After spouting anti-government rhetoric, Rubio solicits “assistance of the federal government” on oil disaster

Right-wing Florida senatorial candidate Marco Rubio is yet one more hypocritical conservative “suddenly discovering their inner FDR.”

Earlier this month, ThinkProgress reported that “” despite her muchpublicized opposition to strong government action “” Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) slammed President Obama for not using his executive authority to “commandeer” boats in the Gulf region to “deal with that oil plume as it was coming up in the water.”

And during an interview with Sean Hannity earlier this year, Rubio complained that Obama was trying to “create a dependency society” by “trying to fundamentally redefine the role of government in America.” He agreed with Hannity that when “people look to the government for security of any kind,” we give up our prosperity. He told NPR, “The more that government is involved in your economy, the less economy there is left over for the rest of us.”

Now that his state is facing a crisis from the oil disaster, Rubio is changing his tune and practically begging for “the assistance of the federal government” to help Florida cope. Last night on Fox News, Rubio said containment of the spill should be “the number one priority of the federal government,” and he solicited assistance for Louisiana that “only the federal government could provide to help protect their marshes.” Then, Rubio demanded government assistance to protect Florida’s beaches:

VAN SUSTEREN: If people do not enjoy your beaches you don’t have revenue to run your government, and you are in a deeper financial problem aside from the ecological damage. Now what?

RUBIO: Obviously, you want to make sure people have confidence in the state of Florida with the assistance of the federal government is doing everything it can to protect beaches.

Watch it here:

Of course, Rubio is correct that the government does have a much-needed and proper role in leading the containment and clean-up efforts. Trusting private actors to deal with the crisis has proven unreliable. Meanwhile, the catastrophe reaps greater and greater damage on public lands, wildlife, and the larger economy. Among other things, the oil disaster highlights the shallow hypocrisy of right-wing conservatives who preach the mantra of “limited government.”

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2 Responses to After spouting anti-government rhetoric, Rubio solicits “assistance of the federal government” on oil disaster

  1. cervantes says:

    Libertarianism is internally incoherent and inconsistent with observable reality. “Free markets” (there is no such thing as a “free market,” never has been, and never could be) and the exaltation of the individual are mantras they evoke when it’s convenient, but instantly forget when they want government to do something for them or their wealthy pals.

    This is not news.

  2. mike roddy says:

    Ditto, Cervantes. The political conversation of the Republican Party is almost unbearably disrespectful of the intelligence of the American people. They think we’re a bunch of yahoos who will elect them if they just chant focus group tested phrases like “socialism”, “soft on terrorists”, “no gas taxes”, etc. It’s not just that coherent and consistent thought is absent. It’s not even an option.