Hate-speech promoter Lord Monckton tries to censor John Abraham

What you can do to help

At the end are some suggestions for how you can show your support for Abraham.

Back in May, engineering professor John Abraham eviscerated The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (TVMOB) in a must-see video.

twit3.gifTVMOB is, of course, a shameless purveyor of hate speech and anti-science disinformation (see Lord Monckton repeats and expands on his charge that those who embrace climate science are “Hitler youth” and fascists and links below).  [Please note that the picture on the right is not TVMOB nor do I think he would ever participate in this.]

TVMOB then tried to incite an academic hearing against Abraham. Now TVMOB has written a more detailed and more laughable response, which Deltoid debunks here:  “I think that they might have to rename it the Monckton gallop” and Eli Rabbett here and here.  DeSmogBlog explains why “most people will conclude that John Abraham is a careful scientist and that the Lord Monckton is a belligerent and unapologetic polemicist”.

Monbiot calls it “magnificently bonkers,” pointing out “how frequently climate change deniers resort to demands for censorship or threats of litigation to try to shut down criticism of their views.”

But, as Skeptical Science notes, what’s not funny is that

Now Monckton is trying to censor Abraham — urging Watts Up With That readers to pressure St. Thomas University to take down Abraham’s presentation.

What can you do to show your support?  There are three things.  Here’s Deltoid again from “Why is Monckton afraid of a debate with Abraham?

Monckton, supported by Anthony Watts, is trying to suppress Abraham’s presentation. Over at Watts Up with That? Monckton defames Abraham and asks for help in suppressing Abraham’s speech:

Please contact Father Dennis J. Dease, President of St. Thomas University,, and invite him – even at this eleventh hour – to take down Abraham’s talk altogether from the University’s servers, and to instigate a disciplinary inquiry into the Professor’s unprofessional conduct, particularly in the matter of his lies to third parties about what I had said in my talk at Bethel University eight months ago? That would be a real help.

Rather than flood St Thomas with supporting emails, Gareth Renowden is collecting signatures for this statementh:

“We the undersigned offer unreserved support for John Abraham and St. Thomas University in the matter of complaints made to them by Christopher Monckton. Professor Abraham provided an important public service by showing in detail Monckton’s misrepresentation of the science of climate, and we applaud him for that effort, and St. Thomas University for making his presentation available to the world.”

If you agree, go there and sign.

In his post Monckton claims that Abraham admitted “that his talk is libelous” by producing a revised version. This doesn’t make any kind of sense — people revise presentations all the time for many different reasons. In any case, the original version is still available.

You can make your own decision as to whether to go to Hot Topic (click here) or send an email to Dease.  Actually, I was sent an email indicating Dr Susan Alexander in the office of  President Dease is heading the university response (

If you do send an email, I’d urge you to keep it short and respectful to differentiate yourself from the anti-science cyber-bullies.

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28 Responses to Hate-speech promoter Lord Monckton tries to censor John Abraham

  1. toby says:

    Professor Abraham has explained that the second rebuttal is on the website because it is shorter, has better audio, is improved at certain points, and is generally clearer.

    His first rebuttal of Monckton is also on the website, so how the egregious Lord can claim this is a climbdown, I do not know.

    Monckton will use any means to being pressure to bear. So show support for free speech and academic liberty.

  2. Raul says:

    I liked the clip that John Abraham did. Good footnote
    skills win out again. His contacts to authors of material
    cleared up many questions about what was found by the

  3. BillD says:

    What amazed me was that Monckton’s extrememely verbose, off-base and belligerent reply on the WUWT site was somehow viewed as a very successful refutation of Abraham’s criticism by the readers there. I was also very surprised that Monckton could view Abraham’s very calm and rational critique of specific points from Monctons’s presentation as some kind of an over-the-top personal attack. The largest part of Abraham’s presentation showed that in example after example Moncton’s interpreation of a scientific study was different from that of the study’s authors.

    In scientific publications, it is not uncommon for a new study to show how and why the authors of an earlier work misinterpreted their own results. But this requires substantial explanation and, usually, new data. As a peer reviewer, it’s also common to point out where the author is slightly off in using the citation of an earlier study. However, reviewers would almost certainly recommend rejection for a paper that misinterprets several cited studies.

