Video 2: Climate Change and National Security

Our favorite climate de-crocker, Peter Sinclair has another video on “Climate Change and National Security”:

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6 Responses to Video 2: Climate Change and National Security

  1. Mark Shapiro says:


    I hate funding terrorism when I fill up at the pump. I don’t like AGW much, either.

    I like it better when my inner John Muir and my inner George Patton agree on a no-carbon energy economy.

    So thanks again, Peter Sinclair and Joe Romm.

  2. April smith says:

    Run boats and ships on algae? The coal industry has provided algae solutions for years. Need to get up to date.
    “Energy Secretary Chu Claimed BP will Help Save World

  3. Mike says:

    The interstate highway system and the expansion of math and science education where both done in response to “national security.” It was the only way to give cover to get some moderate conservatives on board.
    So, we should start talking up the Energy/Climate/National Security bill.

  4. Will G. says:

    Mark, and everyone: BIKE!!!

    (then get that Leaf or Volt)

  5. Prokaryotes says:

    Great video, just it misses a little the point when just focusing on the southern hemisphere and it’s implications.

    What is more?

    Northern Hemisphere high latitude climate and environmental change

    Climate change is global and will become more pronounced and manifest itself with another climate state, which is persistent for several thousand years – if we do not act today. Plus, the chance of abrupt shifts – from sudden methane release, volcanic activity, acidification of the ocean etc. The magnitude and rate of change makes it impossible for every nation to sustain current economy – life as we know it.

    If we do not create accountability and choose a sustainable pathway, we will end up living in underground heatwave/storm/gas shelters and eat synthetic food soup. Of course those shelters are for a privileged minority of people. Most people will drown in worldwide anarchy outbreaks and all the stuff which comes from resource scarceness – like cannibalism. Degeneration of the entire planet and corresponding mass extinction threatens the survival of the human species.

    What else do people need to stop pumping dirty fossil energy out of the earth and release it into the atmosphere? Major climate shift occurred in the past and it seems it will happen again. This time because of human error – mainly from pure ignorance and incompetence.

  6. Climate Progress:

    The video Climate Change and National Security is just what I need to include in a GW Power Point (actually Mac Keynote) I am preparing for high school and college audiences; and for an occasional civic group.

    I am wondering if the originator of the video will grant permission for its use, and can it be had in another format, e.g., QuickTime?

    Thank you.


    Robert Siebert