MN professor eviscerates Monckton in must-see video

TVMOB’s talk proves “how easy it is to fabricate data.”

“The number of errors Chris Monckton makes is so enormous it would take a thesis to go through every single one of them.”

The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (TVMOB) is a shameless purveyor of hate speech and anti-science disinformation (see links below).

Nonetheless, you rarely see such a thorough debunking of an anti-science disinformer as this astonishing point-by-point evisceration put together by John Abraham, an engineering professor at St. Thomas University in St. Paul, MN.

One of the two reasons you rarely see this is because few people are willing to put in the time and effort that Prof. Abraham has — not merely looking up just about every reference TVMOB uses but actually e-mailing the authors of those scientific papers and asking them if TVMOB has accurately represented their work.

The second reason you rarely see this kind of thorough dismantlement is that few people make stuff up with the relentlessness of TVMOB or push the kind of hate speech that make people want to debunk them entirely:

Kudo to Abraham for this masterful debunking.


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  1. mike roddy says:

    I’m addicted to Lord Monckton, and hang on his every phrase. Our best comedy writers could never hope to top this man.

    In fifteen years, he will be raving atop a cardboard box in Hyde Park, pleading for attention from passersby. Even people like Koch and Scialfe will have had enough of him by then.

  2. nathan says:

    Monckton has no grasp on reality and neither does anyone who believes his oil soaked words.

    On Wednesday Montreal broke the heat record (125% of the previous record set in 1951) and had a hailstorm serious enough to knock out power in some parts of the city.

    I have a permanent solution for this Turd Monkton problem: put him in a building, light it on fire, and watch as he tries to deny the fire away.

  3. This is a terrific presentation. One of the challenges with confronting Monckton, Lomborg, and their ilk is that making stuff up is a lot easier than debunking it, and somebody’s got to take the time to really dig into their claims. And they really do make stuff up, which is most unfortunate. Abraham is a very patient fellow…

  4. Brewster says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed Abraham’s presentation.

    Not only an outstanding debunking, but actually a pretty good basis for teaching about AGW.

  5. BillD says:

    Pretty amazing that nearly every author that Monckton cited disagreed with his interpretation of their data. I have to hand it to Abraham for his effort. If only some of the people who listened to Monckton talk in the US Senate could go through this presentation…. I was thinking about offering it to my students, but I am afraid that it’s a bit long. Nevertheless, I listened to the whole thing. Is it really true that, according to WUWT, Monckton won a debate at Oxford U. I guess that the students in the autdience did not know or expect that CM was lying through his teeth.

  6. David says:

    Daily Kos had a good summary of recent effects of the globally warmed atmosphere. Of course, the Moncktons, Watts, and Goddards of the world have their heads buried in the sand.

    [JR: No. That UAH plot is wrong. I need to do a post on this.]

  7. Professor Abraham has produced and excellent presentation. This is a great service. Academic behavior at its best and most responsible. Thank you.

    Monkton is more than a nuisance. Deliberate misinformation leads us into direct harm. He should be held liable. Intentionally lying – whether about food, tobacco, cosmetics or insecticide – is very serious. A crime. I am shocked that he is tolerated so much.

    Why was he allowed into our country? Why did Congress accept him into the halls of government?

  8. Mark S says:

    Best debunking of LVMOB ever. Notable for it’s breadth and thoroughness.

    We can certainly expect Mr. Abraham to have some sort of complaint filed against him in the very near future.

    You have to hand it to ‘Lord Cheerio Monckton’: he keeps getting smacked down but always comes up again…mostly to spout more ridiculosities.

  9. sod says:

    wow, just wow. i am still watching, but soooo much work went into this!

    i will just repeat Joe:

    “Kudo to Abraham for this masterful debunking.”

  10. jyyh says:

    We have a proverb here in Finland that says “one fool may ask so many questions that ten wise men cannot answer”, with this presentation, Prof. Abrahams tries to prove it wrong.

  11. Heraclitus says:

    I’ve enjoyed the first half already – great work, though the task is so huge that inevitably even in such a long presentation there are still sections that only skim the surface of his disingenuity(?!).

    One thing that you Americans need to get over though is this idea that somehow a British accent lends some credibility. Monckton’s accent is grating to me at least and I expect to most British listeners. It is both smarmy and supercilious.

  12. What a superb and well presented correction of Monckton’s multiple fabrications, this deserves promulgating assiduously along with Peter Sinclair’s brief and to the point ‘Crock’ pair on Monckton.

    Heraclitus I agree, as another British visitor I cringe every time I hear Monckton speak and the first time this happened the word ‘unctuous’ popped into my mind and one I cannot shake off. I feel ashamed to share the same nationality as this snake-oil salesman. I made my feelings clear to the local UKIP member, which party Monckton allied himself to, in the run up to the recent general election.

  13. enSKog says:

    Re: the response to #6.
    I have been watching the UAH/Roy Spencer temperature plots for some time with interest/incredulity! I look forward to your comments.
    And as a Brit Oxford graduate I feel the need to point out that ‘winning’ an Oxford Union debate is about how well you debate, not whether you are right. As John Abraham points out Monckton presents his rubbish really well.

  14. barry says:

    I’ve been spending too long in the climate wars. I can reference most of the graphs for John Abraham, unreferenced by Monckton. Climate Audit, M&M, WUWT…

    Abraham’s video would make a great resource for the next one (after Tim Lambert) to debate TVMOB. Just citing the scientists who explicitly said, “He’s wrong” in their email replies would be a series of slam dunks.

  15. Tony Sidaway says:

    Monckton has no credibility outside a tiny and embattled political minority. He is best ignored.

