As BPs oil disaster devastates gulf region, Landrieu and Boehner call for expanding oil drilling

While some in the “drill baby drill” crowd have been chastened by reality, others have not.  Think Progress has the story of those who still seem in denial of the unfolding disaster.

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As BP’s massive oil disaster in the Gulf continues to devastate the ecosystem and economy of the region, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) has a novel proposal: expanding oil drilling. Roll Call reports that, yesterday, Boehner said the “tragedy should remind us that America needs”¦[the] Republicans'” pro-drilling energy plan:

House Republican leaders are once again sounding the drumbeat for passage of their sidelined pro-drilling energy reform package, even as state and federal officials scramble to stem a massive Gulf oil spill.

“This tragedy should remind us that America needs a real, comprehensive energy plan, like Republicans’ ‘all-of-the-above’ strategy,” House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Monday in a statement.

The GOP proposal, which was first rolled out in the summer of 2008 and has made multiple appearances since then, would, among other things, open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil exploration and lift the moratoriums on drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf.

Meanwhile, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), “perhaps the oil industry’s best friend in the Democratic Party,” is using the tragedy to call for “accelerated” oil revenue sharing from the federal government and to demand that we “not”¦retreat” from further drilling:

Despite the threat to her state “” the second-largest U.S. seafood producer “” Landrieu has repeatedly called on colleagues not to “react with fear”¦not to retreat” from plans for more drilling, once the BP investigation is complete.

She has drawn parallels to the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant accident that contributed to freezing the development of new nuclear power plants for decades.

“Our country needs this oil, there is no question about that,” Landrieu said May 2 in an interview with WWL-TV in New Orleans. “We have to produce this oil at home unless we want to be completely reliant. We’ve got to investigate, fine, clean up and do the research necessary to make sure this will never happen again. We have to continue to go forward.”

Several dozen environmentalist groups, like the Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Greenpeace, wrote to senators this morning in opposition to expanding offshore drilling. “Expanding exploration and drilling into previously protected and remote areas is unacceptable when it is clear that we are not capable of responding to oil spills in a timely manner,” the groups write. MoveOn is launching an ad campaign calling on President Obama to reinstate the ban on new offshore drilling.

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93 Responses to As BPs oil disaster devastates gulf region, Landrieu and Boehner call for expanding oil drilling

  1. Lou Grinzo says:

    The signature move of the political right in the US: When reality slaps you down hard, double your bet and charge ahead anyway.

  2. archmunster says:

    Sarah Palin announces the Palin Plan to deal with the growing crisis in the gulf on an interview with Larry King:

  3. Joenobody says:

    If we are not drilling at our own backyard, where is the oil going to come from ? Why is it OK we drill elsewhere in the world ? I asked the same question to a Sierra Club fundraiser once (me being a member) and there was stone silence on the other end of the phone line. IMHO, it is far better to drill in places where we have strict regulation and oversight versus in places where environmental concern takes a second seat.

    WHY is it that Americans always look at issues from a political point of view ?

  4. Tnut says:

    I would like to ask a question. How much of the oil that is drilled off our coasts actually ends up in the United States and do we pay a reduced rate for said oil?

  5. Scytherius says:

    My god, these people make me believe the “V’s” are real. Jesus.

  6. Ryan Langemeyer says:

    Beyond unconscionable! Truly getting into the “evil” category. Landrieu might consider being be embarrassed. Boehner doesn’t know what the word means.

  7. Patrick O'Brien says:

    My god! These people are idiots. We don’t get this oil. It goes on the open market. Check their bank accounts for political donations from the oil industry. What hypocrites. The Republican Party has become the Party of Stupid.

  8. truthteller says:

    let’s see now – BP is the old SOHIO from Warren, Ohio that also absorbed Amoco; and Boehner is from where ?

    Our senators really do need uniforms like NASCAR has :)

  9. warren says:

    November is going to be a breeze…Please, please, please come out and demand more drilling-please…while the price of shrimp quadruples and sunbathers are pulling blobs of crude out of their asscracks in Florida…please! The ads are writing themselves….

  10. eichler1 says:

    Right. Drill in Alaska so we can have one of these disasters there too?

    Aptly named Joenobody seems to promote staying hooked on oil. But there is a whole wide world of alternative energy, Joe! And if you think alternate energy is not “economically competitive,” be sure to take into account the cost to clean up these messes.

    The day must come soon when oil is considered “alternate energy” and renewal energy is mainstream.

    As to Landrieu and Boehner, send ’em out in a boat to float around in that oil slick for awhile, armed only with fishing poles.

  11. Uncle Chris says:


    The oil goes on the open market and is sold to whoever buys it. These off-shore platforms make no meaningful difference in our oil supply or cost.

  12. JaneC says:

    Joe Nobody asks, “If we are not drilling at our own backyard, where is the oil going to come from ? Why is it OK we drill elsewhere in the world ?”

    This oil and any more that’s drilled on US territory is sold on the world markets with prices set by OPEC and profits going to the multi-national oil companies doing the drilling.

