War on science: Alabama’s “True Republican” TV ad mocks evolution

In the current Alabama gubernatorial primary race, there’s some serious mudslinging and general ugliness going on. True Republican PAC recently produced this campaign ad attacking conservative candidate Bradley Byrne for not being conservative enough. His crime? Bradley Byrne might believe in evolution!

Technorati reports the story and posts the “True Republican” TV ad:

Not to fear.   GOP gubernatorial candidate Byrne quickly defended his beliefs:

As a Christian and as a public servant, I have never wavered in my belief that this world and everything in it is a masterpiece created by the hands of God. As a member of the Alabama Board of Education, the record clearly shows that I fought to ensure the teaching of creationism in our school text books.

I’m so glad he had the courage of his convictions to set the record straight here.

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12 Responses to War on science: Alabama’s “True Republican” TV ad mocks evolution

  1. mike roddy says:

    The Confederacy is obviously hopeless, and it would be better if they seceded. The only hope for people living there is emigration.

  2. Bill Maddox says:

    I gladly emigrated from Alabama 15 years ago. With rare exceptions the ignorance there is appalling. Fact is … most seem proud of it.

    Bill Maddox

  3. david freeman says:

    To Mike (2) and Bill (3):
    There are generations of Southerners dedicated to progressive change in the South. If you had grown up here, you’d see that although we have much work to do, much progress has been made particularly here in North Carolina. We need to change not to secede!

    Although I am somewhat offended by your perspective, I deeply sympathize with your frustration. Don’t give up on us.

  4. Stuart says:

    The overlap is almost perfect between creationists and climate-change deniers. Some deniers are not creationists, but pretty much all creationists are deniers. With creationism polling ridiculously high in the U.S. no wonder actual scientists have trouble being trusted.

  5. toby says:

    The day Ronald Reagan said that he had “problems” with Evolution was a sad day for America.

    Reagan initiated the Age of Stupid, and this ad, plus phenomena like Sarah Palin, are its culmination. As they proved with George Bush, millions of Americans prefer a stupid President, a sound patriot you could have a beer with, to someone with some intelligence and insight into world affairs.

    William Tenn had a savagely satirical science fiction story called Null-P in which the perfect average man George Abnego is discovered living in the US. Abnego is the perfect mediocrity – average number of children, average age, average social scale, average educational attainment, average political views .. etc.

    However, the world has just had a nuclear war and Abnego is persuaded to run for President under the slogan “Back to Normal with the Normal Man.” Hey, the Tea-Party could use that! He wins of course, and the US subsides into such blissful mediocrity that the rest of the world asks Abnego to take over. His son takes his place, then his grandson, and so on ….

    Soon prizes are awarded not for the “best” but for the achievement that is closest to the mean. Most scientific advances fall into disuse and mankind regresses. Eventually, a hardy breed of dogs (here it gets, well, hairy!) becomes more intelligent than us and adopts the remaining humans as pets.

    Tenn said it all started with a politician saying “Shucks, I’m just plain folks”, and when you see Palin and her crew, plus these Alabama hacks, you begin to see he had a point.

  6. Jim says:

    Apparently the ad was created by democrats from an angry local teachers’ union:

  7. Lars Karlsson says:

    Paulm @ 1,

    That part about renaming the slave trade the “Atlantic triangular trade” was … words fail me.

  8. Chris Winter says:

    Is this a case of Hubbert’s pique?

  9. ubrew12 says:

    Well, the south denies evolution in ‘defense’ of God. Maybe the Gulf oil spill is God’s way of speaking in his own defense.
    “You don’t believe in fossils? I’ll show you fossils!”

  10. Bill W says:

    Re paulm’s link at #1, the USA is well on its way to becoming the laughingstock of the world if these textbooks are widely used. I’m a Christian, but I have no problem reconciling evolution with the Bible.

    We appear to be headed toward Idiocracy. My nephew forced me to watch the incredibly inane movie of the same name, which has a similar plot to the one Toby described at #6. The “world’s most average man” is put into suspended animation, forgotten, and wakes up hundreds of years in the future, where he is hailed as the smartest man in a world controlled by corporations and machines.

  11. Joe1347 says:

    While we’re talking about movies, Another example is the obscure Showtime movie “Harrison Bergeron” – where all of the politicians are complete idiots.