CNN video on “Climate Deniers” ice sculpture at Capitol

You may recall Inhofe’s Grandchildren Build Igloo To Mock Killer Snow Storm: ‘Al Gore’s New Home’.  This, in spite of the fact that, as MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan noted: “These ‘snowpocalypses’ that have been going through DC and other extreme weather events are precisely what climate scientists have been predicting, fearing and anticipating because of global warming.”

Since both NASA and NOAA report we are in fact experiencing record-smashing global heat this year, much as the climate scientists have predicted, the youth coalition Consequence decided to mock Inhofe by puting up a giant ice sculpture that quickly melted.  Here is CNN’s video:

Kind of sad that one has to do with these kind of stunts to get coverage, but those are the “rules of the game” the status quo media have put in place [see “How hot is it? So hot that even the Washington Post mentions climate change (though not what causes it)“].

H/t WWF’s Nick Sundt

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8 Responses to CNN video on “Climate Deniers” ice sculpture at Capitol

  1. Esop says:

    Would also like to see CNN interview some of the most vocal deniers that were going haywire when temperatures dropped below freezing back in January.

  2. Daniel Ives says:

    That was amusing and I’m glad they got some coverage. Now if only CNN would go stick a camera in Inhofe’s face and ask him to comment on the record temperature (both locally in DC and globally)!

  3. Displaced Canuck says:

    MSM are reporting the facts in Britian at least

  4. Esop says:

    #3: Yep, The Guardian is definitely back on the right track. Also refreshing to see a comment section dominated by intelligence and not denier drivel.

  5. villabolo says:

    They should have build an igloo instead, roasted up some Seal blubber, and then went up to Senator Inhofe’s face to give him an invitation.

  6. reycp says:

    wait didnt DC and the entire east coast have a record breaking snow fall this year

  7. Michael Tucker says:

    Record snow fall does not mean record low temperatures. Snow is precipitation and precipitation is expected to increase.

  8. Andy Bauer says:

    #6 reycp…
    Yes, wasn’t that on the warmest Jan 17th we’ve had in a while? And the artic oscillation was at a low, which means more artic air, which is warmer than usual, which means it has more moisture (like one and a half lake Superiors), but it’s still winter, so we get more snow…

    …wait, you’re on Senator Inhofe’s staff, aren’t you!?!