Rove says Obama should hear from academics on oil spill, then complains he is surrounded by academics

More finger in the wind [in your eye?] doubletalk, from the master himself, via TP.

In his latest Wall Street Journal column, Karl Rove drudges out the old 2008 campaign attack on President Obama’s “present” votes as a state senator in Illinois, and wittily remarks that Obama “may now be president, but at times he appears to be merely present” in dealing with BP’s oil spill.

On Fox News, Rove discussed the column and advised Obama to get ideas from academics around the country on dealing with the oil disaster:

ROVE: So why has he not met with industry experts to say, Explain to me what we ought to be doing? And if he doesn’t want to meet with people in the oil industry, then you “” there are plenty of very smart petroleum engineering professors in America’s great colleges and universities he could meet with. […]

I’d get the smartest engineering minds in the petroleum and “” and “” petroleum engineering departments of major universities to come in and brief him. Maybe there are some other ideas that BP has not done that might be usable.

Yet later in the segment, Rove criticized Obama for having academics surround him in the White House:

ROVE: He lacks the experience to make executive decisions. His policies have turned out to be very, very liberal. And he’s populated his administration with people just like him, eggheads from academia who have no practical working knowledge of how the American economy works or what ordinary families face in their daily lives, and the disconnect simply is growing.

Watch it:

To recap: It’s both good and bad to be listening to experts and academics, depending on what your political attack on Obama is at the moment.

There’s also a hint of irony in Rove’s attack. Did he have any “practical working knowledge of how the American economy works” before he went to work in the Bush White House?

This is a Think Progress respost.

7 Responses to Rove says Obama should hear from academics on oil spill, then complains he is surrounded by academics

  1. lizardo says:

    Once again the RW is accusing Obama of not doing what in fact he has already done.

  2. catman306 says:

    Karl Rove seemed smarter back in the early days when he was advising Bush. Since he went on Fox and into the Wall Street Journal his intelligence seems to be evaporating away in the heat. Perhaps it’s caused by the company he keeps on his new jobs, a lack of intellectual stimulation. Even a dimwit shines brightly in those circles.

  3. Raul says:

    Is the early adviser to Bush making polite excuses for the for
    the way Bush and Co. reached their decisions back then?

  4. mike roddy says:

    Karl Rove is a repellent brown stain on the history of our republic, and it’s depressing to see him pop up again. Why isn’t he in jail?

  5. Bill W says:

    There’s no contradiction. He’s just saying

    Oil industry academics: good
    Other academics: bad

    like any good Bushian would.

  6. Chris Winter says:

    Note that Rove does not suggest that BP should contact these petroleum engineering professors for advice. His purpose is not to help get the Gulf Gusher under control, it is to denigrate the president.

  7. David K says:

    Rove has become a parody of himself, shilling for as much as Fox will pay him. It’s rather sad, really.