    The US is for sale, all of our resources, and we’re not enjoying any profit. Remember the motto, “Socialize the risk (US coastlines, livelihoods, seafood sources, health, etc.) and privatize the profits.”

  13. Andrew says:

    Sounds like there’s a couple of politicians who’ve grown tired of politics and want to be voted out of office!

    “Our country needs this oil, there is no question about that,” Landrieu said May 2 in an interview with WWL-TV in New Orleans. “We have to produce this oil at home unless we want to be completely reliant…”

    So how does giving it to BP or anybody else for that matter supply the USA? Is there really any oil that is exclusively channeled do domestic use only? Which part of “our country” needs this oil? I think probably not the Gulf-coast fishermen or tourism industry. Landrieu is clearly speaking for the Louisiana oil industry, which, I guess must put more money in LA coffers and support more LA jobs than fishing or tourism?

  14. The Man says:


    After this disaster, the coal mine disasters, and the collapse of Wall Street, how can you imply (w/ a straight face) that the U.S. is one of those places with strict regulation and oversight? Cause we’re not. Money trumps all, even with a supposedly pro-environment administration.

    What we should be doing is creating more public/private cooperation (through tax credits, subsidies and other incentives) to advance the green sector and make technology (like that found in Tesla Motors’ new Model S electric car) more affordable.

  15. Nicholas says:

    We don’t need cheap oil from the gulf, we’ve got the cheap oil from Iraq. Oh wait, that’s going to pay for the war which is ending up costing us nothing. Oh wait, that’s not it either.

    All morbid joking aside, if there’s one thing that the Republicans get wrong more than anything (and it takes some doing) is oil. Where to get it, how to get it, and how much it will cost.

  16. jaybee says:

    Why do you call the statements from environmental groups that drilling is unacceptable when it is proven that the Oil Industry and government is incapable of immediate response to end or mitigate a catastrophic pollution event is “looking at issues from a political point of view?”
    OBTW, most, if not ALL decisions concerning environmental issues ARE political issues between the ‘free market’ ideologues and the rest of us that want to preserve our planet from the slash and burn industries.

    Frankly, I have a major disagreement with that part of your opinion, stating …”we have strict regulation and oversight”…. What is it that you don’t understand about the BP Oil platform blowout disaster that leads you to think there is ‘proper’ regulation and oversight?

  17. Cybexg says:

    I’ve had the chance to review a technology that is completely green, renewable, and produces a crude oil equivalent for approximately $70 a barrel. Using about 68% of the land currently devoted to biofuels, this technology would ELIMINATE foreign oil imports. If you are interested, please take a look at

    Right now, they are entering into economic proof of concept but are facing opposition from the ethanol lobby groups.

  18. Liz says:

    Here’s a novel idea–how about we make a serious effort to REDUCE consumption? There is absolutely no need for anyone in this country to be driving around in a Hummer or an Escalade.

  19. daddygreenjeans says:

    This is the most retarded idea to date for Landrieau and Boehner. Yes, while the ocean floor is leaking out hundreds of thousands of oil into the sea let’s drill more holes into the ocean floor so we can fuck up the rest of the planet.

  20. Hellotiki says:

    If I had some hair I’d be tearing it out. Agggghhhhhhhhhh!

  21. Diane says:

    These pro-oil drilling politicians and their ilk are becoming insufferable (as are the subhuman creatures that comprise Goldman Sachs and Wall Street). Their ignorance is obscene and exhausting to those of us that about the world in which we live and other life forms that we are sharing this planet with. When are we, the people, going to rise up against capitalist greed and maximization of profits. All campaign contributions should be done away with and corporate lobbyists should be permanently banned.

  22. jt says:


  23. gary says:

    These 2 are getting what they deserve as we speak.. Everyone forgot all the Calif/Alaska oil spills that ruined the coast, fishing, tourism. Calif. put a stop to it. LA wantS all the leaks they can get so they can bleed america dry cleaning it up EVERY TIME.

  24. David says:

    Energy companies such as BP, Massey Energy, Halliburton and others are obviously guilty of criminal actions and their greed is part of the corporate psychopathology documented in the movies “The Corporation,” and “Capitalism: A Love Story.” The US government and many other governments are in bed with criminal corporations, and Senator Landrieu is surely paid off, as are many politicians of both parties. Lest we forget that Americans love petroleum toys such as jet skis, leaf blowers, weed whackers, ATV’s, NASCAR and other needless uses of petroleum. Americans also love their large cars, SUV’s and trucks. Indeed, petroleum addiction is enslaving many people and entire countries. Do what you can to limit your use of petroleum and all its derivative products. And vote out politicians of both parties who are bought and sold.

  25. Greg Uchrin says:

    Yeah, we’ll show those oil spills they can’t make real Americans back down! What do they think we are, the French? We’re not afraid of you, environment terrorists! Bring it ON!

  26. willynel says:

    Just so everyone knows, China is on the fast-track to being the biggest renewable energy maker in the world. Meanwhile, we are still stuck with early 20th century thinking.