  4. Although the issue is serious, it is starting to look silly or cruel.

    Lord Monckton fights like the Black Knight in the Monty Python skit

    “Come back, I’ll bite your legs off!” about 2 mins in

  5. Rob Honeycutt says:

    I’m afraid poor father Dease is going to have to change to a new email address thanks to the dear Lord Monckton.

    Over at Skeptic Science a commenter posted St Thomas University’s official response to Monckton’s communications that I’ll repost here…

    “We received your email response to our June 25, 2010 letter. The University of St Thomas respects your right to disagree with Professor Abraham, just as the University respects Professor Abraham’s right to disagree with you. What we object to are your personal attacks against Father Dease, and Professor Abraham, your inflammatory language, and your decision to disparage Professor Abraham Father Dease and The Univerity of St Thomas.

    Please be advised that neither we nor the University of St Thomas will communicate with you any further and others rather than to focus on the scholarly differences between you and Professor Abraham.

    Signed: Phyllis Karasov, Moore Costellow and Hart, P.L.L.P.”

  6. mike roddy says:

    Lord Monckton is obviously not a well man, and even thrives on attention when he is correctly shown to be a laughingstock. The fact that he has a substantial following, and is deferred to on popular websites such as WUWT, is what is troubling. A certain percentage of the population is never going to get it. It’s the middle that needs to be reached- and it’s here that scientists need a little help.

  7. Bill W says:

    BillD, you shouldn’t be surprised at the WUWT readers. They’re used to watching the talking heads on Fox News, where they’ve been taught that whoever shouts loudest and interrupts the most wins.

  8. Peter Mizla says:

    Only in a media bereft of ethics would Monckton have this kind of exposure.

    From the NOAA today- temperature outlook for August- when things get hot in the kitchen………..

  9. Rob Honeycutt says:

    The irony of this whole thing is that Dr Abraham’s videos (when they were on Youtube) got very few views. Monckton has done more than anyone else to promote a debunking of his own lecture.

    I have to agree with Mike. Lord Monckton is NOT a well man.

  10. James says:

    I’ve just watched the first of Dr Abraham’s videos and was astounded by two things. First, how comprehensively he show Monckton to be wrong, on pretty much every issue. Secondly how restrained he is in his correction of Monckton’s madness, with no insults or ad hominen attacks. This shows his extreme professionalism, which is the complete opposite of the allegations against him.

  11. sod says:

    thanks for this post. it is extremely important to support those, who find themselves under attack from the denialist mob.

    please write mails and sign the website.

  12. Lore says:

    Lord Monckton once again comes across as the pompous, elitist, aristocrat. He is an anachronism even among his own peers. His view of the world has obviously been skewed by a poor childhood upbringing in which he should have been spanked more for his petulance and lies.

    As pointed out it’s not surprising he would find cover over at WUWT, where the bar for honesty is set so low you can roll over it. The one liner cheering squad of chuckleheaded readers there are the consummate mattress for such lunatic fringe talk. What’s sad is that politicians, particularly on the right, live in fear of offending this kind of thinking and actions.

    It’s not the meek who will inherit the earth, but rather the dumb and dumber crowd, or what’s left of them.

  13. villabolo says:

    I strongly suggest we go on the offensive against Lord Monckton and company instead of just lying still and taking his abuse.

    The obvious has been been brought up on the Support John Abraham site as well as others, namely, that our ‘Lord’ has a Narcissistic Disorder. We should study that disorder.

    Knowing his weakness is the first step necessary. Then we must think of ways to flip his lid.

    Perhaps an expose video, calculated to irk him at a critical moment, might help? And/or sending him a friendly e-mail X a zillion?

    This is war. It has been war. We need to treat it accordingly.

  14. toby says:

    St. Thomas U. have given Monckton a firm “No!”, and a letter from their lawyers demands that he ceases defaming the college, Prof Abraham and Father Dease.

    Monckton now has the options of:

    (1) Using his WUWT following to irritate the college into compliance.
    (2) Taking legal action.
    (3) Making vaguely threatening noises and hoping eveyone forgets about his stupidly rambling misssives.

    I suppose a combination of (1) and (3). By his bungling, Monckton has left himself open to a countersuit if he sues. He really has been very poorly advised … he has been caught on tape calling the U a “Bible College”, calling Fr. Dease “creepy”, referring to pedopilia scandals in the Catholic Church etc. … a whole lot of stuff that will lose him the sympathy of the college, its student body and (most importantly) its funders, who I presume are staunch Catholics.

