Pelosi: We’ll stop blaming Bush “when the problems go away.”

The speaker of the House says it better than anyone on MSNBC:

The news story is here.

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3 Responses to Pelosi: We’ll stop blaming Bush “when the problems go away.”

  1. mike roddy says:

    Once in a while I get an political email from a right wing friend that includes some kind of button pushing about “Nancy Pelosi” this, “Nancy Pelosi” that. Part of the Far Right’s strategy is to portray her as a libertine witch from San Francisco, even though Nancy is actually a middle of the road Italian American, with a stable and humdrum family life. Even her political views are pretty mainstream- most opposition to Pelosi in her home district comes from the Left.

    But then, reality long ago ceased to make any difference whatsoever to the Republicans. Their most fervent family values spokesmen go to cathouses, and patronize gay escort services and airport bathrooms. While they talk about socialism, their main mission is to transfer taxpayer money into the pale, fat hands of their friends at the banks and oil companies.

    Things are getting weirder and weirder. The more evidence piles up about environmental destruction and runaway climate change, the more they believe that everything is fine, and that the scientists are in a greed crazed cabal, obsessed with research money. So relentless is the Party’s obsession with staying joined at the hip with the oil companies that they were able to turn Lindsey Graham into a global warming denier overnight.

    This is far worse than the court of Louis XIV, where at least they went to the ballet, and had some kind of code. It’s more like the court of Charles VI, where debauchery was taken to new levels, and the poor were plundered at every opportunity. Members of Charles’ court were retarded from royal inbreeding, and bent on macabre pleasures, as the Plague was killing off a third of the population of Europe.

    I actually think that the Republicans on some level do believe that they are destroying the world on behalf of their friends in the banks, oil companies, and military hardware manufacturers. They are dumb, but it’s impossible to be that dumb. When devastating climate events pile up, they will take sick pleasure in them, as did the Court of Charles VI, when the Plague overwhelmed even the rich:

    “The cult of death was to reach its height in the 15th century, but its source was in the 14th. When death was to be met any day around any corner, it might have been expected to become banal; instead it extended a ghoulish fascination. Emphasis was on worms and putrefaction and gruesome physical details…” Tuchman, A Distant Mirror, 1978.

    When things get tough, we will need men and women of character. This is the quality that has gone completely missing in the Republican Party.

  2. catman306 says:

    I wish Representative Pelosi would have included Cheney in that reference. Bush and Congress were the puppets Megabucks were the strings. Cheney and some billionaires were the puppeteers.

  3. Richard Brenne says:

    Mike Roddy (#1) –

    Here and with all your other comments you’ve been hitting more nails on the head than everyone involved with Habitat for Humanity put together!

    I do go to cathouses (at the zoo) and patronize airport restrooms (for their intended purposes) myself, but you’re absolutely right about all of this.

    There’s kind of a new breed of comedy practiced by Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn where somebody says something patently absurd, and rather than let it go the Stiller or Vaughn character will just keep calling the looney-tune wingnut on it.

    The issue kind of lies there exposed as a result.

    This is what we need to do with all right-wing, Republican looney-tune wingnuttery, all of us, billions of times, in our on-air interviews (as much as we’re allowed) to our private conversations.

    Keep reinforcing to people that “You trust the latest and best scientists in medicine and in building the airliners you fly and everything else, so explain to me again why you don’t trust the latest and best science about climate change. I know many of the world’s top climate scientists and they wouldn’t claim to know more about plumbing supplies in Seattle (or whatever your conversation partner’s expertise is) than you do, so why is it you think you know more about atmospheric science than atmospheric scientists do? Isn’t that incredibly and insufferably ignorant and arrogant? And isn’t ignorance and arrogance a dangerous combination, as the Bush Administration showed us?”

    Of course you can stop without the last two sentences, depending on the situation.

    So all we have to be is many, many millions of Ben Stillers and Vince Vaughns to hopefully reinstate some semblance of common sense, purpose and action. This is what Pelosi does here with skill, courage and common sense and this is what we all need to do again and again, as many times as it takes.

    Even if we momentarily appear to fail there’s comfort in doing our best and going down swinging. A conversation that appears futile at the time, if done with enough skill, courage, kindness and even affection, can be planting seeds that can grow in countless ways.

    One addendum: Do I think the Democrats other than Jimmy Carter and Al Gore have been wrong or far too timid about renewable energy and many other reforms? Yes. Do I think every Republican I can think of with national power since Ronald Reagan has been thousands of times worse? Absolutely. Their lust for power and the greed they represent knows no decent bounds, and is in the process of destroying all of us on the altar of their egos. If we want to see more suffering than from every war and famine put together, all we have to do is keep doing what we’re doing, to keep doing what Republicans insist, demand and require us to do.