UK Guardian slams Morano for cyber-bullying and for urging violence against climate scientists

I have previously written about The rise of anti-science cyber bullying and the role played by Swift Boat smearer Marc Morano “” who believes climate scientists should be publicly beaten.

The UK Guardian has posted an outstanding piece slamming Morano’s “warped world vision” and the ‘award’ he just won:

But that this award was announced within hours of Morano posting on his Climate Depot website the email addresses of a climate scientist next to a link to my story from last Monday about the said climate scientist, Stanford University’s Professor Stephen Schneider, receiving death threats and hate mail should cause you to throw down that coffee in disgust.

Here’s what he wrote (juxtaposed beneath a picture of Adolf Hitler on Climate Depot’s homepage):

Warmist Prof Stephen Schneider accuses sceptics of telling ‘Hitlerian lies about climate scientists’ – Complains of ‘hundreds’ of hate email – [Morano supplied two email addresses for Schneider here]
Schneider: ‘I get scared that we’re now in a new Weimar republic where people are prepared to listen to what amounts to Hitlerian lies about climate scientists’

[NB: Schneider didn’t actually accuse sceptics of telling “Hitlerian lies” – he was speaking of a neo-Nazi website that had included his name on a “death list” – but Morano somewhat conveniently failed to mention this rather important point.]

So, what possible reason could Morano have for prominently displaying these email addresses – as he does for many other stories that involve climate scientists he evidently despises – other than to encourage his readers who lap up his warped world vision to “get in touch”? I’ll let you fill in the gaps. But it might be worth bearing in mind that Morano has said some rather choice things himself about climate scientists in the past:

I seriously believe we should kick them while they’re down. They deserve to be publicly flogged.

If this is what Doctors for Disaster Preparedness means by “demonstrating courage and achievement in defence of scientific truth and freedom” then it has a rather different interpretation of the words “courage” and “defence” than I do.

Here’s how Jane Orient, DDP’s president, introduced Morano to the stage to receive his award:

It’s given to those who speak out courageously, even though it might be politically incorrect, to support the truth that is essential for our progress in science. Our recipient this year has been particularly effective in winning victories in this field. And he also uses with great effectiveness one of Petr Beckmann’s best weapons – humour.

I’m sure Professor Schneider, and all the other climate scientists who have been receiving death threats and hate mail in recent months, must be tickled sick with humour by the vicious irony of this award.

Hear!  Hear!

UPDATE:  I see via Deltoid more on “the hate mail campaign against Australian climate scientists” and more from the Guardian on “the hate mail campaign against US climate scientists.”

26 Responses to UK Guardian slams Morano for cyber-bullying and for urging violence against climate scientists

  1. Dave E says:

    So, what it is Morano’s email?

    [JR: No. Please don’t email Morano. As Deltoid says, “please do not email him — it will only encourage him.”]

  2. Andy Gunther says:

    Joe (and all):

    I sent an email in support of John Abraham to St. Thomas University and he responded with a request that indications of support for his efforts to debunk Monckton be sent to Dr Susan Alexander (, who is managing the University’s response to Monckton. You should follow up on what is happening with Abraham, and I encourage all CP readers to send in a message of support for him to his institution.

    [JR: Post is coming!]

  3. Prokaryotes says:

    “Climate change can act as a threat multiplier for instability in some of the most volatile regions of the world, and it presents significant national security challenges for the United States.” In fact, Pentagon, CIA and even analysts from George W. Bush’s administration have all affirmed that the instability resulting from our changing climate poses a clear threat to our security. They see a shifting strategic landscape of unrest and extremism — both between countries and within them

    Sceptics are a national security threat – the survival of the human species is at stake.

  4. Keith says:

    If the skeptics’ delaying actions result in the worst case scenarios playing out, it’s not the climate scientists who need worry about public beatings. Do these fools not see the dangers for them in societal collapse?

  5. Esop says:

    #4: good point. In a not too distant future, I would not be surprised to see the high profile deniers being tracked down by a very angry group of people carrying tar, feathers, and most likely more dangerous instruments as well.

  6. Peter Mizla says:

    Bully tactics have been a mainstay of the far right and their air headed followers for decades now- the Democrats/liberals have been afraid to stand up to them.

    Will climate change end their reign of terror? Could happen sooner then we think.

  7. Dave says:

    Morano has impeccable credentials – communications director for James Inhofe and Republicans on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, producer for the Rush Limbaugh show, and professional smear campaign developer. He has not passed a science class since high school, but knowledge and facts are irrelevant to the flat earth crowd that lap up his lies like manna from heaven. It is hardly surprising he has to stoop to intimidation.

    It is nice to see the Guardian call out Morano as the liar and smear artist he is, but few Americans will see it. The mainstream media in America lack the courage to expose this partisan hack.

  8. Dave E says:

    I meant #1 somewhat tongue in cheek–it just seemed appropriate to publish Morano’s address when he is so fond of publishing other people’s addresses. On the other hand, adopting such tactics wouldn’t really be appropriate. On a different topic, I just listened to the last half of Tom Ashbrook’s OnPoint presentation of “Heat Waves: The New Normal” featuring Noah Diffenbaugh among others. Clearly Tom Ashbrook is convinced but I was disappointed that Diffenbaugh couldn’t be more definitive about the dangers that may be before us–it just illustrates what you have been saying in many of your posts that scientists seem to be at a disadvantage in conveying the gravity of the situation.

  9. PSU Grad says:

    #4: I disagree. I think the skeptics/deniers are so good at twisting words, and have so many contacts within the existing media, that they’ll be able to successfully deflect attention by simply asking “why didn’t these climate ‘experts’ warn us”? They’ll cherry pick some actual event that wasn’t predicted and run with it. Given the increasing scientific illiteracy of the US population, it might just work.

    It’s certainly better (for the skeptics/deniers) than the truth.

  10. Keith says:

    #6 — your position assumes a society continuing similar to the one that exists now. Mine assumes something far less stable.

  11. Peter Mizla says:

    PSU Grad # 7

    The critique you have made is certainly possible- but as more extreme climatic events take place-it will be hard for a ‘paid off’ media to continue to obstruct the truth.

    Floods/sea rise, droughts/water shortages, famine/rising food prices,and unrelenting heat that are not reported or dismissed will make the media- which is for the most part in the arms of the far right look increasingly guilty, and complicit in a huge cover-up.

    In the end A populace and a few in the media-like during the Vietnam War-will expose the truth.

  12. Peter Mizla says:

    Keith #8

    your position is the same as mine really

    how much longer does the American Government from Obama to the members of congress- to US Corporations really see things in the near future as ‘business as usual’

    Social Anomie is one of the primary causes of a societal breakdown- how far into the future when climatic kickbacks begin to erode the fabric of the society? We have in a stable climate since this nation began- and certainly dating back to the late neolithic. It is anyone’s guess- when unstable climatic conditions tip us into the abyss- its not 2050 anymore-its knocking at our door.

  13. Philip says:

    Yesterday I attempted to post this comment (with a link to the Guardian article):

    And the winner of this year’s Josef Mengele Award for Ethical Achievement is MARC MORANO!!

  14. PSU Grad says:

    Keith #7: Point taken. I truly hope it won’t come to that, but won’t be surprised if it happens. I still think the deniers will manage to tiptoe away, regardless of societal circumstances, only because they always seem to.

    Here’s one reason why, though it’s a bit off topic. I found a new study about the heat wave on the NWS State College, PA web site.

    Note the record highs, some of them in pretty sizable cities, listed on page 13 of the PDF. And yet none of the “it’s snowing outside, it’s snowing outside!” deniers are being questioned about their silence during the record setting heat wave. That’s why I think they’ll get away with it. OK, I know Eugene Robinson wrote a column about it, but has anyone in the media actually questioned these people directly about their silence?

  15. Lore says:

    The big reason the main stream media has taken more of a back seat to reports of climate change is related to advertisers money, pure and simple. Follow the money and watch who supports their networks.

    People don’t want to hear about any distant catastrophes that they themselves are responsible for when they are already awash in a sea of current troubles related to jobs, housing, investments, the GOM, two wars, and so on. Their view is let’s talk about something fun and get our minds off cruel fate, like political controversy, high paid athletes, low life celebrities and brawling New Jersey housewife shows. It sells better.

    It just goes to show you how much trouble we are really in.

  16. lizardo says:

    I’m sorry, but in my state (NC) and county you can land in court for the crime of “issuing threats” and I don’t understand why email is any different from face-to-face. It’s time to get some prosecutions going.

  17. Michael Tucker says:

    Veiled or obvious threats of violence have been expressed by both sides of this debate. Although I know of no leading science blogger who has issued threats, some of their readers have. I have no information how many death threats Morano or Monchton or any other anti-science speakers or bloggers have received but I suspect they have had a few.

    Attempts to end free speech, threats of violence or war will not help our situation and will not help to get climate legislation passed. Freedom means we must suffer the insane accusations from both sides. I am encouraged by the constant rebuttal of the anti-science diatribe but violent threats must end. I agree with Isaac Asimov: “violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”

  18. I am unsure who is nuttier- Morano or Monckton. Would be funny to be a fly on the wall at a dinner between those two. Wonder who’s delusion would win…

    Joe, there is an Interesting (and free) book by Bob Altmeyer that seems to explain these people. google “authoritarians and Altmeyer”
    It’s free. John Dean mentioned it in a talk recently and Altmeyer may have this personality type figured out. Scary though…

  19. t_p_hamilton says:

    I found the comparison of Marc Morano with Petr Beckmann – denier of Einstein’s theory of relativity – very apt.

  20. Chris Winter says:

    I wonder if Morano knows Dr. Schneider is contending with both a heart arrhythmia and mantle cell lymphoma. He would if he read an online interview with the good doctor at Climate Science Watch, and these notes on

  21. bill says:

    It’s not just Schneider! I just posted the following on the article on the Guardian’s site.

    I note:

    1: Morano’s article proper appears to have disappeared, but the title with Schneiders e-mail address appended remains.

    2: The second article on the ‘new’ postings list has John Abraham’s – who had the temerity to criticise Monckton and is now the target of what we might call ‘LitiGate’ – e-mail address appended to the title.

    I’ll further suggest that all posters arguing that giving out scientists’ e-mail addresses to people who will well be strongly motivated to harrass them is ‘no big deal’ might wish to append their own to each posting they make here, in order to demonstrate their point.

    I note that the Morano article is filed under ‘science, intimidation’! He got that right!

    Just a reminder that John Abraham can be supported here –

  22. Bunkid says:

    Urging violence?

    Is this because he used the phrase “kick them while they’re down”?

    Are you aware of the idiomatic metaphorical use of this phrase? Google it: 99 percent plus usages of it are metaphorical. Look it up on the Merriam-Webster site, a descriptivist dictionary.

  23. J Bowers says:

    @ 22 Chris Winter.

    Thanks, I just posted that bit of info at The Guardian.

  24. Derecho64 says:

    Steve passed away today due to a heart attack. Very sad news.