BP Is ‘Very Optimistic That The Gulf Will Fully Recover’

Oil Sludge in Lousiana

BP is confident that the Gulf of Mexico will “fully recover” from its growing oil disaster, as vast oil plumes spread beneath the waves and toxic sludge chokes Louisiana’s fragile wetlands. Appearing on CBS’s Early Show Friday morning, BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles expressed his confidence that because the gulf is “a large body of water,” it will survive his company’s negligent catastrophe without any permanent damage:

It’s hard to actually know for certain because I’m not an expert, but I do know there have been larger spills and the gulf has survived. The experts tell me that there are many things going for us in this case. It’s a large body of water, it’s a warm body of water, it has natural oil seeps which the environment deals with, but we’re gonna put a lot of effort into monitoring this and do everything we can to minimize its impact. Time will tell. But I’m optimistic, very optimistic that the gulf will fully recover.

Watch it:

When asked if BP will survive this disaster, Suttles replied, “I believe we will,” noting that BP is the biggest producer of oil and gas in the United States.

Meanwhile, the approximately 60 million gallons of oil that have spewed into the gulf has already brought irreversible devastation to Louisiana’s precious coast, dragging BP’s reputation literally through the muck.

BP in the sand
A pool of oil on a beach at the mouth of the Mississippi River on Monday (Getty)
  Damn BP! God Bless America!
A sign south of Belle Chasse, LA, on Thursday (AP)
Greenpeace takes over BP
Greenpeace protesters take over BP headquarters in London on Thursday (AP)
Beyond Petroleum?
Marine scientist Paul Horsman at the mouth of the Mississippi River on Monday (Greenpeace)

If the higher flow estimates by independent scientists are correct, BP’s ongoing disaster (131 million gallons) has already surpassed the 1979 Ixtoc I blowout (126 million gallons) as the second largest spill in history, behind only the 1990 Persian Gulf war spill. Suttles expressed confidence the Deepwater Horizon gusher would be shut down by early August.

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