    We have some of the biggest natural gas reserves in the world and some of the best wind praires as well.

    Go back and look at the current status of Prince William Sound and the people affected there. People died because of this kind of stupidity. When are we going to finally say “enough”?

    Kill their bill.

  27. mama star says:

    BP created a volcano that is spewing oil 5000 ft. below the oceans surface. They don’t know how to stop it.To think about what will happen when it gets into the gulf stream, starts heading up the east coast and starts reaking havoc in the Atantic is nothing short of mind boggling not to mention frightening. All of our oceans are in danger if this isn’t contained.

    If offshore drilling could be made safe it woud have been by now.
    For God’s sake, stop with the “drill baby drill” mentality and “think baby think.”

  28. Randy says:

    Mary Landrieu would deep-fry the last Brown Pelican if it would bring her a buck.

  29. Billy says:

    I am from Canada and I have watched the U.S. news for years. I understand that the U.S. is in a war against terrorism! Terrorism just doesn’t mean suicide bombers! Whats to say that a terrorist group figured a way of blowing up an oil well offshore to the U.S.? I’ve never heard an explanation for the explosion, all I hear about is the enviromental impact that will result from this. I think that, the way it looks to me,is IF this was a terrorist attack, where they cut off supplies and goods (especially fishing)to other States that rely on them, then there is whole new set of problems.

  30. David says:

    “If we keep making the same mistakes over and over again, we will have at least learned to do one thing well” Author Unknown

  31. MinasTirith says:

    These bone heads are promoting drilling because they think that no one will notice that the oil garnered from said wells are simply sold on the open market. It’s not like ‘We the People’ get to profit or benefit from it directly.

    And as far as ‘safe’ goes? I think Douglas Adams said it best:

    “Ah, this is obviously some strange usage of the word ‘safe’ that I wasn’t previously aware of.”

  32. sbvpav says:

    whether it is 29 miners killed in a profits over safety mine or 11 oil rig workers killed, untold damage done to americans livelihood and the environment, or american citizens loss of incomes, homes and health care from the near collapse of our economy; how many instances do we need before the voters stand up and demand public financing of all elections. until then you will have idiotic prostitutes like this doing nothing more than corporate bidding.

  33. and says:

    Right-wing repsonse to terrorism: Crap your drawers and surrender your civil rights.

    Right-wing response to oil spills: Drill more!

    Makes perfect sense to me.

  34. Mike says:

    While I think Boehner’s off-hand remarks are silly, I can’t help but think respect Landrieu’s perspective. Louisiana and the Gulf States get sizable revenues from the drilling of oil, and if I were in her shoes, I would not want drilling to stop either. Are you going to pay the state indefinitely for this lost revenue? This is money that the state needs and depends upon, and to not consider this factor, and how it too affects Gulf Coast residents, is premature.

    But what is notable is that I think that the power play here from Landrieu is as leverage to negotiate a higher percentage revenue share from offshore tracts or to give Gulf States a portion of deepwater offshore drilling, as it should be when Louisiana and the Gulf States are bearing the costs of this drilling when oil spills like this arise.

    As far as I know, Louisiana only owns the 1st 3 miles off its coast, and in the past, only got 27% of oil revenue between 3-6 miles from the coast. But beyond 6 miles from the coast, it is federal property and the state gets ZERO.

    So for all the oil revenues that the federal government was getting for this oil lease, and which has and will continue to drastically affect Gulf Coast states, but which the “American people” benefited from as a whole, the Gulf Coast states get nothing. Now, I’m sure that the federal government will try to extend a hand after the fact, but it won’t be good enough.

    This disaster cannot be undone, but I would rather people consider the fact that Landrieu is simply trying her best to represent her state’s interests. Boehner can shove it, but for now at least, I would extend to Landrieu the benefit of the doubt.

  35. gammay says:

    Open new drilling areas only after a realistic, doable disaster plan is created, with the necessary equipment in place, before drilling begins.

  36. Old School debater says:

    The GOP is still using the old trick of blame your crimes on the other party, regardless of the truth. Blame them early and blame them often. Cloud the issue and eventually people blame both parties.


  37. DL says:

    John Boehner is always an idiot. Landrieau needs to act republican because she represents a red state. Obama wants to put further off shore drilling on hold and he should. Time to reevaluate.

  38. Cruz says:

    To joenobody:

    If you look at the reality, the oil that is coming out of the seas and lands of the United States does not, and will not, do anything to dent the demands for oil in this country. That is a fallacy. It is a lie. To justify our nation’s desire for easy energy, our corporations’ desire for money, our “leaders'” desire for money and power on that lie is to be as absolutely un-American and as un-christian as one possibly could be. We are the United States of America! We are supposed to be LEADERS in the world. We are supposed to be on the forefront. This is the 21st century and those who “lead”, those who “develop” tell us all that we cannot develop alternate means of energy? We can fly probes to Mars, send back amazing pictures, travel back and forth from the upper limits of the atmosphere and yet we cannot develop alternate forms of fuel??

