Virginia AG mocks dangers of CO2, telling Tea Partiers to hold their breath and make the EPA happy.

On Saturday, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli attended the Powhatan Taxpayers’ Alliance Tea Party rally to address his beloved base.  Think Progress has the details of his anti-science pandering:

Cuccinelli reportedly greeted the crowd by saying that it was “great to be with so many people who appreciate the Constitution” and then talked about his challenge to the Environmental Protection Agency’s conclusion that greenhouse gases should be regulated under the Clean Air Act. In particular, the crowd loved when he made fun of the EPA and joked that they could hold their breath for a few seconds and make the EPA “happy”:

“The Attorney General’s office is a very reactive office. We wouldn’t be suing the EPA if the EPA did not abandon all semblance of science and law to put out its endangerment finding on the CO2. Now, let’s make them all happy just for a moment and everybody just hold your breath,” Cuccinelli waited several seconds before saying “There you go, just a short period of time with no CO2. Now the trees are going protest but at least the EPA will be happy”.

Cuccinelli is a full-on global warming disinfomer, saying that climate change is “unverifiable and doctored” science. However, environmental and energy groups in Virginia are increasingly pushing back on Cuccinelli’s attempts to dismantle regulations.

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11 Responses to Virginia AG mocks dangers of CO2, telling Tea Partiers to hold their breath and make the EPA happy.

  1. Wit's End says:

    I’ve got news for Ken Cuccinelli. I just spent the weekend in Virginia and guess what – the trees aren’t happy. In fact, they are rapidly dying from exposure to toxic greenhouse gases from fuel emissions.

    Walk around any backyard or park or street in Virginia and try to find a tree that doesn’t show symptoms of decline – cracking, peeling bark; breaking branches; stunted leaves; thin crowns; yellowing needles’ infections from disease, fungus and insects. You won’t find a single healthy specimen and you will find plenty of dead trees.

    Find some undisturbed woods and count how many trees are lying on the ground or standing dead and compare that to trees that still show any signs of life.

    It’s scary.

  2. David Smith says:

    Selective Science Disease – A psychological disorder involving the mixing of peer reviewed scientific work product with fantasy for personal, political or financial gain, usually occurring when actual science conflicts too greatly with the patients world view or belief systems. This behavior often results in great risk to the patient and others not directly in contact with the patient.

  3. mike roddy says:

    There has always been a big segment of our society that lives in the ozone. I don’t know if they are growing or shrinking, but if they ever really seize control, watch out.

  4. john atcheson says:

    This makes my head explode. Such concentrated ignorance in the 21st Century is unbelievable.

  5. catman306 says:

    Climate change denial aside, Ken Cuccinelli probably had a good idea when he told his Tea Bag Party rally to hold their breath. Just keep holding. Don’t ever stop holding. Polluted air isn’t a problem for those who hold their breath.

  6. Dana says:

    Cuccinelli and governor McDonnell are embarrassments to the state of Virginia. Just a couple of global warming denying homophobic idiots holding major state offices. It must be an embarrassing time to be a Virginian.

  7. JeffW says:

    Dana, I am a native Virginian (and current resident) and I for one am truly embarrassed. It still baffles me how a state that went for Obama and has two Democratic senators could have possibly elected those two ridiculous nitwits. At the end of 2008 I was really hopeful that our state was starting to turn the corner with respect to gaining some enlightenment and common sense. Guess I was wrong.

  8. Wit's End says:

    Somebody forgot to tell this glacier that global warming is a hoax:

  9. Doug Bostrom says:

    Talk about target fixation. Here for the sake of a single election Cuccinelli is going to leave a smoking hole in the ground where his reputation used to be. What happens with the next election? Once you’ve augured your hyperbole irretrievably deep into the earth there’s really not much left to work with down the road.

    I suppose eventually these folks will come to understand that the public’s memory has been vastly augmented in the past twenty years. No matter how small the crowd in view, the actual audience now and forever is much larger and includes all opponents.

  10. Bob Wallace says:

    Good point Doug. All that baggery is nicely stored on servers all around the world.

    Future election cycles, when the deniers are down to the loony 2%, this stuff is going to be available for their opponents to use against them.

    And it’s going to burn.

  11. Rick Covert says:

    Oh, thank God for Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli! Now that Virginia’s the butt of all the GW denier jokes it will take the attention off of Texas and the embarrasing acts by the Texas Education Board’s decisions to dumb down anthropogenic global warming, evolution and introduce “intelligent design.”