    Besides, if Father Dennis Dease is a good Irish-American (as I suspect), he will doubly enjoy giving an English Lord a right kick up the a*s.

    I presume Monckton did not take legal advice immediately, but then (as Peter Sinclair called him) he is “the smartest man in the world”.

  15. villabolo says:

    Joe, your link to “TVMOB in a must-see video” is broken. I heard that Professor Abraham pulled those videos out of You Tube.

    [JR: Videos are still online.]

  16. Rob Honeycutt says:

    Dr Abraham’s full lecture is still available here.

  17. Rob Honeycutt says:

    Let’s try that again…. here

  18. Joe1347 says:

    Sure, Monckton will invariably be the loser in this showdown (with Abraham). But does Monckton know this and is his real (but hidden) objective to scare off any future confrontations with the science based Global Warming community? Kind of a chilling effect – because now everyone knows that if you want to disagree in public with “Lord” Monckton – he will clearly come after you.

  19. Rob Honeycutt says:

    Joe1347… It’s really interesting though. Peter Sinclair did two videos that were far attacking of Monckton and he didn’t make a peep. Usually these guys follow with false DMCA filings to get videos taken down. But he it seems he didn’t do this with Peter’s work. And his videos got, literally, 50X the views that Abraham’s did.

    But there was something special about Abraham’s work that particularly set Monckton off.

  20. Chris Winter says:

    Joe1347: My guess would be Monckton just can’t stand to have his work denigrated. Hot Topic says he’s played the lawsuit card before. (Much like Martin Durkin or S. Fred Singer, I’ll add — the latter with some success.)

    I don’t know why he hasn’t gone after Peter Sinclair. Maybe he perceives Sinclair as just another blogger, whereas Abraham is an academic.

  21. villabolo says:

    I think we should be aware of, and thoroughly read, the following from WUWT. We should also read the comments, with their extensive reference to Roaches.

    Comment of the week
    Posted on July 15, 2010 by Anthony Watts

    This may or may not become a new weekly feature, but I thought this comment was worth elevating to post status:

    Alexander Feht says:
    July 14, 2010 at 11:18 pm

    I completely understand, why Christopher Monckton felt a need to make an example of a typical reprehensible representative of modern Academia. People like Christopher Monckton make me hope again that not everything is lost yet under the Moon.

    And yet… I spent first half of my life battling liars and cockroaches in the former USSR. I would win against any individual liar or cockroach, no sweat. But year after year after year, I was getting more and more convinced that I didn’t want to die in this battle, overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of my enemies.

    So. I live in a quiet valley now, in Colorado Rockies. Grass is green, air is fresh, sky is huge. But what is this constant swish and rustle coming from the East Coast and from the Left Coast? I know this sound well! There is no escape from the battle: cockroaches are coming.

  22. villabolo says:

    Chris Winter says:
    July 15, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    I don’t know why he hasn’t gone after Peter Sinclair. Maybe he perceives Sinclair as just another blogger, whereas Abraham is an academic.


    At his age, he may have a pre Internet mentality.

  23. Bunkid says:

    “Hate speech promoter”?

    In the headline?

    Do you mind explaining that?

    [JR: That’s what links are for! Try reading the second paragraph!]

  24. Erik J Smith says:

    I have e-mailed PZ Myers at Pharyngula asking him to mobilise the horde there in support of Prof Abraham. I don’t know if it will do any good, but it’s worth a try.

  25. Mike says:

    Here is a little bit of good news for Prof. Abraham:

    US Senate passes ‘libel tourism’ bill
    WASHINGTON (AFP) – The US Senate on Monday passed a bill to shield US journalists, authors, and publishers from “libel tourists” who file suit in countries where they expect to get the most favorable ruling.;_ylt=As2nSbAP4r.sZPt65W51BF9H2ocA;_ylu=X3oDMTQ1Z290MnJlBGFzc2V0A2FmcC8yMDEwMDcxOS91c3BvbGl0aWNzbWVkaWFpbmR1c3RyeW5ld3NwYXBlcnNyaWdodHNpbnRlcm5ldARjY29kZQNtb3N0cG9wdWxhcgRjcG9zAzUEcG9zAzUEc2VjA3luX3RvcF9zdG9yaWVzBHNsawN1c3NlbmF0ZXBhc3M-

    (Sorry for the long URL. Hope it works.)

  26. Anna Haynes says:

    villabolo ( “roaches”) -