    Keep drilling.
    Keep destroying the planet.
    Keep destroying the livelihoods of people who depend upon the oceans for their lives.
    Keep destroying the natural world around us.
    Keep killing the planet.

    You know, there’s probably a reason god put all that oil way down deep inside the earth. Maybe when all the sealife in the Gulf is dead or contaminated, people might understand as well.

  39. As stewards of the land, we do have the power to stop them. It has to stop. They are destroying the next generation’s world.

    Drill Baby Drill, to Kill Baby Kill, it’s how they get their thrills.
    Sit back and take your pills.

  40. palou says:

    OMG they should just drop all the nuclear bombs now and save us all the pain and having to watch our kids suffer.
    Governments around the world have let corporations
    Poison our water, Poison our soil, and Poison our air.

    Our planet will show no trace of what it was like when man arose from the muck.
    Then the healing can begin

  41. dd says:

    As public servants in leadership positions, common sense dictates that they would wait until the engineers figure out and execute the capping of the oil well and stop the leaks, before calling for expanded oil drilling.

  42. MJV says:

    Oh yeah, sure that’s the ticket. We f*cked up drilling and made a mess, so now we want to do even more drilling when we don’t have our sh*t together to make sure this mess doesn’t occur again.

  43. Sean says:

    These politicians are bought and sold, and they’ll sell out their country, their planet and the human race as long as it’s what their corporate overlords tell them to do.

    Evil, despicable people. And that includes our President, UNTIL he admits that he was wrong in authorizing more offshore drilling.

  44. Paul says:

    Any remaining doubts that Landrieu is a GOPer operative?

  45. ne wenglin says:

    I want to see Boehner on Fox with an oil drill in his teeth–no novacaine.

  46. Ed says:

    I am sure the Dick Chaney energy committee was right when they said the old technology type blow out preventers have done an adequate job. No company should be forced to pay $500K per blow-out preventer.

  47. Pieter Nieuwenhuijs says:

    I don’t understand these reactions, the GOP is absolutely right. With more drilling there is a chance of more oil spill. Thus making it easy and cheap because we only have to scoop the oil out of the ocean. Of course I am not serious here…..

  48. Mark says:

    FYI to all the we got to drill here so we don’t have to drill
    in the middle east and else where. As soon as the oil comes out of the
    American ground it is sold on the open global market
    it is a right ring myth that the oil drilled here stays here. The
    right wing uses that myth to play the low information
    voter like a fiddle and it is sad.

  49. tomtom says:

    to joenobody:

    what makes you so sure we have such great environmental regulations compared to other oil drilling nations? In Norway, there’s a secondary failsafe mechanism required by law for even shallow water drilling, that costs $500,000 and was created to prevent the EXACT problem that is happening in the gulf right now. The rig was insured for $38.5 million, but BP exec’s deemed that ”the risk wasn’t worth the additional expense,” and even though this well was pushing the very limits of drilling technology by drilling 5,000 feet deep, and even though drilling at those depths makes ANY kind of seabed problem a nightmare to deal with (BP has said that a problem at that depth is analogous to dealing with a disaster in space). And the US government didn’t deem it necessary to REQUIRE the secondary shut down valve that the norwegians require. An extra $500,000 would’ve added a mere 1.2% to the cost of the rig, and they KNEW that if something happened at the base of one of the deepest wells in the world, that it would be a nightmare. Then consider that this isn’t in the middle of a sand desert as most middle eastern wells are, but right in the heart of one of the most productive fisheries in the world, surrounded by world-class beach resorts and communities on 3 sides, consequently making any kind of spill, much less an uncapped geyser, a more horrific problem for the people who rely on fishing and related industries for a living. All these circumstances should’ve required THE MOST STRINGENT of environmental regulations to be put into place, regardless of cost, because BP stood to make literally billions of dollars off this single well, and any kind of mishap much less catastrophe would wreak havoc on the environment and lives of those who surround the well. There’s no question that the new well in the neighborhood, which is a part of the only industry whose mishaps have the ability to ruin the entire economies of states that rely on fishing and tourism, should’ve been subject to intense scrutiny. But the government didn’t want to saddle BP with an extra 1.2% start-up cost, even though BP is worth billions, and about 10 BILLION barrels of oil were expected to come out of that single well. But it wasn’t worth an extra 1.2% to make sure there was a back up failsafe in case something entirely predictable happened–like an explosion or fire causing the rig to sink and crush the base of the well. But ”we have strict regulation and oversight” according to you. Maybe in comparison to third world countries, but compared to other first world countries, most of our environmental regulation lags, leading to what could very well be one of the greatest ecological disasters, ever, in the entire world.

  50. Politicians who are still pro-oil are gutless wonders who seem to have no concern at all for our national security.

  51. oldfuzz says:

    The controversy surrounding the oil platform explosion, burning and sinking requires a careful investigation. Whether you are for, against or neutral regarding offshore oil production, the facts deserve priority over emotion.

