Climate Progress wins TreeHuggers “Best Politics Website”


… essential reading for anyone following the politics of the green movement these days….  this is the art of blogging at its best.

Thanks to everyone who voted for CP for TreeHugger’s Best of Green Awards.

Here’s TreeHugger’s full award description of this blog:

The content Joe Romm and crew pump out on Climate Progress is unrelenting in its pursuit of exposing the disinformation on the part of climate change deniers and is essential reading for anyone following the politics of the green movement these days. Though their philosophy is one of incrementalism, they’re insider-y, and we don’t always agree with their analysis, when it comes right down to it, these guys rise to the call of duty, and the green blogosphere would be lacking without them. From detailing the political history of the Koch family and their legacy of anti-environmental obstruction or breaking down the errors in climate change reporting, this is the art of blogging at its best.

“Incrementalism”?!  Ahh, if only there were 60 Senators who thought the policies advocated here were merely incremental….

For the record, my philosophy is that we need a WWII-style and WWII-scale effort to avoid catastrophic global warming, but the US political system ain’t there yet, which poses a challenge for all bloggers on the subject.  I appreciate the recognition even more when it comes from those who don’t always agree with my analysis.

So thank you, TreeHugger!  And kudos to fellow winners, including

30 Responses to Climate Progress wins TreeHuggers “Best Politics Website”

  1. Tammy Skillings says:

    20 people jamming the vote several times a day did the trick.

  2. Eddie says:

    Congrats! I have never left a comment, but I certainly appreciate the information you put out. I use it like one would use RAID on roaches: I spray the information found herein on neocons and the denialists!


  3. MapleLeaf says:

    Wow, my humble vote actually made a difference ? :)

    Congrats Dr. Romm!

  4. Ivy Bear says:

    Well deserved.

  5. Congratulations, Joe: thoroughly deserved. Keep up the fight!

  6. Sumner says:

    Gogogo, great work!

  7. PurpleOzone says:

    aw, sweet, congratulations, it almost wipes out the taste of the coffee house conversation, uh, monologue, I overheard involuntarily.

    The man introduced himself to a fellow who showed up to meet him there, the second fellow to do so, so maybe they were job applicants. Then the man began giving a long history from a right-wing viewpoint. I was working, and didn’t start getting distracted until he started talking about gas lines and rationing in “1981” [sic] and how Reagan went for energy independence.

    Then he explained ‘global warming’ is natural, normal variations, cycles, nothing to worry about, etc. And look at the ozone hole, we never hear about that any more, after all the fuss that was made about it, it just blew over, blah, blah, blah.

    The other man said little. If he was a job applicant he could hardly, could he?

    I considered explaining that the good news about the ozone hole was that we “fixed it” but thought better off it. It wouldn’t have helped the job applicant, who was probably toast anyway. And I wouldn’t have wasted my words, which I may be using up anyway.

    Still, it’s discouraging to hear how differing the views of reality there are out there.

  8. David K says:


  9. mark says:

    “this is the art of blogging at its best.”

    Yes, This blog is up there at the top, with Juan Cole, Jeffrey Lewis, (The Arms control Wonk) and Jane Hamsher (Firedog Lake.

    And I appreciate what you are doing very much.

  10. Mark Shapiro says:

    Congratulations — and thank you!

    As for the “incrementalism” charge? Incrementalism is realism. You nailed it here:

    ““Incrementalism”?! Ahh, if only there were 60 Senators who thought the policies advocated here were merely incremental….”

    Don’t worry, we can’t decarbonize too fast.

  11. Jeff Huggins says:

    Bravo and Congrats!

  12. LucAstro says:

    Congratulations! I visit CP site more than once a day.

    A suggestion and a little gift. Why not adding a little icone (called favicon) to your web page. These are stored in the bookmarks of thos who visit your site.
    All you have to do is to add the little HTML snippet below between the … tags of the page. This particular favicon will simply show CP in upper case and blue tint. The whole image file is already included in the code:

  13. LucAstro says:

    OK it does not work because the code was embedded. I would need to send it bye email or simply go to and type CP in the Search window, in the top left panel. Then select the favicon you prefer.

  14. climateprogressive says:

    That’s good news indeed! You guys deserve it for the first-rate news service that you provide. Big thumbs-up from me!

  15. fj2 says:

    Congrats! An amazing job!

