McCain: “I Never Considered Myself A Maverick”

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who’s trying to fight off a primary challenger who claims McCain is too moderate, has in an interview with Newsweek gone back on his most famous nickname.

“I never considered myself a maverick,” McCain said.

TPM has the video compilation that gives the lie to the Mother of all flip-flops:

Well, if he’s not a maverick, that apparently means that he now does work for a party and he now does work for special interests.

Of such things are an unlivable climate made.

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10 Responses to McCain: “I Never Considered Myself A Maverick”

  1. catman306 says:

    A maverick is a horse. He’s still smart enough to know he’s a human, not a horse, and he’s not going to fool anybody.

  2. joe1347 says:

    Maybe it’s about time that McCain should quit being what he is in the Senate (maverick?) and start working to bring clean energy jobs to Arizona. Why are the few new solar jobs going to ‘sunny’ Michigan and almost zero solar jobs going to McCain’s ‘cloudy’ state of Arizona?

    Given Arizona’s perfect location for generating solar energy, shouldn’t McCain be creating ten’s of thousands of solar energy jobs in Arizona instead of throwing fits on the Senate floor?

  3. mike roddy says:

    McCain reminds me of what George Carlin said about Reagan:

    “When they announced he had Alzeimer’s, how could they tell?”.

  4. sailrick says:

    McCain is not a maverick, he’s the Mav-Erratic.
    It would take at least 150 nuclear power plants of average size, to match the potential for solar thermal power plants in Arizona.

  5. Richard Brenne says:

    McCain’s mentor Mo Udall wrote a book (actually his son Randy ghost-wrote it) about himself titled “Too Funny to be President.”

    McCain’s should be titled “Too Loopy, Bizarre, Needlessly Combative and Unprincipled to be President or a Senator Any Longer.”

    Actually when I had Randy Udall on a panel at his ASPO with the wonderful and hilarious Jim Kunstler who said we should call the Republicans “The Party That Wrecked America” Randy (this was a month before the 2008 election) threw a bone to his Republican donors and said, “John McCain is a war hero. He spent over four years in a box.”

    “Which would be relevant if he were kept in a box in the White House for four years” is what I shouldn’t have said but of course did.

    McCain’s “Straight Talk Express” bus is now the “Straight Off a Cliff Express.”

    And just to dot a couple of i’s, the Mother of all flip-flops was probably some kind of sandal and I thought a war hero accomplished a difficult objective.

  6. Lars Karlsson says:

    1 “A maverick is a horse” Or a cow or a bull…

  7. Dennis says:

    Only a true maverick says he’s not a maverick. I bet he’s not the Messiah, too.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The man has no pride. He’ll say and do anything to satisfy his ego.

  9. catman306 says:

    Lars, thanks for the clarification: We watched ‘The Misfits” a couple of weeks ago so I was thinking of horses.

    S: (n) maverick (an unbranded range animal (especially a stray calf); belongs to the first person who puts a brand on it) (from wordnetweb.princeton)


  10. mike roddy says:

    McCain won something in 2006, when he topped the Buffalo Beast list of 50 Most Loathsome Americans. Excerpts:

    “The most consistently mischaracterized politician in America.”

    “McCain has so successfully snowed America that he could go around kicking puppies and be hailed for his authenticity. In reality, McCain is as phony as slimeballs come, having changed positions on Roe v. Wade, Bush’s tax cuts, the gay marriage amendment, and Jerry Falwell in the last year alone.”

    “Keeps changing the number of additional troops he thinks should be sent to Iraq, in hopes of extending the war beyond the next presidential election so his decorated veteran status will still be relevant.”

    Thanks to my sometime cowriter, Ian Murphy.

    Richard, I’m finally getting to meet Kunstler in Seattle next month. He’s one of my heroes, too.