    According to the Chubb Custom Cartography website ((as of yesterday, but the links have been removed today) there are more than 6,600 oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico with more than 650 of them manned.

    Considering the large number of operating oil platforms and the relatively small number of disasters, it seems appropriate to approach this in a forensic engineering fashion.

    As a retired engineer who spent more time in design review meetings than I care to remember, I know the endless “What if…” questions considered in something as complex as a manned offshore oil platform and doubt that anyone intentionally cut design corners.

    That said, the problems from shortcuts often arise in operation and maintenance. That’s where investigators need to look first.

  52. Fiorastar says:

    I actually can understand why Landrieu said what she did, though I absolutely disagree. There are two major financial resources in Louisiana, two major ways that average folks can make a decent living–the tourist industry (which includes fishing for seafood in the Gulf and crawfish/alligators in the swamps, restaurants, hotels WITH restaurants, music, and all the wonderful festivals), and the oil bidness, especially offshore drilling.

    While this spill will be devastating to the former, the latter has already been hurting since Katrina, and it would take all the political capital in the world to be able to say, as a Louisiana politician, that we should end offshore drilling, or even just the deepwater drilling that this is.

    That said, it’s definitely time to end it.

  53. Reed Richards says:


    Don’t let Senator “Crude Oil” Mary Landrieu fool you into thinking that off shore drilling is a good idea. States can get revenues elsewhere and in other ways. Time to give the fossil fuel addiction a swift kick in the rear end and be done with it. Time for the Republicanized Democrats to be given what-for, by way of being booted from office. Frist up: Senator “Bailout” Blanche Lincoln for 2010. Next up for 2012 Senator “Kickback” Ben Nelson and then for Election 2014 will be the time to give Senator “Crude Oil” Mary Landrieu her walking papers. As far as I am concerned, the revenues from a single state are not worth destroying the ecosystems of several states.

  54. Reed Richards says:


    Hey, somebody should make an add or a website against Off-shore oil drilling featuring Senator “Crude Oil” Mary Landrieu……….Hey, Sierra Club, are you out there?????????

  55. Hard Center says:

    Here is my theory BP can plug this well if they wanted to. But if they plugged it the country would not allow them to reopen it. So their solution is to enclose it with a pipe the the surface, so that they can capture the oil and sale it.
    Looking at the pipe that is suppose to be spewing the oil it sure looks like it can be capped. But they would rather let it flow and ruin the eco-system, while they build this enclosure that will allow them to reap the profit from the oil.
    They have a cap on their liability at 78 million, that like dimes to them. they are already reach that cap in lawsuit already.
    wake up people

  56. mahdee says:

    These guys need a cup of reality! Make them work to try to save all the wildlife that has been effected by this spill, mop up tons of oil, and clean the sand of the beaches, and then see if they want to promote off shore drilling. Geesh, how blind can people be? Is big oil filling their pockets for the support?

  57. carlgt1 says:

    amazing, the Repuke deregulation mindset is lurching us towards a post-apocalyptic movie future such as “12 Monkeys” — and these paid-off politicians and the “Tea Party” Libertarian a–holes cheered it on the whole way!

  58. That thinker says:

    Let’s stop being so emotional. How often does this sort of thing happen? Honestly ask yourself if you stop doing any thing because something bad happens. Bad things happen in life – that’s “life”. You learn from them and move on. Do your research on Prince William Sound. How have they recovered? Astoundingly well! We should never throw the baby out with the bath water or react emotionally to things. We should all just calm down a little here. I can assure you we’re getting our oil one way or another. What other nation has a better environmental record than America? We only stand to gain by getting it ourselves.

  59. Dave H. says:

    These two should be taken out to the site of the sunken oil rig, given life jackets and be made to swim back to shore. When their bodies wash up on the beach pictures of the corpses should be placed on public display. Maybe then our politicians will rethink their stand on “drill baby drill”.

  60. abay says:

    Boehner’s days are numbered anyway so we can all be thankful for that!

  61. Dan CObb says:

    To JoeNOBODY: Sir, you are living in a country where environmental concerns take a “second seat” as you say. It’s called the USA. That’s just the problem. What on earth makes you think you’re living in a country where the environment matters?!? Oil companies have made sure that off-shore drilling in the U.S. is less expensive (but as a consequence to us, it is also much MUCH less safe than it is in Europe. The reason this oil spill happened is because the U.S. does not require automatic shut down valves… so BP didn’t install one. You ask: where is the oil going to come from? Why do we have to always rely on oil? And the fact is that off-shore drilling in the US wouldn’t even provide 1/2 of 1% of our oil needs. So it’s not like it’s really going to lead to any kind of energy independence. (Also, most oil is drilled on LAND which is MUCH safer than 1 mile under the ocean, but I thought that would be obvious even to someone like you who makes everything into a political lament!).

  62. Anry American says:

    These two politicians should be shot in the head

  63. Dan CObb says:

    THAT THINKER: What nation has a better environmental records than the US? Are you serious…. do you even know anything about the world outside the US? Anything? What nation has a better environmental record than the US? Well, when it comes to off-shore oil spills, let me count the way: Norway, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Mexico, Venezuela, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Brunei, Gabon, Equitorial Guinea, Iran, etc.

