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They always hate government — until they need it:

By Matt Wuerker, Politico
From the Cartoonist Group.

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  1. Taoist says:

    Maybe the people with the sinking oil rig should be responsible? The government is not your nanny and can’t do everything?

  2. Mike says:

    I remember reading in the Wash Post that many T baggers when getting disability checks.

  3. Sean Pool says:

    This is one of my all time favorites! I think this one is going on my wall.

  4. Peter Mizla says:

    Many Tea Baggers get either Government disability, Social Security, Medicare, tri-care; and they say they want Government out of their lives

    lets cut off all their government health care and income!

  5. George says:

    This cartoon fully captures the cognitive dissonance that many Tea Partiers seem to suffer from. Their program is completely incoherent. That is what also makes them so dangerous since their political mood is bound to be extremely volatile as their attempts to implement their platform runs into the reality whether it be fiscal, monetary or climate change. It is this volatility which makes them so susceptible to conspiracy theories, simplistic solutions and demagogues.

  6. But where is all this self-destructive anger coming from?

  7. Chris Winter says:

    Somewhat related: When park benches get “parking meters”:

  8. Chris Winter says:

    Stephen Leahy asks: “But where is all this self-destructive anger coming from?”

    Kansas. ;-)

    But “all seriousness aside,” as the late Steve Allen used to say, there’s plenty of reason for anger: two seemingly interminable wars; a stumbling economy with unemployment levels not seen for three generations; impending crises in health care and climate management; and a political class apparently mired in internecine warfare that blocks any solutions to these problems.

    As to why it’s self-destructive, books have been written to resolve that question. (One is Thomas Frank’s What’s the Matter with Kansas?) The simplistic answer is demagoguery. If politics has degenerated to a state where winning is the only thing that matters, then stirring baseless anger against your opponent, “the other,” becomes a perfectly accepted campaign tactic.

    The fact that this tactic has not become perfectly acceptable gives reason for hope.

  9. Ryan T says:

    Obviously not everything, Taoist. The question is, who’s gonna make a multi-national corporation, whose over-riding motivation is profit growth, “be responsible”, if not a representative democratic government? And would that include making sure they own their own fleet of skimmers etc. and are capable of cleaning up their own mega-messes?

  10. James Newberry says:

    Concerning the “anger,” this may be a populist appearing facade to mask the reality of corporate financing of the Tea Party. Try looking at all the research by such entities as Think Progress and Greenpeace on years of corporate (oil, coal, etc.) involvement.

  11. Ron Broberg says:

    But where is all this self-destructive anger coming from?

    It is the outer manifestation of a culture slowly coming to an understanding of the consequences of …

    – 14 trillion dollars of debt.
    – Exponential growth of debt.
    – A growing awareness of the inevitable end of the oil age
    – The impact that the above might have on Pax America
    – And possibly some cognitive dissonance regarding climate change

    What isn’t part of that picture but probably should be is the effect of changing US demographics on the economy.

  12. Fire Mountain says:

    Very interesting chart of net return on federal spending, tax dollars vs. expenditures returned. Try matching this up to 2008 election map for very interesting result on red v. blue states. The Republican-leaning states are complaining about federal spending while they are on their way to cash Uncle Sam’s checks at the bank.

    Hey, I have a really radical suggestion for the tea baggers – Let each state keep its federal income tax revenues and decide how much to send to other states. See how much California, New York and Illinois are going to send to Alabama, Oklahoma and Wyoming. (:

  13. Mike#22 says:

    “But where is all this self-destructive anger coming from?”

    More than just anger, there is their unquenchable thirst for reasons to hate other people, look down upon other classes.

    There is this CBS/NYT poll which tells us who they are, and what they think:

    These are the people who get their new from Fox; probably the same people who believed R Reagan’s fantasies about welfare queens and polluting trees.

    I don’t blame them for being angry and hating (anymore) because (now) I think they are just running memes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Some parts and times of America’s history were tough and brutal. Hard times make hard people, and those memes propogate.

    I do blame the cynical operatives who are manipulating these Americans. Whoever is doing things like winding up Palin and pointing her at these folks know exactly what they are doing.

    We live in interesting times.