If more businesses operated like Goldman Sachs….

Since BP has been channeling Goldman Sachs, here’s Tom Tomorrow’s cartoon on GS in Salon:

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow

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6 Responses to If more businesses operated like Goldman Sachs….

  1. mike roddy says:

    Thanks for the cartoon.
    At least we can take comfort in Broder and Zeller’s coverage in The New York Times. They channeled Meher Baba in their piece about the Gulf blowout: “Don’t worry. Be happy!”

  2. Karen S says:

    I heard BP spokesman Darren Beaudo saying that BP will try everything it can until it runs out of options. In other words, failure IS an option.

  3. Fred Teal says:

    Take a look at the “$25,000 sundae and you keep the spoon” being shown on CnnMoney: I am truely speechless. There are no words to describe such a waste.

  4. Dallas says:

    A device that is over priced, has no real purpose, and is likely to explode…

    So, we’re talking about an Apple product?

  5. Chris Winter says:

    Very interesting, Fred. So, BP is the oil company singled out by OSHA as least likely to correct unsafe working conditions. After the DWH calamity, this does not bode well for their near-term profitability.