  64. abay says:

    That thinker says:
    May 4, 2010 at 9:51 pm
    Let’s stop being so emotional. How often does this sort of thing happen? Honestly ask yourself if you stop doing any thing because something bad happens. Bad things happen in life – that’s “life”. You learn from them and move on. Do your research on Prince William Sound. How have they recovered? Astoundingly well! We should never throw the baby out with the bath water or react emotionally to things. We should all just calm down a little here. I can assure you we’re getting our oil one way or another. What other nation has a better environmental record than America? We only stand to gain by getting it ourselves.
    Only a moron would make a statement that Prince William Sound has recovered amazingly well. What a dips*it

  65. John Dingler says:

    BP wants to give each affected homeowner no more than $5000 in damages, which is about 1/3rd of the cost of a car, or a paint job on the exterior and interior of a typical home in the region effected.

  66. In the coming days and weeks and decades, we will see the true casualties and the destruction of our once pristine beaches, ecosystems and wildlife.

    Floridians and Americans from elsewhere are talking about a boycott of BP and other oil companies. It is important to realize this: BP PAYS for barrels of Dawn dishwashing soap that it donates to the local wildlife sanctuaries for cleanup after accidents such as this latest one in the Gulf of Mexico. It is merely part of the payoff exchange plan for doing business and the unsuspecting public is unaware of these connections. But the problem goes even deeper than that…

    We now know that the blame cannot be put squarely on the shoulders of the oil company, BP and others. Our current leadership has acted irresponsibly and candidates and members of our government, representatives, leaders, etc., took money as contributions and donations from these oil companies and contractors in payoffs for legislation to allow for over 37,000 oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. And this has been going on for years! See:

    Texas and Louisiana had legislation voted into place to allow for the oil platforms to operate closer to their shorelines. The latest legislation would have simply lifted the ban near Florida’s coast and allow for oil platforms within 3 miles of shorelines. Texas and Louisiana have lost tourists and if the ban was lifted here in Florida, we would have lost them too. Florida’s only industry is tourism, to the tune of 65 billion dollars a year! On February 13th, 2010, in a direct action that was statewide, thousands of Floridians joined hands to form a line in the sand and tell Tallahassee a firm and resounding NO to any lifting of the drilling ban. See more at:

    Over the past 30 to 40 years, our leadership has sold us completely flawed energy policies. It was known back then that there would eventually be a greedy grab for oil from anywhere our leadership could arrange to get it. That is why our government developed alliances with Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East and we included military protection by our own troops with our status of forces agreements, thus, paid for by our tax dollars. But instead of prices being made lower for us at the pump, we paid more and the companies and our representatives and lawmakers exchanged the profits with each other.

    Green energy initiatives should have been developed and brought online and operational way back then! The technology existed and it could have been made affordable to us.

    And the propaganda continues as even now, Floridians are being assaulted nightly during prime time programming with all kinds of slicked up, expensive ads promoting the pros of natural gas, clean gas, energy that we can get right here, right now! But we now know that natural gas in any form is not clean, not safe and according to the most recent studies, will not lower our prices at the pump! With 37,000 oil rigs operating out there, if the oil is being pumped and is available as the corporations told us in their ads, our prices should have been lowered already! See a pattern here? We, the consumers will always be made to pay the highest costs in the way of jobs, our homes, our livelihoods and our environment.

    So now, what do we do about it? First of all, find out where your representatives stand on energy policies. If they have not approved responsible energy policies in the past, VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE! Find out what to do and how to get involved in “greening” your neighborhood. Volunteer at a community garden. Buy from local businesses. Promote and hold workshops on Solar, Wind, Geothermal. Learn more about DIY (Do It Yourself). Stop buying useless junk. Use glass instead of plastic. Carpool or ride a bike! Reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your gas cost. Network with others that are doing the same things. Communicate with neighbors, you might learn a lot! Get together and think of solutions and resolutions to bring us all into a new paradigm of energy independence and energy that is safe and does not damage or kill anyone or anything. As a community, support candidates who align with responsible energy policies and promote renewable energy. When we all work together, the possibilities could be endless!

    ***As an interesting postscript: the FIRST DUDE, Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd was a consultant for BP. This fact is not even being mentioned by any of the mainstream media outlets. He worked for them for 18 years! I think Sarah Palin can tell us much about energy policies and how her family has profited from them. See:

    Anita Stewart
    May 2nd, 2010
    Tampa, Florida
    Candidate for Hillsborough County Soil and Water Conservation Board

  67. rebeltoady says:

    When it comes to our coastline ecosystems it’s Kill Baby Kill!

  68. Ria Rogers says:

    Prince William Sound in Alaska has not recovered from the Exxon spill. I blogged about it before this latest spill ever happened. There is more than one link about it but:

    Boehner is just a self centered jerk for a nicer term. And Landrieu, I’m starting to think she’s not wrapped tight kinda like the Dem version of Michelle Bachmann.

