Toles on BP’s oil disaster response strategies

Plus a climate cartoon

The WashPost cartoonist Tom Toles has more great cartoons — one on the BP disaster, one on global warming politics:


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And one he titles, “Hot and cold running argument”:


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3 Responses to Toles on BP’s oil disaster response strategies

  1. Wonhyo says:

    As always, an excellent selection of cartoons.

    BP/Transocean/Halliburton have better than a “Get Out of Jail Free” card. In the Monopoly game, you had to spend at least one turn in jail before you can use the card. In real life, these guys will probably never go to jail in the first place.

  2. robhon says:

    Wonhyo… You’re right. In fact, they’ll likely get multi-million dollar bonuses.

  3. James Newberry says:

    Or receive jobs in the federal government regulating their climate change industry. Oiligarchy-R-US. “Mining for energy” NOT.