BP humor: Best video yet

BP responds to a coffee spill:

More BP humor:

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  1. Peter says:

    Laugh or cry?

  2. Kelley Meck says:

    I wish the video could be as funny without characterizing the oil volcano as a minor spill with a botched response, when really it was a disaster waiting to happen with no effective response ready, a fact which BP intentionally covered up. Skimmers are like firetrucks–you don’t use all of them often, but that’s because it’s much better to have to many than too few. BPs disaster preparedness plan claimed they could skim as much as 17 million gallons per day… how much have they skimmed *in total* so far?

  3. Peter, my thoughts, exactly. However, I think satire may be a very effective way to show the average person how ridiculous BP has been.

    Speaking of satire, there is a BRILLIANT satirical piece on the War on Science over at one of my favorite blogs: Friends of Gin & Tonic.

    Scott A. Mandia, Professor of Physical Sciences
    Selden, NY
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  4. lizardo says:

    My favorite is “Obama sings Kickass song” (be sure to watch the whole thing, there’s a sort of break in the middle) it’s in various locations, but this one worked more seamlessly for me without stops.

  5. Monique says:

    Thank you Joe Peter Kelley Scott and lizardo

  6. prokaryote says:

    Monique, make sure to check out

  7. prokaryote says:

    Pardon, i was refering to lizardo.

  8. From Peru says:

    Excellent parody!

    coffee spilling into the FISH and a map of LOUISIANA…

    Being serious, this is not much unlike their response to the real-life oil spill!