  16. Ominous Clouds Overhead says:

    Thank you for this blog, it’s like a fresh breeze on a very hot day. Congrats!

  17. mike roddy says:

    I now feel enabled in my CP addiction, and will come back for more.

    Let’s hope that readership explodes, as it needs to.

  18. David B. Benson says:

    Yes, highly deserved.

  19. Leif says:

    Just informed that Amazon shipped “Straight Up.” Should have it tomorrow.

    Good on you Joe. Also thumbs up for all the dedicated commentators that add much spice to the main course.

  20. john atcheson says:

    Congratulations and well-deserved!

  21. Michael T says:

    This site is fantastic, and a well-deserved award. I’m glad CP won. :)

    Joe, keep up the great work!

  22. Russ H says:

    Well done, I have a look at your blog on most days and find it most informative.

  23. Mike #22 says:

    A bright fire in the wildness–keep it up crew.

    (from somewhere in purgatory)

    Mike, of at least 22

  24. Wit's End says:

    Congratulations JR!!

    Your Romm’Legions and all fans respect and admire you.

    Will you join us on Earth Day in DC, to ask our POTUS to lead the world in the necessary transition to clean energy?

    Hoping to see you there, feet on the ground!

  25. Shelly says:

    I voted for you and I don’t agree with you some of the time either. Mainly I voted for you because you seem to post everything and all day long. You are tireless when many of the rest of us have given up, (or nearly given up). Unfortunately, some of the policies you approve of like cap and trade won’t accomplish anything and might actually do more harm than good. I think you need to be a lot more critical of the Obama administration’s work on climate change, or lack of it. Forget political “reality” and be brave. But you do a lot of great work and are unrelenting on the deniers.

  26. PSU Grad says:

    Congratulations!! This web site has allowed be to become far better informed about the situation, and has given me the details I need to spread the word.

    There’s a VP at a Fortune 500 company who now talks with me frequently about climate change. Part of what’s lent some credibility to my explanations is that I don’t overdo it. He’ll ask if this, that or the other will happen, or if something is now happening due to global warming. And I respond that not everything can be directly attributed to warming, sometimes things just happen. And in some cases we simply don’t know why things are happening, it needs more research.

    That makes the stuff I absolutely know (each decade warmer than the last since the 70s, CO2 levels continuing their rapid ascent, etc.), that much more credible.

    He also noted that the weather has gotten just plain “weird”. Again, I moderated it a bit by saying some of what’s happening now is the semi-annual battle between winter and summer, and we know the winner of this round in advance. But 90F in early April? Week after week of above normal temperatures? It’s getting some to notice.

    One person at a time.

  27. Chris Dudley says:

    Voting early and often…. This is a good success. Now, to light a fire under the administration. Do you realize that if the president does not shut down coal mines with poor safety records right now, he will very likely have the worst record of any president for an annual percentage increase in coal mining deaths? The worst. We need to turn him around from his coal and oil loving ways and get some action now.

    He seems completely clueless right now, he says of mining: “It is a profession that’s not without risks and danger, and the workers and their families know this, but the government and their employer know that they owe it to these employees’ families to do everything possible to ensure their safety.”

    Wrong. There are unsafe mines and safe mines and he just does not bother to shut down the unsafe ones.

  28. K. Nockels says:

    Well Done Joe!!

  29. Leif says:

    Chris Dudley, #25: Because President Obama inherited eight years of regulation unraveling by the Shrub and all, it is obvious that the worst of mine accidence are yet to happen. New safer infrastructure cannot be put in place in a heart beat. New inspectors need training. Corrupt need to be spotlighted and purged. Courts need money and assistance. Logistics in the coal/power stream need to be compensated. Often difficult as I am sure that many of the big mines deal with a single power plant. Shut down one mine and you turn off the power to a large segment of the population. A very unpopular move and sure to raise hackles even if a few die from inaction. It is a nasty conundrum.

  30. Chris Dudley says:


    I don’t think you understand how the transmission grid works. It is not one power plant serving a limited area. But, if there are utilities that deal only with corrupt mines, they need to be controlled as well.

    After a year, blaming the previous administration for the actions of the current administration seems a little lame. The Obama administration isn’t even bothering to train the inspectors it already has. That is just slacking. Sadly, since the campaign accepted so much coal money, and the administration seems to be able to get other things done but not this, the picture is not a pretty one.