When you wish upon a tar-ball: Jimmy Fallon sings about the BP oil disaster

And how you can express your feelings on the Tea Party

Jimmy Fallon’s instant off-color hit:  “(Tar)Balls In Your Mouth”:

h/t Grist

Plus, if you don’t like the Tea Party, click here.

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6 Responses to When you wish upon a tar-ball: Jimmy Fallon sings about the BP oil disaster

  1. Green Patriot says:

    My hope is the oil spill will make us think twice before we drill and improve the chances of passing the Senate climate change bill/ it would be ideal if the Democrats were all in/ plus votes could be gotten from the likes of Snowe and Collins/ maybe even Scott Brown just in case Mary Landrieu says not now/ though it’s clear her coast is not safe/ BP doesn’t yet have the containment boom in place/ and hey is it just me/ or can Bobby Jindal and David Vitter recognize the damage to the fishing industry?

  2. Andy says:

    Well, I think Bonnie will put most of the remaining oil ashore. Not the end or the beginning but the beginning of the end and so on.

    Dear Bobby:

    How’s them indispensable sand berms coming?



  3. Matt says:

    I love the uber serious comments underneath a post about “Balls in your mouth.”

  4. homunq says:

    I kept waiting for any reference to tea.

    A long time ago
    they dumped tea in the sea,
    and now people want
    a new tea party

    It’s oil companies’ right
    to drill in the south
    so now teabags are out,
    it’s just balls in your mouth.

  5. homunq says:

    I need a better transition; add “But…” at the start of the second stanza. It even scans a little better that way.

  6. Steve Bloom says:

    Re #4/5: Very good, but I think it needs another stanza explicating the tarballs. Also, people may not be entirely clear on the tea party=>tea bag thing. Anyway, with a little work and a suitable performer I think this has real viral potential. I suspect Fallon wanted people to think about the tea party even though he didn’t reference it directly, but IMHO that’s a little too subtle.

    While we’re on the subject, one of the first set of tea party rallies was in Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco, coverage of which included a photo (I think in one of the local alt weeklies) of a counter-protester holding a sign saying “I shaved my balls for this?!” It was amusing to see how after that and many similar jokes the tea partiers quickly stopped using tea bags to promote themselves.