Toles on ‘Cuccinelli, baby, Cuccinelli’

Plus the cartoonist’s commentary

The WashPost cartoonist Tom Toles has a couple of great cartoons on the VA Attorney General’s witchhunt and the oil spill.  He also explains his thinking:


Friday rant, oleaginous edition

Watching the blame-shifting over the oil spill this week only reinforces the idea that we have lost the sense of accountability for all actions that occur above your pay grade. Reinforced in a way the well head wasn’t. The heavy mud and cement are being pumped instead into the public discourse. Corporations are people except when it comes accountability. Accountability is for the LITTLE people. Can’t build jails fast enough for THEM. Wreck the economy? Destroy the Gulf of Mexico? “We’re PROUD of how we conducted ourselves!”

Where ARE the conservatives on this? Isn’t accountability one of those traditional bedrock values of the honorable person and the sound society? Isn’t this what the salt-and-pepper patriarch schools his progeny in as he sits behind his walnut desk in his book-lined den? Or is he winking and sidling up to his kids and slavering special counsel about how to maneuver themselves into positions of power and wealth where they will be insulated from the consequences of their behavior? LET’S GUESS!

Really. There is poison in the system, and it’s rising like crude out of the ocean floor. And the Titans rush to the scene with…DISPERSANTS! –Tom Toles

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5 Responses to Toles on ‘Cuccinelli, baby, Cuccinelli’

  1. Leif says:

    Slightly off topic but on the other hand?

    The NY Times had an article today, “Online Talk, Suicides and a Thorny Court Case.”

    This prompted a letter to Clark Hoyt:

    “So I ask you Clark, how is this different than your paper’s, and you for that matter, refusal to acknowledge the right of the public to scientific information about the disastrous effects of global warming? It is a fact that many folks around the world are dyeing as we speak. It does not take a very active imagination to infer millions more as the years progress and yet you and yours refuse to do your fiduciary journalistic responsibility on this front.”

    Suicide? I think that we are talking Murder here. Not only with media that refuse to accurately report but the numerous corporations and NGOs that disseminate false and misleading information!


  2. Michael Tucker says:

    Conservatives are ONLY INTERESTED IN PROTECTING CORPORATIONS. They are not interested in the folks who have lost work or entire businesses in the gulf. They are not interested in the environment. They are only interested in helping corporations make ever larger profits on the backs of the American people. CONSERVATIVES ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN CORPORATE SECURITY NOT NATIONAL SECURITY.

  3. mike roddy says:

    Thanks to Tom Toles, and for all of your work.

  4. A Siegel says:

    Without question, Toles is the best thing about The Washington Post and the most consistent quality on environmental issues in the editorial pages.

    Question: is there another mainstream political cartoonist who has so long ‘gotten it’ on climate change issues?

  5. prokaryote says:

    One funny theme are aliens who do everything to burn fossils.