  69. MJPD345 says:

    This Country has been wasting time for FIFTY YEARS !! The Oil Industry doesn’t want to change !! They’re making too much money !! It’s easier for them to buy a Politician than it is to re-invest in new sources of energy…You want to make changes it’s got to be an executive order. Let the Federal Government make the Investment in New Energy Distribution Infrastructure.Give the Consumer a viable alternative to filling up at the gas station . Otherwise you’ll never get the” 7 Sisters” to go along.

  70. Texas Aggie says:

    IMHO, it is far better to drill in places where we have strict regulation and oversight versus in places where environmental concern takes a second seat. – Joenobody

    Yeah, that’s very nice, but we’re talking about the US, not Norway or someplace like that where regulation and oversight actually exist and where environmental concern means something. If you want evidence that oversight and regulation went out the window long ago, I give you the Wall St. debacle, the Gulf of Mexico oil “spill”, the Massey coal mine disaster and many more like it but with fewer dead, the Texas City refinery explosion, and the list goes on, and the list goes on.

  71. BDR says:

    What else would you expect from good corporate employees. The idea that Congress is “for the people and by the people” was thrown out when Corporation became legally recognized as individuals. America is a corporation, run like a corporation and members of Congress are all corporate employees.

  72. homer1256 says:

    We must take lessons from this disater and learn how to stop the wells at the bottom of the pipe. This way will be able to keep the oil leak to a min. and contain the spill more swifly that we have this time. We should not stop oil drilling anymore as we did with the nuke plants and we need more of these other forms of renewable energy to carry us into the future.

  73. sak says:

    John and Mary. Neither of you can see beyond the end of your nose. Yes, we need oil, but that will all be gone soon. In the meantime do you really propose that we kill off the sea and land animals that are part of your ecosystem? Go back to school and study about ecosystems. Once they collapse, they cannot be fixed. Our planet is not doing well.

    This is insane.

  74. DavidM says:

    Eric Cantor, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, John Boehner, the man asking the question, and many Republican Tea Party biggots, while having the right as Americans to express their hateful bigotry, that makes them neither patriotic nor “Christian”; after all, many of these Tea Party “Christians” have bragged about joining the Face Book page that calls for people to pray for God to kill the president! This is treason and in my opinion should be treated as such. People with these divisive hateful and racist views are the true disgrace to this country and the constitution on which they wipe their feet almost every day. These individuals are the threat that they blame others for, with their undermining of the president and his cabinet who have done more to thwart terorrorism and to restore respect for our country then George Bush ever did! These individuals support big business, wall street, big oil and are in fact THE PARTY of HATE and NO, or as Mr. Boehner summed up so well in defining the Republican effort to assist in rebuilding and protecting this country is as, “HELL NO WE WON’T. These people are not only content to watch America as it burns,( And to roast marsh mellows in this fire) they are bringing more wood and gasoline to the fire…and any one who is a member of the before mentioned Face Book page should pray that God does not see fit to take them from this world first!

  75. John Smith123 says:

    A fool who persists in his folly does not become wise! He takes the whole country over the cliff.
    These corrupt politicians do not care if the American environment gets destroyed, as long as they keep getting contributions from these polluters.

  76. Jay says:

    The Oil drilled in the Gulf and off the U.S. coast is put on the WORLD market for PROFIT…it is NOT, NOT, NOT for sale or RESERVE ONLY in the U.S.
    So, how the heck does MORE DANGEROUS drilling off our coast make us more energy independent?

  77. JerryAW says:

    Without having read most of the previous comments, let me say the following: In at least 90% of all discussion I have read on drilling for oil in U.S. territory, it is never mentioned that the oil drilled in the U.S. is NOT REQUIRED to stay in the U.S.! This oil goes straight to the world market and is sold to the highest bidder, like any other world commodity. We have no control over this!!!! Let me repeat: there is no guarantee that we will ever see one drop of the oil that is drilled here!!!! The argument that drilling here would allow us to be energy independent is completely bogus!

  78. JerryAW says:

    Ooops! I guess I should have at least read the comment directly above mine. Jay is absolutely correct!

  79. Richard Brenne says:

    I looked up the history of oil spills in Wikipedia and the Exxon Valdez isn’t listed in about the top 12.

    The Iraq War oil spills (set fire by retreating Iraqi troops) was by far the largest, with the Mexican 1979 spill in the Gulf of Mexico second.

    How could this compare to that? How could it compare to other spills?

    Is the biggest issue all the delicate marshes, bayous and estuaries in the Gulf of Mexico? The seafood industry?

    Concerns that killing bayou plant life could make New Orleans and other places more vulnerable to hurricane storm surge?

    What are the impacts if it moves around the Florida Keys and up the East Coast?

    Any experts or self-made experts that can answer any of these questions would have my eternal gratitude – or at least until my next round of questions.


