I’m speaking at SF’s Commonwealth Club Monday

I hope to see some Bay Area Climate Progress readers next Monday at the Commonwealth Club at 6 pm, reception to follow (tix here).

Here are the details of the timely event, “After BP, Climate Progress?”

Does the oil sloshing around the Gulf of Mexico improve or impede the chance of major energy legislation getting through Congress this year? After decades of debating climate science, is the United States making any progress toward acting upon it? A former official at the U.S. Department of Energy and a vociferous blogger, Romm gives his insight into the urgency of the climate crisis and the hope for technology to solve it. He also sounds off on what he says are distortions and inaccuracies in mainstream news coverage of the climate debate. Join us for a no-holds-barred conversation with one of the country’s most passionate clean-energy commentators.

Location: SF Club Office
Time: 5:30 p.m. check-in, 6 p.m. program, 7 p.m. networking reception
Cost: MEMBERS FREE, $20 non-members, $7 students (with valid ID)
Also know: The speakers and audience will be videotaped for future broadcast on the Climate One TV show on KRCB TV 22 on Comcast and DirecTV

This will be a conversation rather than a lecture, part of a new Climate One project that “seeks to foster wide-ranging discussions on environmental, energy, and climate change issues, and make these discussions available to a broad range of people around the world.”

I do expect to talk about Proposition 23, the battle over California’s climate law that pits polluters against the clean energy economy

See ya there!

8 Responses to I’m speaking at SF’s Commonwealth Club Monday

  1. Jeff Huggins says:

    Bravo. Sounds great. I’ll try hard to be there.



  2. Steven Leibo says:

    Excellent news and let’s remind everyone that all the commonwealth club talks are available later for free download through the podcast section of Itunes.

  3. Gary says:

    Non-Member Senior Discount???

  4. mike roddy says:

    When are you coming to Seattle? Coffee’s on me (not that you need it!).

  5. Andy Gunther says:

    Sorry I can’t be there. I was on the Climate One panel last week about climate change with Wieslaw Maslowski and Will Travis. Well run program, and they do a good job of distributing audio and video recordings.

  6. Deborah Stark says:

    Any chance of your coming to Boston in the foreseeable future?

  7. Greg Dalton says:

    Here’s the link to the free Climate One podcasts.

    Joe’s podcast will be up within 48 hours of the conversation.

    Video of Vinod Khosla, Eric Pooley and others here:

    Will post Joe’s video there too.

  8. Anna Haynes says:

    (glad I saw this in time…)