Cartoon roundup on drilling announcement

Let’s start with Toles [send me links to any others you see]:

Tom Toles

And here’s Mike Thompson:

And here’s Chappatte:


17 Responses to Cartoon roundup on drilling announcement

  1. Rockfish says:

    Just like the Dems – pre-surrendering.
    So, with nukes and offshore drilling now off the table as negotiating points, both having been pre-surrendered, how exactly do we get a price on carbon again?
    Joe, we need serious dose of your optimism about now!

  2. Dallas says:

    *sigh* It doesn’t matter. Very little oil will ever be pumped from those shores. It’s not like we have massive fleets of drilling rigs just sitting around our ports, or that we have armies of highly trained Marine Oil men just twiddling their thumbs waiting for such an announcement. It’ll take at least 10-15 years to even start drilling out there.

    And by 2020 we’ll have long kicked our oil addiction anyway. Because if we don’t kick it by then, there won’t be much wealth in America left to sell oil to.

  3. lizardo says:

    Third cartoon (Chapatte) didn’t post.

    [JR: Weird. Fixed (I hope).]

  4. James Newberry says:

    Your choices in a corporate state (government) are the four Whack-A-Moles of resource extraction: Petroleum Oil, Petroleum Gas (mined methane), Coal or Uranium. Its very simple. One percent for “clean, renewable, safe” and 99% for direct, indirect and externalized (i.e. cooked books) subsidies and associated supporting policy for “dirty.”

    The federal government has become so dirty I can’t see my country anymore. If our eyes could see carbon dioxide we would perceive an age of darkness.

    I have it, let’s power the country with atomic economic bombs to save ourselves from the ravages of carbonic acid contamination. Case closed, over and (really) out (of it).

  5. Mark Shapiro says:

    For those of us who desire climate progress: please waste no more than 35 seconds on US offshore drilling issues. The task is to slow, then stop, burning all fossil fuels. Globally.

    We have to build “wedges” — the solutions.

    Let’s keep our eyes on the prize: an efficient, clean, safe, zero-carbon energy economy.

  6. john atcheson says:

    Preemptive capitulation — yep, that’s us!

    Why fight for what we believe in when we can give it away in exchange for non-existent bi-partisan support?

  7. Bob Wallace says:

    Preemptive capitulation. Pre-surrendering. Yep to both.

    Just like the giveaways to the pharmaceutical and health insurance industries.

    Of course that resulted in the most important improvement in heath care for Americans since Medicare….

  8. Leif says:

    To fight or not? Recall what Mahatma Gandhi accomplished in India with passive resistance against the British Empire. Agreed, the British Empire was small potatoes compared to Capitalism and Corporate greed but on the other hand we all are not a bunch of untouchables… We can do it!

    Fist, nay, palms held high,

    Gray Panther

  9. Wit's End says:

    Not a cartoon but a comic montage on HuffPo, ending with a reference to the “magical negotiating fairy!”

    No question in my mind – Obama is going to let the drill baby drill crown hoist themselves by their own petard.

  10. Fred Heutte says:

    Best one so far is Jack Ohman’s from my local paper (the Oregonian).

  11. Chris Dudley says:

    I recall that the offshore resources were supposed to be set aside for future generations. Now, with warming, we are stealing from them twice.

  12. john atcheson says:


    The question for both health care and climate change isn’t what we end[ed] up with — it’s what we needed and what we COULD have gotten, and what we could get.

    In health care we needed more than Mitt Romney’s warmed over gift to the insurance industry (for example more customers, government subsidies to assure they’re paid etc) and in climate change we need to invest everything we’ve got to get off hydrocarbons, both in terms of policy and funds.

    If this is some political ploy to outflank Republicans, we are hurting ourselves more than them.

    Climate change is now a race between physics and time — we are being too clever by a half if we think we have the luxury of political gamesmanship.

    Some things are sufficiently important that they demand leadership, not legerdemain.

  13. Mark Shapiro says:

    To Bob Wallace: thank you — as usual.

    To all disappointed folks: our President is fighting a 24/7/365 headwind from Murdoch/Limbaugh/Republicans/Exxon/KochBrothers/Drudge/Sludge/etc.

    Fight the headwind.

  14. Bob Wallace says:

    “The question for both health care and climate change isn’t what we end[ed] up with — it’s what we needed and what we COULD have gotten, and what we could get.”

    Exactly, John.

    With health care we, IMHO, got all we COULD have gotten at this point in time. And, personally, I’m damned happy that we got as much as we did.

    Remember, it’s taken 100 years to take this first step. When Clinton tried to take a bigger step the effort failed. The only important issue I see left with health care is premium cost. We can deal with that down the road.

    Now, if we can get the equation tweaked so that the scales tip further in favor of renewable energy I think we’ll be doing pretty good. We’re seeing wind, solar, and geothermal installations and pretty much an end of new coal plant construction. Let’s either add a price to carbon or increase the renewable subsidy to speed the transition.

    Industry is hungry for something to do. If we make it worth their while to build renewable generation faster they’ll put pedal to metal. And get the country back to work.

    As for being “too clever by a half if we think we have the luxury of political gamesmanship”, I can’t see any option to playing the political game unless you are willing to accept a dictatorship….

  15. substanti8 says:

    Jessica Yellin (reporter for CNN) calls it pragmatic “principled post-partisanship”.

    Pass the platitudinous punditry, Pollyanna!

    Meanwhile, James Newberry (#4) wrote, “If our eyes could see carbon dioxide …”

    Don’t miss this excellent visual demonstration of the greenhouse effect.

  16. Laurie Dougherty says:

    Obama’s Oil Change

    Dan Wasserman in the Boston Globe

  17. Leland Palmer says:

    Heavy sigh- it doesn’t matter.

    The way things are going, we’ll burn a hopefully decreasing amount of oil from now on.

    It’s impact is approximately the same whether it’s pumped out of the Middle East or here at home.

    Fine, whatever.

    Consider the morality, however, of Republicans and their super rich patrons that would gamble on the destruction of hundreds of millions of years worth of evolutionary diversity, and the future of the human race.

    All of it unnecessary, and easily avoidable, considering our technology.

    Ponder that, and remember.

    Know thy enemy.