Earth Day Recommendations for President Obama

Our guest bloggers are Daniel J. Weiss and Kari Manlove, members of the Center for American Progress Energy Opportunity team.

President Obama has seized the clean energy opportunity by adopting many policies to boost investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy. He is also working with the Senate to pass legislation that would reduce foreign oil use, and limit carbon pollution and establishes a price on this waste. This price signal would drive even more investments toward clean energy technologies and services.

President Obama has rightly challenged Americans to take action together to protect our air, water and planet for future generations on the occasion the 40th Earth Day, April 22, 2010. He too can celebrate Earth Day and build on his record of success by taking additional executive actions to fight the threat of global warming pollution, reduce oil use, increase security, save the government money, provide incentives and assistance to manufacturers and other businesses who want to create clean energy jobs, and otherwise speed the transition to a clean energy economy. This would be a fitting way to honor the first Earth Day, and it would speed the clean energy transformation in time for the 50th observance.

Below are some of the 38 executive actions recommended by CAP:

— Reduce oil use and increase national security by establishing new fuel efficiency standards for 2017-2021 vehicles, and by accelerating the use of natural gas, hybrid and electric vehicles

— Reclaim and retrofit foreclosed homes for efficiency

— Increase the Defense Department’s deployment of efficiency, renewable energy, and clean alternative fuels such as natural gas

— Reward energy efficiency at U.S. manufacturing facilities

— Use government procurement to create jobs and increase clean energy

— Use cloud computers by the federal government to save energy and money

— Create a “virtual” Clean Energy Deployment Administration to identify and encourage investors in new clean energy technologies

— Invest in clean energy jobs in rural areas

— Create clean energy jobs through trade expansion of clean technologies

— Direct the Small Business Administration to provide loans to small businesses with energy efficiency projects

— Direct the Federal Emergency Management Agency to assist community efforts to increase their resilience to global warming impacts

— Establish a national goal for building efficiency retrofits

— Add a clean energy program to YouthBuild U.S.A.

— Set a national recycling target to create jobs and save energy

— Achieve international pollution reductions

Greenhouse gas pollution is altering weather patterns across the globe. NASA reports that the past decade was the hottest on record, beating out the 1990s, which were hotter than the 1980s. Glaciers are melting away in Glacier National Park, Montana, and New Moore Island in the Indian Ocean, fought over by India and Pakistan, is no longer in dispute because it is underwater due to sea level rise.

Download the full memo.

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