Both regular and ˜shadow RNCs brought to you by Big Oil

Our guest blogger is CAPAF’s Joshua Dorner. This is a Think Progress cross-post.

GOBP sharp smallFollowing scandal after scandal, many donors have abandoned the Michael Steele-led Republican National Committee in favor of other right-wing groups preparing to attack Democratic candidates in this fall’s elections. The two biggest beneficiaries of the RNC’s woes appear to be American Crossroads, the “shadow RNC” setup by Bush operatives Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, and the Republican Governors Association, currently chaired by Mississippi Governor and former RNC Chairman Haley Barbour. Despite their apparent strategic differences, these three groups still have one thing in common: massive infusions of cash from Big Oil. Over $4 million of oil-related cash has spewed into the three groups in the second quarter alone:

AMERICAN CROSSROADS: American Crossroads, the shadowy 527 group setup by Rove and Gillespie as a supposed “grassroots” alternative to the RNC, and whose stated goal is to distort the facts in order to brand the BP oil disaster as “Obama’s Katrina,” has received 97 percent of its funding from just four right-wing billionaires. Of these, two made their fortunes in the oil and gas industry, according to a report by Salon. The two Dallas-based oil billionaires, Trevor Rees-Jones and Robert Rowling, each contributed $1 million to the group, which recently began airing misleading attack ads against Senator Harry Reid. Rove and Gillespie have also explicitly taken advantage of the recent Citizens United Supreme Court decision to setup a related 501(c)4 organization, American Crossroads GPS, in order to conceal the identity of some of their donors. The public will likely never know where the $5.1 million the group raised in June came from because of “the value of confidentiality to some donors,” but it could have come from other right-wing oil billionaires like tea party-funder David Koch to major corporations like BP America and Goldman Sachs.

RGA: Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has moved aggressively to promote the RGA as an alternative to the RNC. In addition to setting up “victory funds” across the country that have long been “the province of the RNC,” Barbour recently told a private audience that “[he] had to raise the RGA budget by $10 million because the RNC is in such bad shape.” Barbour, who has made something of a recent career out of downplaying the severity of the BP oil disaster, has indeed driven RGA fundraising to new heights during his tenure as chairman. As we previously reported, the oil and gas industry appears to have shown its appreciation for Barbour’s Big Oil apologism by contributing more than $2 million to the RGA’s coffers in the last quarter alone.

RNC: Despite its almost constant series of travails, the regular RNC, which still lists Gillespie as the owner of its headquarters, continues to take in boatloads of cash from Big Oil. The Center for Responsive Politics reports that so far this election cycle the RNC has received $555,439 from the oil and gas industry “” enough to make Big Oil one of the embattled committee’s top ten sources of cash. The RNC unveiled a new ad yesterday attacking President Obama’s response to BP oil disaster, perhaps in the hopes of drumming up even more cash from Big Oil.

Unfortunately for the regular RNC, there’s at least one major GOP donor who is only giving his money to the shadow RNCs. Texas leveraged buyout billionaire Harold Simmons, best known for funding the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in 2004 and false attack ads linking President Obama to Bill Ayers in 2008, has recently channeled $1 million to American Crossroads and $125,000 to the RGA.

4 Responses to Both regular and ˜shadow RNCs brought to you by Big Oil

  1. Peter Mizla says:

    The GOP has proven itself to be a gutter political party with no scruples.

    The real tragedy here is that so many Americans buy this tainted bill of goods-

    I hope the aforementioned clowns above- Rove, Gillespie an explanation with the climate caves in. It will destroy the conservative movement in this country for decades.

  2. Doug Bostrom says:

    The fossil fuel industry has an extraordinarily strong imperative to buy influence on the Hill. It’s one thing to -talk- about C02, another to regulate it. If the paleo-energy industry allows regulations to take effect the tide of history is going to wash them away. They absolute -have- to get control of some legislation to make sure C02 is not handled like a pollutant, pronto.

    I hope nobody in the U.S. who hangs out on this blog misunderstands the importance of the next election. Whine and complain about the weakness of the Democratic party, moan and groan about Obama, don’t for a minute let your complaints turn into slothful complacency or you’ll be way more frustrated than you are today.

  3. SunMan says:

    @echo on Doug Bostrom’s post.

    I will be swallowing my minor differences this fall with candidates to volunteer at the phone banks, AND VOLUNTEER TO GET PEOPLE TO THE POLLS in order to make sure the clean energy candidate (which means no GnOPe 4 me) has the best chance possible.

    Now I see the GnOPe is doing what it can to stop PACE legislation (Property Assessed Clean Energy) from working with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Currently Fannie and Freddie are blocking PACE programs due to their panic over debt seniority. So H.R. 5766 has been introduced to ensure that the underwriting standards of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac facilitate the use of property assessed clean energy programs to finance the installation of renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements.

    But the Republiwonts are blocking this in the Senate.

    It’s mind boggling as PACE creates local jobs, costs no tax dollars, and is a voluntary by both communities to offer it and people to participate.

    Quite possibly a near-perfect clean energy catalyst.

    And another pro-American, pro-jobs program the GnOPe is blocking.

  4. SunMan says:

    Large Logos to share. I’ve cleaned up and enlarged the logo above for anybody who cares to use it:

    Here is an enlarged, cleaned up (no background) version of the “gobp” logo gobp_lg.jpg:

    and here is a large “No Is NOT A Solution” poster of mine gNOp-lg.jpg: