of the richest?

    I absolutely loathe the (anti-science, anti-information, anti-rationale) arguments that “scientists are making it up for grant money” or “following the consensus is the only way to keep your job.” I’m looking for a clear statement that refutes these logical fallacies….

  11. PSU Grad says:

    @climate undergrad (10):

    I really enjoy the “scientists are making it up for grant money” rationale. Excuse me, but wouldn’t common sense tell you that ExxonMobil and the others have plenty of money to throw around for any “scientist” who’d like to champion the denial argument? It’s very similar to the tobacco company “scientists”. See the story of Jeffrey Wigand.

    As to “following the consensus is the only way to keep your job”, I’m not in academia, but I’d think coming up with an alternative concept backed by carefully documented, rigorous research would be the way to set youself apart from the crowd and get noticed. Corporate America is one thing, it’s filled with conformist sheep afraid of their own shadows. I wasn’t aware that the scientific community was the same. I thought they were a more ornery lot.

  12. Leif says:

    Per ordered as well.

    Now lets see if we can get you a spot on the cover of the Rolling Stone!

  13. Ivan Carter says:

    “””Off topic – Would it be fair to say that if you were a scientist who could logically disprove global warming you would be one of the most famous people on the planet and if you could logically disprove (slash offer a reasonable alternative to) anthropogenic warming you would be one of the richest?

    I absolutely loathe the (anti-science, anti-information, anti-rationale) arguments that “scientists are making it up for grant money” or “following the consensus is the only way to keep your job.” I’m looking for a clear statement that refutes these logical fallacies….”””

    Such an important point is never off topic. But MUCH MORE than a clear statement is needed (though it starts with that.) Like other things (and, regarding Chapter 9 of Joe’s book, why progressives are so bad at messaging, although really this is a pure scientific not political issue) it needs to be properly and repeatedly supplied and framed — and (more pointedly to Chapter 9 even), not just in terms that those who already see this relate to — and turned into a media story and ongoing national point. Again, just like everything else.

    That is, among other things, that those are the kinds of arguments, among others, that in their perhaps well meaning but ideological zeal anti sciencers are using to fight a scientific reality of severe risk that they don’t want to accept – an argument which in essence argues against all of science itself, which is what a lot of anti climate change stuff, cleverly disguised, is often almost doing. There are many of these common types of themes that need to be put together in a media package by numerous concerned and reputable sources, to illustrate the somewhat cleverly and rhetorically presented by rather circular science points, tautological logic patterns, and often double (or “double double”) standards, repeatedly employed. Hand them, our “media,” all the info for the story, don’t presume it is “right” or obvious or that they will or simply should run it.

    As for the ‘well intentioned’ phrase, what happens when you don’t acknowledge the possibility of people who seem not to agree with you or who are otherwise patently wrong, being well meaning, you do often appeal even more to the crowd that already agrees, but lose most everybody else, which is who really matters, and why, again, progressives are bad at messaging.

  14. Seth says:

    It looks like this is coming out as an old-fashioned print-on-paper book, distributed by DIEsel fueled trucks. Why not e-book only, save some CO2 emissions (and some trees)???

  15. Greg N says:


  16. RunawayRose says:

    Thanks for the heads-up! I have pre-ordered it.

  17. Brooks Bridges says:

    Ordered. And the picture of the book is now there. Congratulations!

    Seth’s point except I think you need hard copy but electronic would save a few trees: How difficult to get it on Kindle? They have reader for Macs now – and iPhones.

    On the humorous side: You sure get an interesting list of books when you search for Straight Up at Amazon.

    And the points by PSU Grad and climate undergrad: I have long been of the same mind. Would seem fertile ground for some withering sarcasm by say John Stewart. Or JR.

  18. lizardo says:

    Woohoo, not in a groupie way, but because getting to this point for any author is gonna be a huge milestone.

    Powells books is also listing for pre-order (no image yet), but I take your point re numbers.

    Also woohoo because I am one of the people who voted for “Straight Up” for the title though I didn’t come up with it.

  19. Wit's End says:

    Straight up is how I like a martini (with extra fat olives on the side). Of course, I like it with raw oysters. Meh, they may become scarce:

    But I have pre-ordered the book!

    Congratulations JR.

  20. Ronald says:

    Ordered it. I got the other books you wrote that the Library didn’t have.

    I wish I could send your book “Hell and High Water” to every residential mail addresses. Only about 100 million locations. That would be what would be needed as a game changer on this AGW.

  21. lizardo says:

    Re sending one to every residential mail address (in US I assume), why not just start with the local offices of your Senators?

  22. evnow says:

    I remember you were swearing once not to write any more books (may be around when someone else wrote a book on AGW with exactly the same title you had used). Glad to see you didn’t take that seriously :-)

    I started getting to know more about AGW thanks to your book.

    If my experience is any indication, a lot of folk think whats the big deal with the sea raising a few inches (when the waves themselfs are so big) or a couple of degrees warmer when the daily variation is so much. MSM has done a poor job of explaining the real problems of AGW.

  23. evnow says:

    Forgot to add.

    Can you add a Twitter link to your posts ? I find it difficult to twitter your headlines / posts – since the blog software doesn’t let one easily highlight and copy the needed sentence.

  24. Bud Smith says:

    ***I just pre-ordered _Straight Up_. Have you?***

    “Half of life is showing up” – Woody Allen

    For all of us who read Joe, this is our chance to “show up”. As an author myself, I can tell you just what will do the most good:

    1. Pre-order the book now, with fast shipping – and order additional copies as gifts to give right away and throughout the year, including stocking-stuffers for all your friends for the holidays later in the year. Then come back to reading this. Early Money Is Like Yeast – doing this will directly affect the book’s success and Joe’s ability to keep going and to be heard. No excuses (well, one, if you’re caught up in the credit crunch/recession).

    2. Post a comment here that you have pre-ordered the book “pour encourager les autres”.

    3. Encourage those of your friends who might be interested to pre-order the book to help support it.

    4. When you get the book, read it as quickly as you reasonably can. (Which I expect to be easy and fun to do.)

    5. Having read the book, share your excitement; recommend it urgently to everyone you know who will benefit.

    6. Quickly post a review on Amazon. Keep it short and simple. Emphasize the one or two things you personally like most about the book. Be direct and accessible. (Just like someone you know?)

    7. Post longer comments, niggles, and suggestions for future work here, or send them directly to Joe. He does respond where possible, as I and many others can attest.

    Bonus points: Repeat 1-7 above for any e-readers you have or are about to get. (My iPad shows up Saturday.)

    That’s it!

    Joe, I look forward to the book.

    [JR: Wow! Thanks for the big push and great suggestions!]

  25. ken levenson says:

    Publicity suggestions (although you probably know all these!)
    1. Brian Lehrer
    2. Leonard Lopate
    3. Fresh Air – tough of tough ones….
    4. Send an OpEd to NY Times around a “breaking” AGW news event – climate bill etc… – referencing book. The editorial editors will take unsolicited hard hitting pieces if news worthy etc… Team with a BIG scientist and make it as authoritative as possible (they gush over godlike.)
    5. NYTimes book review…not sure how that gets done….
    6. Are you scheduling readings around the country? When in NYC?
    7. Pitch to morning news shows producers – Today, GMA etc… preferably tied to news event…
    8. Joe, you’d actually make a good “personality segment” on 60 minutes…. (i think my wife knows some producers there, should i ask?)
    9. Pitch it to producers at FoxNews shows… – lions den all the way – throw furniture!

    for what’s worth….

  26. Wit's End says:

    Great idea to leave reviews on Amazon, something we all can easily do, thanks Bud Smith!

    Maybe between the deluge in the Northeast and this article floating around in various guises, people will start paying more attention:

    Since the economic slowdown was supposed to be reflected in a lowering not increasing level of emissions maybe this is indicative of sinks no longer functional – oceans being saturated and/or forests emitting not absorbing…

  27. Dennis says:

    I pre-ordered the book, looking forward to reading it.
    “Hell and High Water” got me informed and active on this subject.
    Good luck!