Inhofe: Fiorina ˜is supporting my push to gut the Clean Air Act, agrees climate change is a ˜hoax

ThinkProgress spoke to Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) about Senate GOP nominee Carly Fiorina.  I repost the amazing story and video below.

Today on Capitol Hill, Americans for Prosperity, the corporate front group founded and funded by David Koch of the oil conglomerate Koch Industries, hosted an event to urge the passage of Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s (R-AK) resolution to gut the Clean Air Act’s power to regulate carbon emissions. Several Republican Senators came to the AFP event to encourage support for the resolution, which was drafted by lobbyists from the coal and oil industry.

After the event, ThinkProgress spoke to one of the speakers, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), about his support for Carly Fiorina (R-CA), the U.S. Senate candidate to emerge from the primary last night. Inhofe gave Fiorina an early endorsement, and his nephew, Fred Davis, created the infamous “demon sheep” ads for Fiorina’s campaign.

Inhofe, who has been described as Washington’s “the last flat-earther” for his strident denial of climate change, said Fiorina “is supporting what I am supporting.” He elaborated that Fiorina both supports eviscerating the EPA’s ability to enforce the Clean Air Act, and that she is supportive of his beliefs “in terms of the whole global warming hoax.” He then added that he is “very proud of her”:

TP: I was wondering if Carly actually supports this effort to change the regulatory power of the Clean Air Act that you’re talking about today?

INHOFE: No, Carly’s already taken a stand on this.

TP: Oh, so she’s supporting this?

INHOFE: She is supporting what I am supporting. In fact Carly made a statement yesterday that was the strongest statement I’ve heard yet in terms of the whole global warming hoax. So I was very proud of her.

Watch it:

Not long ago, Fiorina believed in climate change and supported efforts to deal with carbon pollution. On Fox News last year, Fiorina praised Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) for crafting bipartisan clean energy legislation to achieve “energy independence” and “addressing climate change as equally important goals.” Fiorina also campaigned for Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in 2008 because he promised to “create a cap-and-trade system that will encourage the development of alternative energy sources.”

Fiorina has quickly dismissed her once-held climate change beliefs to satisfy the far right, science-denying wing of the conservative movement. She initially flipped, telling reporters that people need the “courage” to question climate change science. Then, she ran an ad mocking Sen. Barbara Boxer’s (D-CA) belief in climate change, with the narrator claiming that the world’s catastrophic changes in temperature are simply due to the “weather.” But now with Inhofe claiming Fiorina agrees fully with his belief that climate change is a “hoax” and that Congress must radically weaken the Clean Air Act, the metamorphosis of Fiorina into full right-wing sycophant is complete.

Update: Last night, Inhofe posted an interview in which he said the problem with the response to BP’s oil spill is “all these hearings we’re having.” Does Fiorina support that view, as well?
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17 Responses to Inhofe: Fiorina ˜is supporting my push to gut the Clean Air Act, agrees climate change is a ˜hoax

  1. prokaryote says:

    As a member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee

    Inhofe Blocks Second Dem Attempt To Raise Oil Company Liability (VIDEO)

  2. prokaryote says:

    Inhofe to Boxer: ‘Get a life’

    Inhofe, along with friend Charles Sublett and his Deputy Press Secretary Kathryn Junk

    “I told her ‘I won. You lost. Get a life,’” Inhofe said.

  3. prokaryote says:

    Sam Stein at the Huffington Post reports that President Obama has come out in support of lifting the $75 million liability cap for oil spillers.

    Congress had hoped to raise the liability cap to $10 billion, but Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) blocked the measure single-handedly. Now, Stein reports, the White House has backed new legislation to make oil companies liable for unlimited amounts for the economic damage caused by oil spills.

  4. Raul says:

    Years ago, thinking that it was media spin that a elected National
    leader would say nationally and do more than just say “clean up your
    act”, I started to hear more and more about how the State of California
    was starting to deal with the knowledge that there are better ways
    to deal with the needs of the special interests, as well as, the needs
    of the general electorate.
    And different ways have progressed, and the need for better ways have
    become more well known.
    Keep doing, the State of California is a better example of leadership
    by being inclusive of people who want a change for the better, if
    for no other reason than the hope that there is another inhabitable
    planet out there in some distant universe just isn’t inclusive in scope
    or practicality.

  5. Jeff Huggins says:

    Saving California and The U.S. Senate

    The first focus of the news media (to make sure we get the straight scoop on the beliefs of Senate candidates), of Democrats, and of Fiorina’s direct opponents (e.g., Boxer), regarding the upcoming elections, should be on Fiorina’s views on climate change, oil, and the energy problem more broadly.

    In California, how does Fiorina expect to get elected, or expect to even be viewed as sane, if she denies the reality of climate change or speaks ambiguities and confusions about it?

    But, the danger (as often happens) is that the media and others let people get away with ambiguous and unclear statements about their views, speaking “mush” or saying one thing to one group and then another thing to another group.

    So, it falls upon the news media (especially in California, but also nationally), the Democratic party, Senator Boxer and her team, climate change and environmental groups, and so forth to ask Fiorina clear questions, to insist on getting clear answers, to persist in doing so, and then to make sure the public understands it if Fiorina feels that climate change is not real or “should be questioned” still at this point.

    Let’s understand Fiorina’s view clearly … with crystal clarity. If Californians vote for someone who denies climate change, well then, I don’t know what there is to hope for any more.



  6. Rabid Doomsayer says:

    Has Inhofe succeded in delaying action long enough to ensure our doom? Will we do anything before an Elmo (or PETM) event is inevitable?

