Obama on American Power Act: “The challenges we face — underscored by the immense tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico — are reason to redouble our efforts to reform our nation’s energy policies”

Vets, military experts applaud climate bill: “Action on climate, energy increases American security”

President Obama has released a statement on the Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act.  So have a number of veterans and retired military experts.

Let’s start with the Commander-in-Chief:

I applaud Senators John Kerry and Joe Lieberman for their tireless work in drafting this important legislation.  This legislation will put America on the path to a clean energy economy that will create American jobs building the solar panels, wind blades and the car batteries of the future.  It will strengthen our national security by beginning to break our dependence on foreign oil. And it will protect our environment for our children and grandchildren.

Americans know what’s at stake by continuing our dependence on fossil fuels.  But the challenges we face — underscored by the immense tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico — are reason to redouble our efforts to reform our nation’s energ> policies.  For too long, Washington has kicked this challenge to the next generation.  This time, the status quo is no longer acceptable to Americans.

Now is the time for America to take control of our energy future and jumpstart American innovation in clean energy technology that will allow us to create jobs, compete, and win in the global economy.

The House of Representatives has already taken historic action with passage of the American Clean Energy and Security Act. I look forward to engaging with Senators from both sides of the aisle and ultimately passing a bill this year.

Great.  He made the connection between BP’s Titanic oil disaster and this bill.  Now he just needs to give a primetime speech and do nonstop barnstorming and lobbying:

Last month I reported that 33 generals and admirals announced their support for a climate bill. Now the bill is out and Operation Free has released a number of statements:

Operation Free Campaign Director and former US Marine, Jonathan Murray:  “Operation Free is very encouraged by today’s announcement. Our massive transfer of wealth to gulf nations to pay for oil is a destabilizing force, enriching some of our most dangerous enemies there and around the world. Taking a strong stance on carbon pollution could deprive Iran, one of the world’s most aggressive and unpredictable nations, of up to $100 million a day in oil revenue. Given their record of hostility to us and our allies, we can’t afford to allow them even one more dime.”

Jonathan Powers, COO of the Truman National Security Project, and former US Army Captain:  “Many in the national security community are standing squarely behind this legislation because the connection between our safety and energy could not be more clear. Controlling our energy future means a safer America, a stronger military, and a robust and growing economy here at home. America can and must lead by example in this, one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century.”

Lt. General John G. Castellaw (US Army, Retired):  “This isn’t an environmental issue, this is a security issue. Our strategic interests, and therefore our national security and the safety of Americans, are threatened by climate change and our continuing dependence on oil. Military leaders know this isn’t about polar bears and ice caps, it’s about international stability and national security.”

Major General Paul Monroe (US Army, Retired):  “We make a profound strategic error if we underestimate the impact that climate has on regional and international stability. Some of our most worrisome trouble spots around the world are dangerous because of a combination of climate problems and social unrest – Somalia, Nigeria, and Yemen are strong examples. Congress must pass this legislation to make the world a safer place.”

Hear!  Hear!

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9 Responses to Obama on American Power Act: “The challenges we face — underscored by the immense tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico — are reason to redouble our efforts to reform our nation’s energy policies”

  1. Fred Teal says:


  2. Rich says:

    Is there no federal renewable energy portfolio standard in the bill?

  3. mark says:

    Joe Romm, your work ethic is remarkable!

    Thank you.

  4. Leif says:

    “This isn’t an environmental issue, this is a security issue.” A quote from Major General Monroe.

    I would contend that it is an environmental issue first and foremost and a security issue second. National Security means nothing without livable life support systems to live within.

    What good is National Security if the oceans are dead in 30 years as some scientists predict.

  5. mike roddy says:

    I agree, Joe- this is better than nothing, but releasing a statement is easy, and politicians do it all the time, knowing that most people aren’t paying attention.

    Even with a shrinking TV news audience, treating this bill with the urgency it deserves by making a prime time speech on TV is what’s required. Anything less will make the president’s support of this bill look desultory. It’s not as if the stakes aren’t huge- and he made lots of campaign speeches in big stadiums over issues like “change”. Time to go to the whip, President Obama.

  6. Michael Tucker says:

    I have tremendous respect for our military leaders but I find it amusing that General Castellaw wanted to make the point that this is not about the environment; it is about security! So, it isn’t about spotted owls or polar bears, it is about national security darn it! THAT’S RIGHT! This time, WE ARE THE SPOTTED OWLS!

    It is difficult to have a war on terror if our petroleum purchases help to support the terrorists. Fuel shortages will make it hard to provide air support.

    I agree with Joe. This bill, for better or worse, is the only chance we have to begin, finally, to reduce CO2 emissions and to convert to clean energy generation. Getting the bill passed is the next great hurdle! I don’t look forward to listening to the arguments against the bill and the expected lies that will accompany those arguments…but, finally, now that mess can begin.

  7. Gary says:

    Leif…..your absolutely right!….however, to gin up “climate change”
    the Obama/etal will sell National Security and Capitalism and “mention”
    the environment.