Irony-gate 2: Modern day Tea Partiers outsource denial to Lord Monckton — a British peer!

No, really you can’t make this stuff up — unless you are an anti-science disinformer like Monckton.  Straight from “FreedomWorks” Tabitha Hale:

As you have probably surmised, there will be a large round of Tea Parties coming up on April 15th. There will be large names, even larger crowds — and honestly, organizers would be unable to stop people from coming if they wanted to at this point. I will be speaking in Atlanta, and the FreedomWorks event in DC has a fantastic line-up including Lord Monckton, Andrew Breitbart, and Ron Paul.

twit3.gifThat’s right.  The original Tea Party was aimed at freeing us from the rule and influence of the British monarachy.  But the Tea Partiers — who are unburdened by both irony and historical knowledge — have asked a British peer, The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (TVMOB), to speak at two Tax Day Tea Parties!

[Please note that the picture on the right is not TVMOB nor do I think he would ever participate in this.]

For the record, of all the disinformers in the world, TVMOB is one of the most grotesque liars.  Rather than being given a platform, he should be widely condemned for his extremist hate speech:

TVMOB’s hate speech is, of course, supported by the AFP aka the Koch Brothers!

Since Tea Partiers don’t want to be taken seriously, how about coming up with some humor:

  1. The Tea Party movement has outsourced the job of denying climate science to a foreigner!
  2. No disinformation without representation!
  3. Your joke here!

19 Responses to Irony-gate 2: Modern day Tea Partiers outsource denial to Lord Monckton — a British peer!

  1. sasparilla says:

    Its just sad…

  2. Stuart says:

    He’s a peer, therefore he can peer-review science.

  3. Bob W says:

    Maybe the manor house needs a 2 acre slate roof. And there is the servant payroll and the Bentley needs some work. No one wants to be the guy who lost the family estate. TVMOB is taking Fox’s money and laughing all the way to Barclay’s or RBS. Naive colonials!

  4. DavidCOG says:

    > 3. Your joke here!

    “No socialism! If that’s alright with you, m’ lord?”


    Bob W:

    > No one wants to be the guy who lost the family estate.

    TVMOB already did. :) We probably shouldn’t smile at his misfortune. :D

  5. cbp says:

    The Tea Partiers is honored to present a Nobel Peace Prize winning member of the House of Lords, former Thatcher science advisor, inventor of the world’s most difficult crossword, the cure for AIDS, the cure for malaria, and a man who with one mathematical formula has unraveled 150 years of climate science whilst simultaneously solving all seven Millenium Prize Problems – Sir Doctor Lord Professor Monckton.

  6. mike roddy says:

    As I’ve said previously, His Lordship is a walking warning of the dangers of Royal inbreeding. Smirking fantasies and odd anger flashes are part of the package.

    Let’s not underestimate him as a liar or a debater, though. He actually did well in the UTube debate with Tim Lambert- not because he “won”, but because the audience had no way of knowing that practically everything he said was a lie. Since Monckton is a sociopath, lies roll off his tongue as if they are pearls of wisdom, and, as with many criminal characters, charm and the gift of gab come easily to him.

    The happiest I’ve ever seen him was during his speech at Blankenship’s leveled mountaintop jamboree. Seeing destroyed wilderness all around made his blood race with joy.

  7. paulm says:

    Cant someone sue the peer?

  8. Doug Bostrom says:

    Rejectionistas usually speak of Monckton on bended knee, doffing their caps and knuckling their foreheads. Some kind of queer atavistic response to the peerage.

    Of course Monckton’s title is of the recently minted variety, having been conferred on his grandpa in 1957 for his assiduous work as a sort of political Swiss army knife. We’re not talking about a classic case of inbreeding here so it’s hard to say exactly what’s wrong up there in the old brainbox.

  9. I’d hate to say it, but does irony simply go over their heads? Still, Monckton sepaking hints at the convergence of many of these neo-conservative movements in their outright rejection of science. Not any science, all science.

  10. substanti8 says:

    The Laws of Thermodumbantics:

    1.  For every brilliant insight or action, there is an equal an opposite reaction.

    2.  Irony abhors an intellectual vacuum.

    (Sorry about the mixed metaphor; it’s the best I could imagine at the moment.)

  11. SWTenner says:

    In real life, Brenchly is the sudoku Editor of The Daily Telegraph and president of the Marleyborne cricket club

    But despite these high offices, his views on climate change are not HM & The Prince of Wales cup of tea.

    If Romm wants to bait the noble lord, he might harrow Harrow’s files to see how the great climatology amateur fared in his third form science tests, but meanwhile, fie on tailgunner Joe for lese majeste.

  12. gough says:

    His Lordship bears a striking resemblance to his ancestor Robert Monckton, who came to North America in the 1750’s, and payed a key role in one of the great crimes of history, the expulsion of the Acadians. (Compare their faces on Wikipedia!) Will America never be rid of these troublesome Viscounts?

  13. climateprogressive says:

    Re #12: the reality is here:

    This would be equally funny if it were not so serious!

  14. Anne says:

    As an official member of the Coffee Party — — I’d have to say tea is for crumpets like Monckton. Are we certain that he’s not a plant, a double-agent? He makes such a mockery of the disinformers by joining their ranks that he scores points for real science. One clever way to neutralize any sort of real impact he may have would be to clone him, to have a whole bunch of regular guys-turn-actors dress and talk like Monty Python twits and imitate his style. Art imitating life imitating art, or something like that. Climate twits like so many Barnum and Bailey clowns would circle around on tricycles repeating the lies spewed by Monckton at every gathering related to climate change, it could become a whole movement. I mean, this is a new project for the Yes Men, or their ilk.

  15. Berbalang says:

    Does anybody else find it funny that the Teabaggers are holding Liberty Balls?

    On Jesse Ventura’s program “Conspiracy Theory”, he investigates who is really behind Global Warming conspiracy, starting by talking to Monckton. Jesse follows a trail of referals about the conspiracy until he finds that it is really the work of the Rothschilds. This leads to the conclusion that Monckton believes that Global Warming is a hoax perpetrated by the Illuminati in Order to impose a One World Government. This really should be mentioned more often.

  16. Bob W wrote:

    ‘No one wants to be the guy who lost the family estate.’

    to which DavidCOG replied:

    ‘TVMOB already did. We probably shouldn’t smile at his misfortune.’

    Following that link I found another suggestion for an alternative name for Climatgate, how poetic:

    ‘Christopher Monckton was forced to put the Palace and Estate of Crimongate…’

  17. mike roddy says:

    Why would anyone feel sorry for Monckton for blowing the family castle?

    I hope he ends up with a tin cup in Hyde Park, babbling away atop a cardboard box.

  18. Russ H says:

    #14 To anne

    “Are we certain that he’s not a plant, a double-agent? He makes such a mockery of the disinformers by joining their ranks that he scores points for real science.”

    Not so daft as it first appears because Monkton was a policy adviser to Margaret Thatcher who really understood the AGW problem because she holds a chemistry degree.