Jimmy Buffett revises Margaritaville lyrics in Gulf concert: “But I know, its all BPs fault.”

I’d take Jimmy over Warren any day!  Think Progress has the story and video:

On Sunday, singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett performed a free concert that drew thousands of people to the Gulf Shores of Alabama. The concert was an effort to show support for the Gulf Coast and hopefully lure visitors to the area. Attendees showed up to the concert sporting anti-BP shirts. Buffett “” a Mobile, AL native “” sang “a very special version” of his famous song “Margaritaville,” changing his famous refrain to: “Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame; but I know, it’s all BP’s fault.” The lyric drew cheers from the crowd. Watch it:

The AP reports that there may be more free concerts in the near future funded by BP’s oil money, as part of an effort to reinvigorate the region’s devastated tourism industry.

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4 Responses to Jimmy Buffett revises Margaritaville lyrics in Gulf concert: “But I know, its all BPs fault.”

  1. cervantes says:

    He should have re-written the whole thing:

    Wastin’ away again in petro-lee-umville,
    Lookin’ for my lost acre of salt marsh.
    Some people claim that there’s a Cheney to blame.
    Ahh but I know, it’s our own damn fault.

  2. nika says:

    Cervantes – wow, your lyrics are awesome! I agree he should have changed most/all and made a serious statement

  3. Pam says:

    I thought he said earlier it was all Bush’s fault….

  4. Peter says:

    Unfortunately, it’s NOT all BP’s fault… or Bush’s. There’s plenty of blame to go around, thank you very much. What really started the whole fiasco was not deregulation, but pressure by so-called environmental groups and their special interest lobbying that made it impossible for oil companies to drill on or near shore. No oil company in the world would choose to drill in 5,000 feet of water unless forced by government regulations to do so. Had this leak occured in shallow waters, it would have been contained almost immediately with a minimum of environmental damage! Also, while the well itself is owned by BP, the rig upon which the incident occurred belonged to Trans Ocean. BP, because of their size , visibility, etc. simply made a convenient scapegoat.