Video: Climate Change and National Security

Our favorite climate de-crocker, Peter Sinclair has a new video:

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4 Responses to Video: Climate Change and National Security

  1. Prokaryotes says:

    Apparently the media gets away with reporting floods & heatwaves, without even mention climate change. Record breaking events seem no cause of concern today.

    How worse and irreversible does it have to get, till people start with clean energy and negative carbon action? Any nation will find it pretty impossible to change anything, once resources are scarce.

  2. mike roddy says:

    Prokaryote, the fossil fuel companies have strong relationships with all of the media. Weather forecasters and everyone else (including Andy Revkin) have been trained to say “no single extreme weather event can be conclusively linked to climate change” whenever there’s another huge flood or heat wave. That’s true. So what? Do they think their readers and listeners are incapable of grasping overall patterns and trends? Or are they just doing what they are told?

    That’s why it was good to hear from military men in Sinclair’s video, who have no time for wishful thinking or grubby PR spinners. My dad was an Army colonel- when you’re charged with people’s lives, it makes your decision making very disciplined.

  3. Tim L. says:

    Another great video by Peter Sinclair. Should be required viewing for right-wingers who rail about immigration, terrorism, or leaving deficits for our grandkids. Deficits? They’ll be lucky to have a livable planet.

  4. knoxkp says:

    You would think the followers of the Daddy party might view this and get religion but their brains seem to be encased in cement – This article from the globe discusses how facts don’t necessarily change minds

    People treat every issue like a political football game and this is so much more important than scoring trivial points – You start to wonder with all the evidence out there – acidic oceans, melting perma-frost, and Arctic sea ice and glaciers and Greenland, and more frequent examples of extreme weather events, and changing eco-systems and habitats – if there’s any hope at all of slowing this down before it’s far too late –