    The veneer of our civilization is so very thin, I doubt that it will withstand even the milder consequences that are already in train. Unlike those who would climb the Dark Mountain I find no joy in this.

    Life without state; Utopia or nasty short and brutish (Thomas Hobbes)? We may well find out. A short read of Joseph Tainter is not at all reassuring.

  7. Dana says:

    I really don’t understand why Fiorina thinks aligning herself with the likes of Inhofe and denying global warming will help her win an election on California. It’s California! I think the GOP did us a favor by nominating Fiorina rather than Tom Campbell to oppose Boxer. I think Boxer will win the re-election quite handily as a result. Especially if she focuses on Fiorina’s global warming denial and her pro-life stance. Not to mention the fact that she ran HP into the ground.

  8. apeescape says:

    Carly Fiorina on Real Time:

    “The risks of doing nothing if global warming exists, are far greater than the risks of doing something. So let’s do something. … Because I happen to agree that global warming is clearly happening. … We might reduce our dependence on foreign oil. We might ignite a cycle of innovation.”

  9. Carly Fiorina is a disgrace and an embarrassment to all businesswomen. She single-handedly wrecked Lucent (the old Bell Labs.). She nearly did the same to Hewlett-Packard. Her Democratic opponent in the election needs to hammer on her business failures.

  10. I am completely against Fiorina and I agree that the campaign should emphasize her incompetence as a CEO, but I don’t think the quote from Inhofe implies that she said global warming is a hoax. Inhofe said:

    “She is supporting what I am supporting. In fact Carly made a statement yesterday that was the strongest statement I’ve heard yet in terms of the whole global warming hoax.”

    That is a bit like my saying “Joe Romm made a strong statement about the global warming plague.” In that statement, I am calling global warming a plague, but the statement does not necessarily mean that Joe Romm used the word “plague.”

    So, I would say that Inhofe’s statement means that Fiorina is supporting the wrong policies on global warming (“She is supporting what I am supporting”), but it doesn’t mean that she called global warming a hoax.

  11. Michael Tucker says:

    Oklahoma farmers on climate change – Nothing to see here.

    Those who make a living off the land and depend on predictable weather patterns do not see a problem in Oklahoma. So no problem exists and global warming must be a hoax. The farmers are deathly afraid a carbon tax, or cap-n-trade, will increase their cost of doing business. Besides the farmers, Inhofe must protect Oklahoma oil and gas interests and denial is the easiest path to take. Since the Oklahoma agricultural industry is not worried about global warming and the future of their industry why should Inhofe support a bill that regulates CO2? If he can deny EPA the right to regulate CO2 and block any bill that regulates CO2, he will succeed.

    Here is what was reported in an Oklahoma Farm Report interview with Inhofe from 5/10/10:
    “Senator Inhofe continues to predict that no climate change legislation with any sort of “cap and trade” plan will pass the Senate here in 2010. He also believes that the Environmental Protection Agency will not have a chance to regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions, as he believes the premise of their endangerment finding of last year was based on faulty science that has been debunked since that time- and that legal challenges against the finding by the EPA are being filed by many states and numerous groups, including the American Farm Bureau and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.”

    As for California and Fiorina…there is nothing special about the voters in California. California has a tea party. That mad woman, Orly Taitz, ran for California Secretary of State and was able to get about 26% of the conservative vote. California voters can be just as ignorant as anyone else.

    Hoax is still the most popular anti-science attack on global warming.

  12. And in the meantime, in real life: NASA: May was warmest ever globally both for land+sea (+0.63C, and for land only (+0.83C

  13. All-time highs for the Jan-May period as well: Jan-May 2010 was warmest ever globally both for land+sea (+0.72C, and for land only (+0.90C

  14. Jeff Huggins says:

    Watch That!

    I suggest that people watch the youtube clip of Fiorina and Bill Mahr that apeescape provided in Comment 7.

    That’s a great clip.

    Please make sure (someone, or karma, or God, or Climate Progress) that the Democrats and B. Boxer and so forth are aware of that clip.



  15. Jim Eager says:

    Sustainable2050, please be careful not to overstate the facts and keep in mind that “ever” is a long time. “In the instrument record” is all the GISS data justifies, which is more than enough to cause concern.

    From the linked GISS data:

    May 2010 is *tied* at +.63C with May 1998 for the warmest May anomaly in the combined land-surface instrument record, while March-April-May 2010 is by far the warmest such period at +.73C. The next closest was 2002 at +.65C.

    In the land met station only data set May 2010 shows the warmest May anomaly at +.83C, while March-April-May 2010 is at +.90 — almost a full degree above the baseline average!

    Meanwhile, NSIDC, IARC-JAXA, and UBremen all show 2010 Arctic ice extent to be decreasing faster than in any year in the satellite record (since 1979), including 2007. (I check it daily.)

    It’s early yet, but 2010 is already shredding the denialsphere meme of global cooling, not that it will cause the willfully ignorant to stop using it.

  16. Someone should edit that youtube clip provided in comment 7 so it just includes Maher’s question and Fiorina’s response, and they should retitle the clip “Fiorina Flip-Flops on Global Warming.”

    It is tedious to wait for all the humor to go by before Fiorina speaks, and most people interested in Fiorina will not find it with its current title. We need a clip that focuses just on this statement by Fiorina.

  17. Rick Covert says:

    Fiorina and Whitman will loose and because of two words, Orly Taitz.