Al Gore tweets and blogs “Straight Up”

Here is something you twitterers out there can retweet, from

Gore tweet

The Nobel prize-winner has posted a longer recommendation on his website:

An Important New Book

Joe Romm is one of the most important and influential voices fighting for an end to the climate crisis. His blog, Climate Progress, is a must read.

Romm just published an important new book, titled Straight Up: America’s Fiercest Climate Blogger Takes on the Status Quo Media, Politicians, and Clean Energy Solutions. In the book, Romm “cuts through the misinformation and presents the truth about humanity’s most dire threat. His analysis is based on sophisticated knowledge of renewable technologies, climate impacts, and government policy, written in a style everyone can understand.”

If you are interested in the fight to solve the climate crisis, I recommend you read this book.

Gore is an uber-busy uber-communicator, so this means a lot to me personally.  His recommendation helped drop Straight Up below 1,000 on Amazon this morning [under 700 on 4/20/10], which is the first time that’s happened for any of my books.

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17 Responses to Al Gore tweets and blogs “Straight Up”

  1. Stuart says:

    This was up on my Yahoo page as well (a link to HuffPost). I will have to get a copy myself, and not just because Al Gore likes it. Joe, if it’s as good as your blogging I know it will be great.

  2. SecularAnimist says:

    Joe wrote: “Gore is an uber-busy uber-communicator …”

    Congratulations on the publication of your new book.

    With all due respect to your generally superb writing style, I think you uber-overuse the “uber” prefix.

    [JR: Possibly.]

  3. Rick Covert says:

    Coming from the, unfairly maligned, Al Gore this is a triumph! I finished Joe’s book this last week for our interview on a show I am airing called Earth 3.0 which you can hear in the Houston metro area this Thursday at 9:30 AM Central time 10:30 AM Eastern, 8:30 AM Mountain and 7:30 AM Pacific on Pacifica KPFT 90.1 or off the web at

  4. RunawayRose says:

    About two-thirds of the way through the book myself, and I got a notice from Amazon that the other two copies I ordered are on their way.

    [JR: Thanks.]

  5. Robbert says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I would love to buy an autographed copy with a ticket to his lecture-book tour cause Joe [and Al] are, and have been, my kind of heroes. They point to mankind’s hope for a sustainable greener day in a world still bent on living in the age of plunder!

    Thank you Joe!

  6. * “His recommendation helped dropped … ”

    This sentence sounds a bit awkward.

    [JR: Darn you, voice dictation software!]

  7. Michael Tucker says:


    Thank you for the new book and thank you for this blog; the most important global warming blog anywhere!

  8. Fredo says:

    When will your book be available on iPad? I’m happy to support your ideas but would rather not buy dead trees…

  9. Dan B says:


    I’ve tried commenting on the post about Latino and African-American support. It’s an important post about which I have direct experience – my neighbors and my work with the local Van Jones’ / Green for All group. My posts and several others have been deleted – not sure why.

    Is “guest” deleting or not checking comments? Is it a filter glitch?

    This is a politically important, and rare, post that would benefit from more than one comment.


  10. Joe1347 says:

    Congratulations. Hopefully Al’s endorsement helps quite a bit with sales.

    Although I wonder if Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck panned your book – would that help even more? Maybe you should send them a few copies.

  11. Klaus Kaiser says:

    If you like to see how rapidly the Arctic sea ice is disappearing, see . For more information, see

  12. Steve Oregon says:

    How about a Gore-Romm ticket in 20012?

  13. substanti8 says:

    Klaus, I love irony, and your book is very interesting.

  14. Anne says:

    Oddly enough, I went to Amazon to check out the book and found another book with the exact same title, “Straight Up” — here’s the link — — coming out on May 4 (my bday in case anyone wants to send roses). The author is Deirdre Martin ( who it appears churns out cheap-n-steamy paperbacks by the dozen. The subtitle for this one is, “Ireland is a good place to get lucky” and has a little clover dotting the i in “Straight.” Gag me! Don’t suppose it’s enough for a copyright infringement :) but hey, it was your title first! While having this experience, I decided to punt at Amazon and buy the book at my favorite local DC ma-n-pa bookstore, Politics and Prose, to help keep local bookstores in biz. Amazon has done this wonderful industry no favors! I’m also gonna look for it on iPad — good suggestion #8 — and get a couple of extra copies to as gifts. Every day we vote with our dollars, and this is one more example of sending the right messages to the marketplace. Cool endorsement by Al Gore — that kind of notice is sweet!

  15. drt says:

    Joe, Congrats on your book. I’ve requested that my local library acquire a copy.

    We have so many looming and interrelated crises. I’d like to see you go on a real or virtual tour alongside folks, in no particular order, like Lester Brown, James Hansen, Paul Roberts (“The End of Food”), Bill McKibben, Michael Pollan, David M Walker (“Comeback America”, because we have to pay for this somehow), Krugman of NYT, Friedman of NYT, etc. etc..

  16. Leif says:

    Uber-cool and thank you for your continued efforts Joe.

    Two Palms Up,


  17. Will Greene says:

    Steve Oregon: Sounds more plausible than Palin-Beck. I would literally give away my family fortune to a Gore-Romm ticket. Fun to think about.

    First let’s concentrate on Al getting back into presidential politics, then we can work on Joe ;)