Gov. Daniels: Climate science is “dubious”; even “extreme measures” wont address global warming

Conservatives keep compiling a collection of videos that future generations will ponder with combination of anger and bewilderment.  Here’s the lastest, courtesy of Think Progress.

Last year, Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-IN) attacked the House’s climate change bill saying that “it looks like imperialism” because of the cap-and-trade provisions in the bill. However, Daniels refrained from addressing climate change science, saying that it is “being addressed by others.”

But yesterday on C-Span, Daniels weighed in on the science and it appears that he comes down on the side of the global warming deniers:

DANIELS: In terms of climate change, I think that everyone would be well advised to take a substantial time out. There’s been nothing but dubious news about the science of all this now for about a year, including apparent scientific wrongdoing. Meanwhile, we’re left with a situation where even if the zealots had their way, and the most extreme measures were taken, by their own computer models, we don’t move the world thermometer at all.

In referring to “apparent scientific wrongdoing,” Daniels is presumably referring the the so-called “Climate-Gate” non-scandal in which scientists at the University of East Angila’s Climatic Research Unit in the UK were accused by conspiracy theorists of tampering with data in order to exaggerate the threat of global warming.

However, just last week, the House of Commons’ Science and Technology Committee cleared the scientists of any “wrongdoing,” concluding that “the scientific reputation of [the scientists] and CRU remains intact.” The committee said that there is no evidence that data presented by the CRU challenges the scientific consensus that “global warming is happening and that it is induced by human activity.”

Moreover, it’s unclear whose “computer models” Daniels is referring to when he claims “extreme measures” won’t reduce global warming. The Met Office Hadley Centre, the UK’s “foremost climate change research centre,” found that taking “rapid” action to reduce greenhouse gases in 2010 could prevent average world temperatures from increasing by up to 4.3 degrees Celsius.

The International Panel on Climate Change has concluded that global warming and climate change are real and that it is man made. In fact, a panel of eminent U.S. and European scientists recently “confirmed the widespread scientific consensus that the Earth’s climate is warming due to human activities.”

6 Responses to Gov. Daniels: Climate science is “dubious”; even “extreme measures” wont address global warming

  1. Berbalang says:

    And I thought I couldn’t loath Daniels any more than I did. I guess I was wrong.

  2. mike roddy says:

    Reminds me of something really scary: Plenty of our leaders, including former VP Cheney, rely on Fox News. It’s not that Daniels is cuddling up to the oil companies. He’s too ignorant to even know where or how to get key information.

  3. Berbalang says:

    Considering the amount of flooding and other extreme weather events we’ve had in recent years, I would have thought that Daniels would get a clue. After all, he is Governor.

  4. Richard Brenne says:

    Evidently Mitch got some bad Jack Daniels.

    I suggest we create an archive of just such clips so future generations will know who to blame for their fate.

  5. Richard Brenne says:

    The vast majority of politicians making the most idiotic statements like these are from fossil fuel producing (Inhofe from Oklahoma which is 5th in oil, 3rd in natural gas, etc) and consuming states.

    Indiana is 11th in coal production but among only four states that generates over 10 TWh of electricity from coal, with the most coal consumed per capita of the four.

    They also have four of the eight dirtiest coal plants (including numbers 1, 3, 6, 8 and 12 from three different utilities) in the U.S. for SO2 emissions per KWh.

    So Charlie, Mitch or Jack Daniels, whatever, is a menace to every community downwind with his state-leading (per KWh) acid rain, and a menace to all humanity with climate change.

    California is the 4th leading state for producing oil and Colorado is 6th in natural gas and just ahead of Indiana for coal production, yet their governors are remarkably progressive about climate change by comparison.

    In addition to the archive for all posterity with comments that are as big of crimes against humanity as any non-violent statements can be, we need to get money to their political opponents come election time from around the country, as well as working with their opponents in-state.

    These dinosaurs deserve nothing but the dinosaurs’ fate politically, before they lead humanity to that same end.

  6. Sean Thomes says:

    Mr. Daniels also claims that Butler won its basketball game on Monday night too. Not sure he has a terribly firm grasp on reality.