Earth Day Cartoons

MSNBC has posted a bunch of Earth Day cartoons by top cartoonists (here).  Lots of focus on global warming.  Here’s “The Quack and the Faker”:

That’s Pat Bagley of the Salt Lake Tribune.

Here’s Olle Johansson, a Swedish freelancer:

And here’s Steve Greenberg of LA:

2 Responses to Earth Day Cartoons

  1. Anna Haynes says:

    My favorite (but not in the above collection) is Chris Riddel’s (link)

  2. Walter Miale says:

    Re “The Quack and the Faker”

    Oh yes, those stupid Africans (not) whose continent is about to be INCINERATED (Desmond Tutu’s word), aren’t going for Obama’s extract-and-burn, cap and trade, and offset shenanigans.

    Joe, this cartoon is about the weirdest thing you ever published. (Whew)