Palin claims that Netherlands and Norway cant get their calls returned on the oil spill

To respond to President Obama’s first Oval Office address, Fox News last night turned to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, whom Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) once said “knows more about energy than probably anyone else in the United States of America.”  As TP reports, when asked about how to stop the leaking oil well, Palin said that the United States needs to accept more assistance from foreign governments:

O’REILLY: Do you know how to stop it?

PALIN: Well, then what the federal government should have done was accept the assistance of foreign countries, of entrepreneurial Americans who have had solutions –


PALIN: “” that they wanted presented.


PALIN: They can’t even get a phone call returned, Bill. The Dutch. They are known, and the Norwegians. They are known for dikes and for cleaning up water and for dealing with spills. They offered to help and, yet, no, they too, with a proverbial can’t even get a phone call back. That is what the Norwegians are telling us, and the Dutch are telling us, and then the entrepreneurial Americans.

Watch it:

While it is true that many observers have criticized the administration for being too slow to accept some offers of assistance, Palin is simply wrong that no one is returning calls from “the Dutch” and “the Norwegians.” From Monday’s Washington Post:

In late May, the administration accepted Mexico’s offer of two skimmers and 13,779 feet of boom; a Dutch offer of three sets of Koseq sweeping arms, which attach to the sides of ships and gather oil; and eight skimming systems offered by Norway.

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5 Responses to Palin claims that Netherlands and Norway cant get their calls returned on the oil spill

  1. Brent says:

    The Houston Chronicle wrote that the Dutch offered help soon after the spill, but…

    “‘The embassy got a nice letter from the administration that said, “Thanks, but no thanks,”‘ said Geert Visser, consul general for the Netherlands in Houston.”

    I believe, however, that there are some legal issues with foreign ships operating in U.S. waters, which may explain why the help now seems to come by way of systems and not vessels.

    That said, one might imagine the criticism if the administration had accepted foreign help after just three days, but then the leak were fixed quickly. “Why does the most power country in the world need help from this small nation with a population half that of California?”

  2. Esop says:

    A minor shipwreck off the south coast of Norway last summer turned into a major disaster with soiled beaches for hundreds for miles, so I’d say no thanks if the Norwegian “experts” offered their services.

  3. Rick Covert says:

    She who lives in glass houses should not throw stones, Ms. Palin. There’s that small matter of the BP’s oil pipeline leak up in Alaska due to, what else, cost cutting measures, when you were Governor. Why didn’t YOU call on Norway and The Netherlands?

  4. Turboblocke says:

    Perhaps she is referring to this story:

    “A Belgian group–DEME– contends it can clean up the oil in three to four months with specialty vessel and equipment, rather than an estimated nine months if done only by the U.S. The article noted there are no more than 5 or 6 of those ships in the world and the top specialist players are the two Belgian companies- DEME and De Nul – and their Dutch competitors.

    The U.S. does not have the similar technology and vessel to accomplish the cleanup task because those ships would cost twice as much to build in the U.S. than in the Far East. The article further criticizes this “great technological delay” is a direct consequence of the Jones Act.”

    and this story from early May:

    “Late Wednesday evening, the State Department emailed reporters identifying the 13 entities that had offered the U.S. oil spill assistance. They were the governments of Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Republic of Korea, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United Nations.

    “These offers include experts in various aspects of oil spill impacts, research and technical expertise, booms, chemical oil dispersants, oil pumps, skimmers, and wildlife treatment,” the email read.

    “While there is no need right now that the U.S. cannot meet, the U.S. Coast Guard is assessing these offers of assistance to see if there will be something which we will need in the near future.” “

  5. RoySV says:

    Sometimes I think that Sarah Palin will eventually be exposed as the first successful android. Her speech is simply a re-blend of cliches, old-saws, bromides, platitudes, happy talk, etc. Broken grammar is incorporated so she can never be accused of talking down. To quote a famous observation of scientific disgust:
    It’s “not even wrong”*

    *Wolfgang Pauli