  80. simonanthony says:

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  81. JavaJimmy says:

    I want to see Anderson Cooper give Mary Landrieu another good bitch-slapping, like he did after Katrina.

  82. TAFL says:

    Folks, vote at the ballot box, vote with your wallet. Make sure you use as little oil as possible, and speak up directly with your representatives to implement much, much stricter safety standards for the drilling industry in general but especially offshore (as they already have in Norway) and to stop expansion of offshore drilling.

  83. Kalpal says:

    Hold on, guys. This is just the GOP’s new jobs program. The more spills the more people needed to handle the cleanup. Big Oil has enough income to keep a million unemployed Americans in various jobs such as making dish washing detergent, rubber gloves and cleaning up various forms of wild life that are oil covered. I think paper towel makers will also experience growth during this process. The senator from LA is just a typical southern dunce who is owned by the oil industry and will repeat anything she is told to say no matter how silly.

  84. capricorn1 says:

    That’s a rediculous argument as all oil that comes out of the ground is put on the world market. It does nothing to stem our dependence nor is it for American’s benefit.

  85. Jeff says:

    NPR (!) has an expose about how uninterested Obama was in this disaster for a week or more… then spin, spin, spin

  86. Salvatore DiChristina says:

    It doesn’t take much smarts to see on whose side politicians are on. Let us count the number of people employed by oil companies from Lousyanna and then count the number of people from Lousyanna who make their money from the sea and the tourist industry. I would suspect the latter has a greater workforce than the former, yet our ELECTED politicians support the few employed by wealthy oil companies while ignoring the plight of the many who make their living from the sea and tourism.

  87. Forest Sprague says:

    How ignorant and utterly stupid have we become as a nation that we let these politicians sell out our environment to these oil companies. Wake TFU America…… Especially you teabaggers, you are empowering these soulless self serving b@stards that are destroying both our economy and environment. Anyone who who claims to be Christian and empowers these people into office are surely going to be surprised when you find yourselves in hell come judgment day. How you are able to justify the rape and destruction of our planet and claim to be religious is way beyond me.

  88. Tugar says:

    To date, 5/5/10, this stuff is still gushing from underneath the waters of the gulf, which is 16 days now! Until someone can come up with a viable method of containing such spills, neither our own country nor anyone else should be allowed to drill near our coastal waters. It was BP’s drilling that caused this particular problem. And many US fishing businesses will suffer, even go out of business because of this spill. Therefore, BP should pay all of the US businesses that will be affected by this spill. Further, I believe all those in congress calling for continued drilling, should just……… ZIP IT for right now!

  89. Scotty says:

    Boehner and Landrieu are not idiots. Remember where they get their money! It is the people who continue to elect these people who are the true idiots. People like “Jeff” who posted and who blames Obama for this mess. Those are the true idiots, people who get their “views” from the clowns on Fox. The best part of the entire off-shore drilling issue is that the oil does not go to the US. Rather, it goes to the global supply. In reality it can end up anywhere. Won’t see that spoke about by Mr. Boehner and Ms. Landrieu or anywhere on Fox.

  90. Alex says:

    We are all to blame for constantly consuming, for being more concerned with Kate Gosselin than the state of the environment, for not recycling, for not buying green, for wasting everything. That said, I do blame Obama, but not only Obama. Every one of those jerks in Congress is more interested in getting reelected and their perks than they are in doing the right thing. Schumer (my senator) makes a big deal of passing a law about stowing bags in the overhead of airplanes, and calls a news conference. Please. Americans need to demand accountability, from Congress (they should all go), from companies (you break the rules, you pay and pay big [money being all they understand]), and from ourselves. Do you need to drive to the corner store? Do you need to have all your appliances on all the time? Can you spare $5 for an environmental cause? Do you recycle? Do you do any good in your lives? And there should be consequences for us too.

    Because believe me, there will be consequences. Stephen Hawking recently said we should beware of outer space people because they’ll be smarter than us. But I’m certain this planet will be a star long before they arrive. With unstoppable oil filling the oceans, not to mention the garbage everywhere, it won’t be long now.

  91. MJ Corliss says:

    BP should NEVER be allowed to drill for any oil on land or in the sea: period. Using this form of energy should be abandoned, slowly albeit, but ultimately abandoned. But of course it isn’t just the company that does the drilling without regard to the correct tools and safety measures…a $500,000 acoustic valve to shut down the oil at the beginning of the site, and one that is used by every other nation to prevent such “accidents”…Norway, Denmark, etcetera. This cost was rejected by VP Cheney because of the cost when the rig was first installed; Cheney was protecting BP from using any of its profits–$45 billion–to protect a vast portion of the US.

  92. DHHH says:

    This is beyond stupidity.This is beyond greed. Why do these idiots think we will see any of the oil sold on a open market.Please kick them out of politics. Or check to see if they have scales rather than skin.

  93. Janelynne says:

    I have a question: Why do the people in Louisiana keep Landrieu in office? When is her time up? She is a disgusting Democrat, and a deplorable representative of Louisiana. Any Democrat, please, run against this woman.