    Having said that, I suggest that if you need to convince an uneducated person that you are justified in calling him a mountebank and ignoring his claims, this painstaking checking of his citations against the authors of the papers is one way.

    A more direct way, and one understandable to everyone, is to point to Monckton’s lies and misrepresentations about himself. He has appropriated Parliamentary symbols to which he is not entitled for use in promoting his nonsense, and he has falsely claimed to be an “honorary” member of the House of Lords. You don’t need to be a climate scientist to see that he is a very dishonest man.

  16. robhon says:

    Tony… To the contrary, I think it’s important to hold Monckton up as a perfect caricature of the absurdity of climate denying. He’s like the age old snake oil salesman. And like the snake oil salesman he should be run out of town as he’s found out for his deceit.

  17. vergentbill says:

    The spark that lights the furnace:

    We have lost 15,000 km^3 of arctic sea ice volume over the last 30 years. We have lost an equal volume of alpine glaciers. This means Earth is endothermic by a tera-watt, add in sea surface temperature rise, about two terawatts. But when the arctic is ice free in summer it will be absorbing 7 terawatts more than when ice covered, 24/7. The permafrost will then melt farting methane and CO2 into the atmosphere; more terawatts. Climate will change faster than we can react.

    We are well past the tipping point. Moncton and his ilk have succeeded, rapture is coming.

  18. Dear Joe,

    Dr. Arthur Smith deserves a great deal of credit for his complete takedown of Monckton’s junk science, which can be found at this link:

  19. Of course, the gang at RealClimate also did a great and humorous takedown here:

  20. MapleLeaf says:

    Kudos to Dr. Abraham. So why have Revkin et al. not blasted this all over the web? Really, we are delaying taking action because of the likes of Monckton. If the public knew about how the contrarians repeatedly deceive, lie even, then public pressure to take action on AGW would surely mount.

    It is scary that Monckton was permitted to present “evidence” to the U.S. House Committee. Is it not a crime to mislead the Senate or House? I’m not from the USA, so please feel free to correct me. If this is indeed the case, why has no one taken Monckton to task? Disgraceful that he is permitted to keep getting away with his lies and deception.

    Also see how how Easterbrook has been exposed by Tim Lambert (at Deltoid) and Gareth at:

    Incidentally, Monckton also hid the incline from his slide in which he shows Alley’s temperature reconstruction for Greenland.

  21. Leif says:

    Is there some way we can force the GOP to watch Dr. Abraham’s counter in the interest of the future of humanity. I will sit thru an equal length of something of their choosing if it will help.

  22. Leif says:

    I’ll look at yours if you will look at mine, Peter, #22. I will even go first if you promise.

  23. Doug Bostrom says:


    One thing that you Americans need to get over though is this idea that somehow a British accent lends some credibility. Monckton’s accent is grating to me at least and I expect to most British listeners. It is both smarmy and supercilious.

    Even worse, we’ve got an atavistic streak of forehead-knuckling here; the title has a similar effect here in the U.S. as offering a treat to a dog. Hold a treat in your hand and the dog will perform any manner of silly tricks, including believing 2+2=5. Reflexive submission.

    I don’t think most people here realize how recent Monckton’s title is, how it has nothing to do with a lineage leading back to some instance of particularly ruthless killing or specially affecting royal flattery from the dim past. Monckton’s willingness to promote his particular choice of trade using a legacy based on dusty paperwork performed by grandpa Walt is nauseatingly expedient but undeniably effective; he’d never have been noticed without the title. But seems to be the whole idea of the hereditary peerage: converting some particular instance of “merit” into a useful anachronism, a permanently heritable asset divorced from contemporary metrics of virtue.

  24. Russell says:

    Robhon has correctly identified Monckton’s present line of work- see the bottom of this link

    One wishes he would go back to umpiring cricket.

  25. PeterSmith2 says:

    I have an idea lets go on or computers which uses electricity and warn everyone about the dangers of global warming.

    [JR: You had me going for a while. I thought you were serious, and not someone spoofing the anti-science bunch. Well done!]

  26. Leif says:

    Have you looked at any of the data. This one from paulm is quick place to start PeterS2, #25

    Since you are lurking around anyway, what the heck. It is just one plot, you will survive. Not like it is porn or an evolution book.

  27. Doug Bostrom says:

    PeterSmith2 says: May 28, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    Woof! Woof!

  28. Walt says:

    Can’t wait for the debate between Abraham and Monckton. Will you sponsor it, Joe? Maybe stream it live?



  29. Marion Delgado says:

    What bothers me is the endless Lord Monckton crap. It’s just Monckton, or Christopher Monckton. Seriously. Unless you live in England, I guess. And he’s not in the House of Lords, and it’s phuckwits like him inheriting meaningless titles that led the various colonies to largely dispense with them in the first place, especially the breakaway United States. Those Lords and Sirs are meaningless out of their home context. What are we playing, @#$#ing Dungeons and Dragons? There’s only been a Discount Mountebank of Benchwarmer since 1957, when his grandfather got the title from Churchill as a political perk.

    For example, who calls Richard Dawkins Dr. Dawkins all the damned time? Or PZ Myers Dr. Myers? Or any of the climate-blogging scientists Dr. xXX. Even James Hansen doesn’t get “Dr. Hansen” all the time, even though he’s one of the best atmospheric scientists in US history.

    As far as I’m concerned, people like Ken Livingstone (and the American Eugene Debs) are nature’s noblemen, but I won’t insist anyone join me in venerating them.

  30. Heraclitus says:

    Oh, believe me Marion, those Lords and Sirs are meaningless in their home context as well. For most of us at least.

  31. Doug Bostrom says:

    Marion Delgado says:

    Discount Mountebank of Benchwarmer

    Takes the prize for the funniest thing I’ve read in several days. Nice!